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Sands & Hunter Euryscope No. 1. c. f7, c. 9". Waterhouse stops in case. Lens cap.

Spanish mahogany, dovetail joints. Black square cornered, tapered leather bellows.

6 " x 8 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows. Double extension, rack and pinion movement to inner frame.

Reversing back. Removable lens panel.

This is probably a late example as there is no strut to the front standard and it has the semi-circular clamp to the baseboard. At some time some work has been done to the camera: the lens panel has been widened, to allow for this the top piece of wood holding the lens panel in place has been moved upwards, this has resulted in the cross front retaining screw being removed. Why this was done is not clear. Secondly, a screw has been added to the semi-circular plate which fixes the rear standard to the plate and prevents it from moving.

Rising front, tilting back.

Serial Number:
755 , the number is stamped on the front standard visible when the lens board is removed and the lens board itself.

Address on plaque: 20 Cranbourn St.

Double dark-slide.

The Imperial is quite an odd design, the front standard moves along the base and was clamped by rods passing through the front standard, i.e. Hare 1882 pattern. The rear standard moves and was clamped in a similar way, which was typical for tailboard cameras of the period. The baseboard is in two parts with a hinge joining the two. To fold the camera the rear standard is pushed to the narrow back part of the baseboard, the front standard also pushes to the back, the main part of the baseboard then hinges up to cover the front standard.

The camera incorporated Sands & Hunter's patent for operating a swing or tilting back: A circular plate was mounted on the camera and able to rotate about an eccentrically mounted fixing. The plate carried an arcuate slot in which a stud, fixed to the tilting back, could move. The stud was also constrained to move in a straight slot fixed to the camera body but overlapping the tilting back. Rotating the circular plate therefore moved the stud along the straight slot and so altered the separation of the tilting part from the camera body.

The are some variations between examples:

  • On late examples there was a semi-circular clamp covering the hinge in the baseboard.
  • On some (? early) examples there was a small strut to the front standard.
  • The lens board is sometimes fitted with a cross front movement.
  • The rising front is clamped either by a screw operating in a vertical slot or in a loose arc shaped plate.
  • The bottom of the front standard sometimes has a strengthening piece of wood.
  • Brass binding and Russia leather bellows were optional.

In 1888 the camera was advertised in sizes of half-plate to 12" x 10".

References & Notes:
BP 4808/1887. BJA 1888, p. 155. YBP 1889, p. lxviii.

Holmes, Age of Cameras, p. 16, shows a model with a plain lens board and no semi-circular clamp to the baseboard.

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