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Extra Special


1892 Model

J. Lancaster & Son



Image of Extra Special 1892 Model

f8, 8 " Lancaster Rectigraph, iris diaphragm to f50 (Looking into the lens the figures read 50, 40, 30, 20, 10).

Polished mahogany with brass binding, dovetail joints. Mauve square cornered, tapered leather bellows.

6 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows, endless screw movement to inner frame and rack and pinion movement to innermost frame. Triple extension.

The front standard is fixed to the innermost frame. The rear standard slides along the bed. Reversing back with Lancaster's parallel links.

Ivory name and maker's plaques.

Rising front, cross front, tilting back, tilting front.

2 double dark-slides, brass bound.

This is a Lancaster Extra Special, there is also a Lancaster Special (or Improved Special), a Special Patent and a Special Brass Bound Instantograph, they are all different.

The camera is described in a patent by Lancaster, the unusual method of fixing the front and rear standard provide both tilt movements and the method of collapsing the camera. Brass plates either side of the camera move along the baseboard, a screwed rod passes through the camera and can be tightened to the plates thus fixing the plates to the baseboard. The top of the plates are rounded and match curved plates attached to the sides of the camera, the rear standard can be tilted and is fixed in place by clamping the plates on the body to the plates attached to the baseboard. The lens board is held in forks which are able to tilt, limited by a rod moving in a small arcuate slot. To collapse the camera the rear standard is moved to the front of the camera, both standards can then fold back onto the baseboard after the clamps have been released. According to the patent a portion of the bellows next to the rear standard are parallel, on this example they are nearly uniform throughout their length.

References & Notes:
BP 1631/1889. BJA 1890, p. 266. BJA 1892, p. 365.

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