Company Details

Notes on companies mentioned in the main text together with a few early manufacturers and dealers.


Company Name

Quin & Co.
Moran & QuinPhot. dealer. Case maker

Company Address

65A Poland St., LondonOr 65

Richard Quin (trading as Moran & Quin) patented an improved case for photographs and improvements to stereoscopes in 1857 (BP 168/1857), M&Q were then at 65 Poland St. Richard Quin was at 5 Rodney St. M&Q are known until 1877, in 1880 Quin & Co. is listed, still at 65 Poland St.

Lon. Gaz. 16/10/1857.

Quta Co.

Company Name

Quta Co.Or Quta Machine Co.

Company Address

34, Norfolk Street, Strand, London- 1903 -

Quta Co. is not in the BJA address lists. The Quta Photo Machine Co. is listed as being in Wimbledon until c. 1908 and the Quta Machine Co. advertised from an address in Norfolk Street, Strand in 1903.

BJP 25/12/1903, p. xix.


For later entries see APM.

Company Name

Rajar Ltd1919 - 1921
Rajar (1907) Ltd1907 - 1919From around 1910 the (1907) part
of the name was not used in adverts etc.
Rajar Ltd1904 - 1907
Brooks-Watson Daylight Camera Co. Ltd1901 - 1904

Company Address

8a Red Lion Sq., London1907Showrooms, very short period
119 High Holborn, London1904Showrooms
Abercromby Works. Gt. Homer St., LiverpoolBrooks-Watson address

The Brooks-Watson Daylight Camera Co. Ltd (Arthur Augustus Brooks and George Andrew Watson) was registered in 1901 with capital of £74,000. Frederick Oatley Bynoe joined the firm in 1903 to run the apparatus production side of the firm, he only remained there a year before joining Butcher. The film works were built at Mobberley in 1903 and run by C.F.S. Rothwell. Rajar had been used as a product name by the company and was later adopted as the company name.

The original product of the company, and the subject of patents by Brooks and Watson, was a daylight changing system for plate cameras. There were production difficulties that resulted in delays in introducing the system and, in any case, it did not prove very successful. Around 1904 a hand camera was introduced fitted with the changing mechanism and the brand name Rajar was adopted for the company. The firm sold flat film for the changing system as well as ordinary cut-film and roll-film known as Cleron. Film and paper production proved more successful than the changing system which was abandoned around 1907. For a brief period around 1906 the company also sold camera and darkroom accessories probably originating from the Altrincham Rubber Co. Prior to joining Brooks-Watson, Rothwell was working with the Thornton Film Co. Both Brooks and Watson probably left the firm around 1904.

The name of the firm is confusing, Rajar Ltd was registered as early as 1901, Rajar (1907) was registered in 1907 and Rajar Ltd registered again in 1919. Between 1910 and 1919 the (1907) part of the name was not used in advertisements and trade lists. The company numbers were: 72150, 95961 and 160925 respectively. Rajar Ltd, of 1919, was registered with capital of £300,000, the directors were A.E. Parke (Wiggins Teape and Rotary), T.L. Parke (Wiggins Teape) and C.F.S. Rothwell (Rotary and Lilywhite Ltd). The Rajar trade mark was registered in 1902.

In 1921 Rajar became part of Apm and then Ilford, paper production continued at the Mobberley site into the Ilford era.

Phot. Dealer Jan/1902, p. 21. Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 115. BJA 1907, p. 1436, Rajar factory illustration. BJA 1910, p. 1080, Rajar factory illustration. BJP 12/1919, p. 713.

Further Information:
  • Arthur Augustus Brooks
  • Born: 1869 Newport Mon.
  • Spouse: Kate
  • 1911: Manager of engineering firm manufacturing photographic apparatus. Living at Cranleigh Park Avenue Ashton on Mersey. At this time he would have been managing A-kla in Sale

  • George Andrew Watson
  • Born: 1868 Liverpool
  • Married: Clara May Mann
  • 1911: General merchant living at Bertram Drive Hoylake

  • Brooks and Watson took out several patents on different subjects not only photographic. In the early 1900s they were based in an office in Tower Buildings Liverpool.

Rank Organisation

See also entry for Taylor, Taylor & Hobson.

From the 1940s Rank started to consolidate several British optical and engineering companies, originally these had a connection with the film industry. These included: Gaumont British (taken over in 1941), GB-Kalee (part of Gaumont British and Kershaw), British Acoustic Films (a subsidiary of Gaumont British), Taylor, Taylor & Hobson (a subsidiary of British Acoustic Films), A. Kershaw & Sons (1947), Pullin (1964), Hilger & Watts (1968) and Aldis. Wray optical was already part of Hilger & Watts. GB Equipment was also listed in the 1940s, this may have been established by Rank or a subsidiary of Gaumont British. The companies were organised into British Optical and Precision Engineers Ltd. a subsidiary of Rank.

Competition Commission Report on proposed takeover of De La Rue. Barty-King, Eyes Right, p. 160.


Company Name

Thos. Ransome & Co.Chemists

Company Address

Princes St., Manchester

Chemists, in 1856 they were advertising a full range of wet-plate supplies including: Iodized Collodion; Pyrogallic, Gallic, and Acetic Acid; Nitrate of Silver; Canson Freres and Marion's paper; Waxed and Albumenized Papers; Lenses by Lerebours and Secretan; Cameras, rigid and folding; Troughs; Levelling Stands and Pressure Frames.

Phot Notes May 1856.

Redding, H.J.

See also Robinson & Sons.

Company Name

H.J. Redding & Co. Ltdc. 1911 -Until after 1920
H.J. Redding & Co.c. 1901 - c. 1911
Redding & Gyles1896 - c. 1901
H.J. Redding & Gyles1896 - c. 1901Or Redding & Gyles

Company Address

3 Argyll Place, London W1897 -Until after 1920
13 Air St., Regent St., London W1896

Established in 1896 when H.J. Redding and E.T. Gyles left J. Robinson & Son. By the mid 1900s the photographic side of the business must have been diminishing in favour of other interests, by 1920 they specialised in spectacles. At one time they list themselves as makers of models, electrical instruments and optical toys.

As well as the Luzo, Redding made tailboard cameras and a folding roll-film camera similar to the Sanderson finished in polished mahogany. The British Journal of Photography of 1 Oct. 1897 states that Redding was with J. Robinson for over 25 years.

From as early as 1900 Gyles is listed as a manufacturer of scientific novelties and may not have worked full time for Redding & Gyles, by 1911 he had moved from manufacture to managing a drapery business.

BJP 1/10/1897, p. 636.

Further Information:
  • Henry Joseph Redding
  • Born: 1858, Dublin Ireland
  • Spouse: Ellie
  • Died: 29 Oct 1937, 3 Thornbury Rd, Brixton. Effects £976
  • 1891: Manager of opticians
  • 1901: Optician and Photographer

  • Ernest Thomas Gyles. Father: Thomas, Mother: Jane
  • Born: 30 Mar 1873 Islington
  • Married: Eliza Matilda Smart, 9 Sep 1899
  • Died: 24 Dec 1940 living at Thorpe Bay Essex


Company Name

Redferns Opticians

Company Address

55 Surrey St., Sheffield1895

H. Jasper Redfern worked for Watson & Son in London until 1895 when he set up as an optician and retailer in Sheffield.

Redfern was a very early film maker and projectionist. His business dealings were less successful; Jasper Redfern Limited went into voluntarily liquidation in 1904, Jasper Redfern & Co. Limited was wound up in 1912.

BJP 10/5/1895, p. 301. Lon. Gaz. Oct 7 1904, p. 6461. Lon. Gaz. 4 Jun, 1912, p. 4086.

Further Information:
  • Henry Jasper Redfern
  • Born: 1871
  • Married: Charlotte Annie Baldwin
  • Died: 1928

Reeves & Hoare

Company Name

Reeves & Hoare

Company Address

8 Lambeth Hill, Queen Victoria St., London1881 - 1886 -
13 Warwick Ct., Gray's Inn, London- 1881

Mount and studio-background manufacturers, suppliers of studio furniture. The proprietor is given as James E. De Gruchy.

Reflex Camera Co.

Company Name

Reflex Camera Co. Ltd.

Wound up in 1912.

Lon. Gaz. 4/10/1912. p. 7318.

Reid & Sigrist

Company Name

Reid & Sigrist Ltd

Established in 1928 when they were involved in aircraft manufacture. At that time they had offices in New Malden as well as premises in Leicester.


Company Name

Rendall & Co.

Company Address

157 - 159 Irving St., Birmingham
35, 36 Aldermanbury, LondonShowroom

Almost certainly makers to the trade. They briefly advertised, including cameras, around 1889.

Reynolds & Branson

Company Name

Reynolds & Branson Ltd.1898 -Until after 1914
Reynolds & Branson1883 - 1898
Harvey, Reynolds & Co.- 1883
Harvey & Reynolds1854 -Wholesale Druggists and Pharmaceutical Chemist in the 1860s.
Thomas Harvey- 1854Before 1842

Company Address

14 Commercial St., Leeds- 1877 -
13 Briggate, Leeds- 1856 -
10 Briggate, Leeds- 1863 -

Originally wholesale and retail chemists, the firm moved into photographic chemicals and supplies by the 1850s and then into the production of camera shutters, cameras and darkroom equipment. The company was registered in 1898 with capital of £34,000 to continue the business of R. Reynolds, F.W. Branson and R.F. Reynolds. The Rystos trade mark was registered in 1900, the Phoenix trade name was also used.

In the 1860s there were two firms with similar titles both run by the same partners: Harvey & Reynolds, wholesale druggists and pharmaceutical chemists at 13 Briggate; and Harvey, Reynolds, & Co., opticians, photographic chemists, and dealers in scientific apparatus at 10 Briggate.

Fowler left the partnership in November 1864. Thomas Harvey left the partnership in 1867, Richard Reynolds continued the businesses under the same names. Richard Reynolds was later in partnership with Freshfield Reynolds, that was ended in 1882 with Richard Reynolds continuing the business; at this time they were in 14 Commercial St., 13 Briggate and White Horse St. Leeds.

The Early Photography in Leeds catalogue traces the firm to 1854 when they were trading as Thomas Harvey & Richard Reynolds 1854 - 1860, Harvey, Reynolds & Fowler 1860 - 1864, Harvey, Reynolds & Co. 1864 - 1886. All at 13 Briggate.

In 1856 Harvey & Reynolds were advertising chemicals and apparatus including Ramsden's Tourist Camera.

Lon. Gaz. 11/11/1864, p. 5335. Lon. Gaz. 5/7/1867, p. 3792. Lon. Gaz. 27/1/1882, p. 337. Phot. Dealer July/1898, p. 29. Phot. Notes Feb 1856. Early Photography in Leeds, Leeds Art Galleries 1981.

Further Information:
Patents include: 1120/1885, 16373/1893, 14102/1899.
  • Thomas Harvey

  • Robert John Fowler
  • Born: 1834
  • Son: Gilbert John Fowler
  • Died: Probable death 1870 Paris
  • Described as a commercial agent, possible connection with Joseph Beck

  • Richard Reynolds. Father: Richard Freshfield Reynolds [I] (1797) Mother: Maria Bassett, Grandfather: Richard Reynolds (1772) Grandmother: Anna Maria Seaman
  • Born: 12/5/1829 Banbury
  • Married: Frances Marshall
  • Died: 5/4/1900 effects £32,954
  • 1871: Pharmaceutical Chemist employing 18 persons
  • 1881: Pharmaceutical Chemist employing 23 men and 10 boys

  • Richard Freshfield Reynolds [II]. Son of Richard Reynolds
  • Born: 1860 Leeds
  • Married: Amy Dora Percy 1886
  • Died: 1/6/1907 effects £13,085
  • Pharmaceutical Chemist

  • Freshfield Reynolds. Father: Charles Reynolds (1779) Mother: Lucy Smee, Grandfather: Richard Reynolds (1772)
  • Born: 1840 Peckham
  • Married: Louisa Colebrook 1865
  • Died: 15/6/1922 effects £1023
  • 1871: Pharmaceutical Chemist living at 13 Briggate

  • Frederick Woodward Branson
  • Born:1851 Hanslope
  • Married: Rose Mary Ellen Hartridge
  • Died: 1933 effects £5744

  • Frederick Hartridge Branson. Son of Frederick Woodward Branson
  • Born: 1887
  • Died: 1952
  • Managing Director and Chairman

Riley Bros.

Company Name

Riley Bros. Ltd.1900 -
Riley Bros.- 1900

Company Address

17 Westgate Colonnade, Bradford1908 -
55, 57 Godwin St., Bradford1894 - 1908
5 Cheapside, Bradford- 1894

Riley Bros Ltd was registered with capital of £10,000 to take over the business of G., A.J., W., and A.H. Riley trading as Riley Bros, dealers in optical lanterns, lantern slides and cinematographic equipment. The company was probably re-formed in 1914.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1900, p. 43. Lon. Gaz. 24/3/1914, p. 2578.

Riley, T.

Company Name

T. Riley & Son

Company Address

249 Commercial Rd., London1890 -
2 Upper Fenton St., Commercial Rd., London- 1890

Listed from the early 1880s until the end of the 1890s. They advertised sensitised paper and, in 1887, 'Lion' Dry plates.

Robbins, Manistre

See London Camera Exchange.

Robbins, R. & H.

Company Name

R. & H. Robbinsc. 1894 -Retailers

Company Address

16 Exchange Street East, Liverpool

The firm of R. & H. Robbins was established by R.C. Robbins around 1894. He had worked for Archers and later worked at Wood Bros. The firm was started at 16 Exchange Street East. Later joined by his brother H.T. Robbins.

Phot. Dealer Nov/1900.

Robinson & Sons

See also Redding, H.J.

Company Name

J. Robinson & Sons

Company Address

172a Regent St., London WRecorded here as a photographer from 1883
172 Regent St., London W
65 Grafton St., Dublin

The London Gazette for 1898 records that a final dividend is to be paid to creditors by John Bolton Robinson.

The Grafton St. address was still shown as 'J. Robinson' in 1898 and in 1901 J. Robinson & Sons Ltd was registered in Dublin operating from 65 Grafton St. The London and Dublin businesses may not have been connected by this time.

Lon. Gaz. 30/8/1898. Phot. Dealer Feb/1901, p. 47.

Further Information:
  • John Bolton Robinson
  • Born: 1846 Dublin
  • Spouse: Claris Louise
  • 1891: Optician at 172a Regent St
  • 1898: Living at 50 Louisville Rd Balham

An early folding box wet-plate camera signed J. Robinson (Grafton St. address) is in the Oxford Science Museum collection.


Company Name

John RogersActive 1858 - 1860Phot. apparatus manu.

Company Address

4 Connaught Terrace, Edgware Rd., London1858 - 1860

Rogerson, John

Company Name

John Rogerson

Company Address

20 Albion St., ManchesterKnown to be here between 1861 and 1877

Shown at the above address during the 1860s and 1870s, firstly as a general mechanic and then as photographic instrument maker employing 16 hands, not in Slater's directory for 1853.

Further Information:
  • John Rogerson
  • Born: Manchester 1814
  • Spouse: Susannah. Photographic artist


For later entries see Ross Ensign.

Company Name

Ross Ltd1897 - 1948
Ross & Co.1873 - 1897
Thomas Ross & Co.1872 - 1873
Thomas Ross1859 - 1872
Andrew Ross1841 - 1859
Andrew Ross & Co.c. 1837 - 1841During this period Ross was in partnership
with J.J. Lister
Andrew Ross1830 - c. 1837

Company Address

3 North Side Clapham Common, London1890 -SW4 postal district from 1917
111 New Bond St., London W1892 - 1918W1 postal district from 1917
112 New Bond St., London W1881 - 1892
164 New Bond St., London W1875 - 1881Or 1876. Corner of Grafton St
7 Wigmore St., London W1869 - 1877
53 Wigmore St., London W1867 - 1869
2 & 3 Featherstone Bldgs., London1853 - 1867WC postal district from 1857
2 Featherstone Bldgs., London1847 - 1853Also used in conjunction with later address
21 Featherstone Bldgs., London1842 - 1847
33 Regent's Circus Piccadilly, London1838 - 1842
15 St John's Sq., Clerkenwell, LondonEarly 1830s
3 Albermarle St., St John's Sq., London1830 -
26 Conduit St., London W11936 - c. 1945
13/14 Gt. Castle St., Oxford Circus, London W11918 - 1936Opened on 25/03/1918. Previously Carl Zeiss
31 Cockspur St., Charing Cross, London SW1898 - 1913
Paris branch1900 -

Ross was established in 1830 by Andrew Ross the business was continued by his son, Thomas. Sir Charles Parsons acquired a controlling interest in the firm from 1 January 1921 and took over as chairman. Part of Barnet Ensign Ross Ltd from 1948.

In an 1891 advertisement they state that "cabinet-maker's workshops" have been erected at the Clapham factory and that a stock of old mahogany has been secured, this would indicate that previously they were not actually making cameras.

Ross Limited was formed in 1897 with share capital of £120,000, 40,000 £1 shares were offered for subscription, the directors were: J. Stuart (Managing Director), Dr. John Attlee, Mr. Traill Christie, and Mr. F.H. Wenham.

In 1917 Ross took over the assets of Carl Zeiss (London) Ltd. The London offices were moved to the old Zeiss building in Gt. Castle St. and the factory near Mill Hill was utilised; for a time lenses produced at the new factory were engraved Ross (Mill Hill).

Very early lenses have the Ross name engraved with a stylised 'S' resembling an 'f'.

Featherstone Buildings was a small street on the north side of High Holborn opposite Gt. Turnstile Street, the area was extensively remodelled by the Luftwaffe. The BJA 1892 shows illustrations of 112 Bond St. and Clapham Common.

Gloria Clifton notes that Andrew Ross was apprenticed to John Corless in 1813. He later worked for one of the Gilberts.

The optician and lens designer Dr Schroeder (d. 1902) was engaged by Ross from 1882 to 1894, he then moved to Manhattan Optical, he returned to England in 1895. In 1914 over 450 people were employed at the Clapham site.

BJA 1890, p. 50. BJA 1892, p. 35. BJA 1922, p. 314. Phot. Notes Jan 1860. BJP 2/7/1897, p. 418. Phot. Journal 15/10/1859, p. 52 Andrew Ross obit. BJP (Then called The photographic Journal) 1/10/1859. p. 334, Andrew Ross obit. Turner, G. L'E, Great Age of the Microscope, the Collection of the Royal Microscopical Society, p. 154. Clifton, Sci. Inst. Makers. See 'The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot' ( for letters from Andrew Ross to Talbot. Ministry of Munitions Records, MUN 4/4084. BJP 21/11/1902, p. 925, obituary of Dr Heinrich Ludwig Hugo Schroeder.

Further Information:
  • Andrew Ross
  • Born: 1798 London
  • Died: 5 Sept 1859. 63 Pentonville Rd.

  • BJP 26/3/1875, p. 150 contains a short biography of Andrew Ross.
  • Thomas Ross died 16 Dec 1870. An advertisement from 1860, when he took over the running of the firm, states that he had worked for his father for 27 years.

An early folding wet-plate box camera is in the Oxford Science Museum.

Ross Ensign

Company Name

Ross Ensign1954 -
Barnet Ensign Ross Ltd1948 - 1954
Barnet-Ensign Ltd1945 - 1948

Formed by the amalgamation of Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co. and the sales division of Elliott & Sons Ltd, (Barnet plates etc.). Later joined by Ross Ltd.

H-B Mfg Co. was part of BPI, the amalgamated companies - Barnet-Ensign and Barnet Ensign Ross Ltd also came within BPI.

PTB Sep/1945, p. 514. PTB Jul/1948, p. 431.


Company Name

Jean Rosseau & Co.Active 1854Daguerreotype electro plate maker

Company Address

5 Richmond Bldgs., Soho, London1854

Rotary Photographic Co.

Company Name

Rotary Photographic Co.

Company Address

14 New Union St., Moorefields, London1901 -

The Rotary Photographic Co., founded in 1898 with capital of £30,000, was a subsidiary of Neue Photographische Gesellschaft (NPG) founded by A. Schwartz. The firm specialised in rapid printing of photographs for brochures, calendars, postcards etc. It went into voluntary liquidation in 1916 and was put up for auction as an enemy firm in July 1917, although not sold at the auction it was acquired by the Rotary Photographic Co. (1917) Ltd and Wiggins Teape & Co. Ltd. The directors of Rotary (1917) included A.E. Parke of Wiggins Teape and C.F.S. Rothwell (managing director) of Rajar. In effect Rajar and Wiggins Teape acquired Rotary Photographic. The works were in West Drayton.

Rotary sold negative paper and bromide printing paper under the name Rotograph.

Phot. Dealer Apr/1898, p. 115. Lon. Gaz. 28/4/1916, p. 4299. Lon. Gaz. 15/6/1917, p. 5915. BJA 1918, p. 262. BJP 1/1918, p. 22.
Articles on Rotary by Andrew Cronshaw are included in Picture Postcard Monthly: Part 1, 1898-1905, April 1997:32-37; Part 2, 1906-1910, June 1997:34-35, 53-54; Part 3, 1910-97, August 1997:47-49.

Further Information:


Company Name

A.O. Roth

Company Address

85 Ringstead Rd., Catford, Londonc. 1923 - 1939

Primarily distributors for Meyer and Mentor, Roth also produced some cameras of their own fitted with Meyer lenses.


Company Name

F. Foxall Ltd.1916 - 1968Then as Foxall & Chapman
F. Foxall
Rothwell Photographic Material Co.

Company Address

62 Bridge St., Manchester1955 - 1969
Greek St., Manchester1953 - 1955
King St. West, Manchester1934 -
3 St Mary's St., Manchester1904 -
8 St Mary's St., Manchester- 1904

Rothwell Photographic Material Co., founded by C.F.S. Rothwell, was sold to Roberts & Foxall in early 1898 but continued to trade under the Rothwell name. The partnership between Frederick Foxall and Charles Edward Roberts, trading as Rothwell Photographic Material Co., was dissolved in 1903.

C.F.S. Rothwell was predominantly a chemist, during his period at Rothwell Photographic Material Co. he was experimenting with emulsions and films. After leaving Rothwell Photographic Material in 1898 he worked for the Thornton Film Co., after that company ceased trading he joined Brooks-Watson (later Rajar) in 1903. He was managing director of Rotary Photographic Co. (1917) and a director of Lilywhite, another printing company. When Rajar joined the APM merger of companies Rothwell was made joint managing director. During 1899 he and J.E. Thornton submitted a series of patents covering the products of the Thornton Film Co.

Under the Foxall name the firm continued as a photographic retail outlet later expanding into wholesale. In 1968 it merged with Chapman to form Foxall & Chapman.

Lon. Gaz. 28/8/1903, p. 5437. Phot. Dealer Apr/1898, p. 98.
Richards, The Manchester Camera Shop.

Further Information:
Rotary Photographic Co., Thornton Film Co., Rajar. BJA 1909, p. 1011, advertisement for the Mancunian Reflex from Rothwell Photographic Materials Co. proprietor Frederick Foxall.
  • Charles Frederick Seymour Rothwell
  • Born: 1870 Chorlton, Lancashire
  • Spouse: Hannah
  • Died: 18 Apr 1935, Oldfield The Grove Radlett

  • Frederick Foxall
  • Born: 1870 Ashton-under-Lyne
  • Died: 1942


Company Name

W.W. Rouch & Co.1863 -
Burfield & Rouchc. 1854 - 1863
Henry Burfield1837 - c. 1854

Company Address

161 Strand, London WC1895 - 1919Move to here by March 1895.
WC2 postal district from 1917
180 Strand, London1837 - 1895This is the east corner where Norfolk St. joins the Strand.
WC postal district from 1857
43 Norfolk St., London- c. 1894Earliest ref. is for 1864
Building is next to the 180 Strand premises

Henry Burfield was a chemist and druggist, around 1854 he was joined by William White Rouch. The establishment date of 1854 is shown in later Rouch advertisements. Burfield & Rouch advertised in the 1858 Photographic News.

Samuel W. Rouch was the patentee of the Eureka camera. William Albert Rouch, nephew of Samuel W, ran the company from 1898, he was a photographer specialising in sports photography.

Phot. Dealer Jul/1898, p. 9. BJP 29/3/1895, p. 202. BJP 16/8/1895, p. 525.

Further Information:
  • William White Rouch
  • Born: 16 Dec 1831 Cornwall
  • Maried: Mary Butherton 26 Oct 1859
  • Died: 18 Feb 1871 in France. Living at Castelnau Villas Barnes (and 180 Strand).

  • Samuel White Rouch. Brother of William White Rouch
  • Born: 28 Nov 1834 St Agnes Cornwall
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Anne or Anne Elizabeth
  • Died: 7 May 1898. 305 Trinity Rd. Wandsworth Common (and 161 Strand)
  • Freemason

  • William Albert Rouch. Son of William White Rouch
  • Born: 7 July 1864
  • Spouse: Annie Mary Louisa
  • Died: 10 Dec 1947. 73 Pelham Court Chelsea (and 161 Strand)
  • 1871: 9 Castleneu Villas Barnes
  • 1911: Phot. App. Manu. and photographer. Living at 12 Wellington Mansions, West Kensington
  • Visited America Aug - Nov 1924
  • 1939: Sporting & Journalistic photographer. Living at 73 Pelham Ct. Chelsea

  • Henry Burfield Possibly born 1802 Brighton

Early equipment is in - Oxford Science Museum, triple extension, front focus, stereo sliding box camera. Sotheby Cat. 18/9/1981 lot 286, sliding box camera. Christie's Cat. 15/5/1992 lot 301, 26/6/1986 lot 413, sliding box cameras. Christie's Cat. 3/5/1984 lot 186, Cosmorama stereo viewer signed Burfield & Rouch (Regd Sep 15 1854). Christie's Cat. 19/9/1991 lot 69, stereoscope signed H. Burfield.

Routledge, A.

Company Name

A. Routledge & Co.1858 - 1862Phot. apparatus manu. Cabinet maker

Company Address

14A John's Mews, Bedford Row, London1860 - 1862
14 John's Mews, Bedford Row, London1858 - 1860
6 New Ormand St., Queen Sq., London1858 - 1861
9 Robert St., Bedford Row, London1858

Routledge was previously working for Ottewill, he was described as a builder when made bankrupt in 1868. At that time he was at 2 Millman St. Bedford Row and 12 Hand Ct. Holborn, probably a private address.

The Liverpool and Manchester photographic Journal Vol II 1858, p. 105.

Further Information:
John's Mews and Robert Street are on the north side of Theobalds Road, Bedford Row is to the south; it is not clear why Bedford Row was included in the addresses.
  • Alfred William Routledge
  • Born: 14 Sep 1830


Company Name

Rudowsky & Rudowsky1917 -Or Rudowsky's
C.A. Rudowsky & Son1915 - 1917
C.A. Rudowsky

Company Address

63 Spencer St., London1935 -
48 London Wall, London1917 - 1935
89 Chiswell St., London1903 - 1917
22 Coleman St., London1898 - 1903
3 Guildhall Chambers, London- 1898

Rudowsky were dealers and importers of photographic material and equipment, especially paper and, later, albums. Established in 1877 according to advertisements. Carl Albin Rudowsky took British nationality in 1901, he died in 1923.

Lon. Gaz. 1/3/1901, p. 1501. BJA 1924.


Company Name

Luke Sams1854

Company Address

7 Adelphi Chambers, London1854


Company Name

Sandell Films & Plates Ltd1899 -Listed in BJA until 1911
Sandell Works Co. Ltdc. 1896 - 1898

Company Address

Norwood Junction, South Norwood, London

The company was formed around 1896 by J.T. Sandell who had previously been at R.W. Thomas. The firm produced dry plates and later films, specialising in multi-coated plates and Cristoid films. Sandell Works Co. went into receivership in June 1898, its interests were taken over by Sandell Films & Plates Ltd (capital £10,000). J.T. Sandell (d. 1907) ended his links with the company in 1902. T.K. Grant worked for the company until 1901 as a sales representative.

Phot. Dealer Jun/1898, p. 148. Phot. Dealer Mar/1899 p. 69. Article in Phot. Dealer Jun/1902 p. 143 on Sandell. Phot. Dealer Nov/1902 p. 276. BJP 21/6/1901, p. 396.

Sanders & Crowhurst

See also Sinclair & Co..

Company Name

Sanders & Co.1908 - 1910
Sanders & Crowhurst1900 - 1908

Company Address

71 Shaftesbury Av., London1900 - 1910
55 Western Rd., Brighton1904 -Previously occupied by Williamson

Both Sanders and Crowhurst had worked for Watson & Sons and the firm was appointed Watson's West End Agent, Crowhurst had also spent time with Spicer. The partnership between Sanders and Crowhurst was dissolved in 1908. Crowhurst continued in business at the Hove address, Sanders at the London address. In 1910 bankruptcy proceedings were started against Sanders from which he was later released.

In 1910 Sanders & Co. was taken over by J.A. Sinclair, in July of that year a clearance sale was held at Shaftesbury Avenue. Harold Armytage Sanders FRPS joined Sinclair at this time. He was elected a Member of the RPS in 1902 and made a Fellow in 1907, from that time he was a regular exhibitor at the RPS. Sanders was a noted bird photographer and collaborated with Oliver G. Pike in making films. Pike is credited with designing the Birdland camera sold by Sanders & Crowhurst.

From 1904 the 55 Western Road address is listed, the address was previously occupied by James Williamson the early film maker who had a chemist shop and photographic retail outlet there from 1898. Williamson & Co. continued at Wilbury Rd. Hove. Crowhurst was married to Williamson's daughter Janet Melville Williamson.

BJA 1904. AP 12/7/1910, p.36. 'Hove Pioneers and the Arrival of Cinema'. Lon. Gaz. 27/10/1908, 13/5/1910, 16/8/1912. Phot. Dealer Nov/1900, p. 112. Phot. Dealer Apr/1901, p. 89, has a report on the business. Phot. Dealer Apr/1904, p. 84.

Further Information:
  • Harold Armytage Thomas Sanders
  • Born: Sept 1867 London
  • Married: Louise Augusta Watkins, 1885. Divorced 1899
  • Married: Maude Marie Tugwell, 1904
  • Died: 4 Sept 1940, 3 Bigwood Rd. London
  • Freemason
  • 1907: Living at 14 Somerset Street, Portman Square
  • 1910: 38 Pandora Rd. West Hampstead
  • 1911: 49 Queens Road, St. John's Wood
  • 1913: 26 Charing Cross Rd.
  • 1928: The Cottage Bigwood Rd.

  • Harry Arthur Crowhurst
  • Born: 1868 London
  • Married: Janet Melville Williamson 4 May 1905. Daughter of James Williamson
  • Died: 8 Dec 1943, 77a Peartree Avenue Southampton
  • Freemason
  • 1891: Optician living at 38 Gower St
  • 1900: Freedom of the City Admission Papers
  • 1901: Border along with H. A. Sanders at premises in Catherine St. Covent Garden
  • 1910: Living at Hove
  • Visited America Dec 1914 to Feb 1915

The Southport Enlarging Table, advertised by Sanders & Crowhurst, was produced by Southport Photo Appliances.

Sands, H.

Company Name

H. Sands- 1887 -

Company Address

Popham St., Nottingham

An advertisement shows them selling new and second cameras and lenses and providing estimates for construction. They also state that they have taken over the business of John H. Burton.

Sands & Hunter

Company Name

Sands, Hunter & Co. Ltdc. 1915 -
Sands, Hunter & Co.1890 - c. 1915
Sands & Hunter1883 - 1890
Hunter & Sands- 1883

Company Address

37 Bedford St., Strand, London WC1905 -WC2 postal district from 1917
20 Cranbourn St., London WC- 1905
146 Holborn, London WC1880sFactory

Founded in 1874, according to an advertisement. The firm traded at least to the late 1950s at Bedford St. Patents issued in the 1880s were in the names of Charles Sands and John James Hunter. The BJA 1922 shows an illustration of the Bedford St. building. If the establishment date of 1874 is correct then the founders must have been Charles Sands and John Hunter, if the date is incorrect or refers to just one of the partners, then the original partnership may have been between Charles Sands and John James Hunter. The firm advertised in the 1880 British Journal of Photography.

The partnership between Charles Sands and John James Hunter, son of John Hunter, was dissolved in 1890, the company was then owned by J.J. Foster (d. 1923) and traded under the Sands, Hunter name, the manager at the time is given as S. Bicknell. A. Oglesby took over as manager from H. Carter at the start of 1912.

Charles Sands had a most unusual career, around 1856 he took over the Prince Regent pub in North London that was previously run by his father. In 1858 he married his first wife Charlotte, he then switched professions becoming a photographer, possibly in Brighton and by 1871 in Farnham. In 1873 he divorced his wife citing adultery. He then must have come into contact with the Hunter family, Sands & Hunter was formed and in 1876 he married Susan Hunter. The Sands & Hunter period must have been a highpoint in his career, following the sale of the firm his dwellings are more modest.

S&H were distributors of Drem products until September 1928 when Drem Products Ltd. took over.

BJP 27/6/1890, p. 416. BJP 22/12/1911, p. 965. BJA 1922, p. 226. BJA 1924, p. 268. Lon. Gaz. 24/6/1890.

Further Information:
  • John Hunter. Father: James, Mother: Esther
  • Born: 1831
  • Married: Ann Harriet Andrews 30 July 1857
  • Died: 27 June 1880
  • 1851: Living at 24 Bloomsbury St.
  • 1861: 16 Roberts Rd.
  • 1871: 5 Eaton Rise, Ealing, chemist
  • 1880: Argyle Rd., Ealing

  • John James Hunter. Son of John Hunter
  • Born: 1859
  • Spouse: Jane
  • Following the end of the partnership with Sands J.J. Hunter changed profession, in 1891 he is listed as a tobacconist at 75 Askew Rd., Fulham, later he was a house painter.

  • Charles Sands
  • Born: 8 Jan 1835, St James Piccadilly. Father: Charles (d. 1856), Mother: Naomi
  • Married: Charlotte Elizabeth Wieland, 20 Oct 1858. First wife, divorced 1873
  • Married: Susan Hunter, sister of John Hunter, in 1876. Charles is described as a wine merchant. Susan Hunter living at 47 Woburn Place
  • Died: 10 Aug 1908 Hastings living at 2 Tillington Terrace, Hastings. Susan continues to live here until her death in 1911
  • 1841: Living at 37 Felix Terrace, Liverpool Rd. Prince Regent public House (later 201 Liverpool Road). With father and mother
  • 1858: Described as wine merchant
  • 1861: Licensed victualler. Living at Prince Regent. Head of family with wife Charlotte, son Charles and daughter Charlotte
  • 1871: Photographer. Living at Cambridge Place, East Street, Farnham, Surrey
  • 1876: Living at 23 Hazelville Road, Hornsey Rise, Middlesex. This is the home of Charles' mother Naomi
  • 1881: Living at 5 Woburn Place, optician
  • 1891: Living at 126 Queens Rd. Hastings, scientific instrument maker
  • 1901: Living at 55 Ashburnham Road, Hastings
  • Charles Sands was an ordinary member of the RPS from 1879, exhibited an image in 1880, and equipment between 1881 and 1883. An early patent for a stereoscope by Sands was 2940 of 1857 (the Felix Terrace address is given).

Sanford, J.

Company Name

John Sanford1852 -Phot. dealer. Paper manu.

Company Address

18 Red Lion Sq., London1859 -
13 Paternoster Row, London1852 - 1856


Company Name

E.S.S. Colour Filter Co.c. 1928
Sanger-Shepherd & Co. Ltd1909 - 1927
Sanger-Shepherd & Co.1900 - 1909
E. Sanger-Shepherd & Co.1899

Company Address

Chalfont St. Gilesc. 1936 -
22 Bloomsbury St., London WC1c. 1932 - c. 1936
1 Montague St., London WC1c. 1928 - c. 1932
5, 6 & 7 Gray's Inn Passage, Red Lion Sq., London WC1899 - c. 1928WC1 postal district from 1917

The firm was founded by E. Sanger-Shepherd, they specialised in colour equipment, filters, sensitometry and scientific areas of photography. Following his death the company was wound up, some of its interests were carried on by E.S.S. Colour Filter Co. at 1 Montague Street and from around 1936 in Chalfont. A related company was M.S.S. Press Ltd (at the Red Lion address), they specialised in reproducing Autochromes on paper.

Sanger-Shepherd FRPS was a prominent photographer of the time specialising in colour processes, he regularly exhibited at the RPS (elected a member in 1887), an advertisement mentions an RPS medal awarded in 1896.

The original partners of the firm were Edward Sanger-Shepherd, William Saville Kent (? the marine biologist) and Robert Lincoln Cocks, Kent left after a only a short while and the firm was renamed in January 1900. Arnold Frank Hills must then have joined the partnership as he is recorded leaving in 1903. The firm was wound up in January 1928 following Sanger-Shepherd's death.

A limited company was formed in 1909 with capital of £4000, the partners at that time were E. Sanger-Shepherd, R.L. Cocks, A.F. Hills (he must have re-joined the partnership or not actually left as reported), and E.D. Doncaster.

The proprietress of E.S.S. is shown as Geraldine Geoghegan.

BJA 1928, p.361. BJA 1929 p.731. Phot. Journal 1/1932, p. 46. Lon. Gaz. 30/1/1900, 6/2/1903, 20/1/1928. BJP 22/1/1909, p. 72.

Further Information:
  • Edward Sanger-Shepherd
  • Born: 1868
  • Died: 7 July 1927, 68 Adelaide Road Hampstead
  • RPS: Member 1887. Fellowship 1895
  • 1890s: Living in Cuckfield Sussex
  • 1902: Living at 12 Heath Hurst Road Hampstead
  • 1908: 68 Adelaide Road Hampstead

  • Geraldine Geoghegan
  • Born: c. 1886
  • Died: 29 Dec 1968, Roughwood Chalfont St. Giles

Sawyer & Bird

See also Autotype Co.

Company Name

Sawyer & BirdPhotographers
J.R. SawyerSawyer's Italian Studios

Company Address

87 Regent St., London1870 - 1873Then as Sawyer, Bird & Foxlee
46 London St., Norwich
18 Brook St., Ipswich

Sawyer left Norwich around 1871, he was later with Autotype.

Further Information:
B. & P. Heathcote, A Faithful Likeness. J.R. Sawyer obituary is in the Photographic Journal 21 Feb 1890, p. 105.

Sawyer, Bird & Foxlee

See also Autotype Co..

Company Name

Sawyer, Bird & FoxleePhotographers

Company Address

87 Regent St., London1873 - 1874

Sawyer & Lankester

Company Name

Sawyer & Lankester- 1899Photographers

Company Address

230 Regent St., London1899

Partnership between Lyddell Sawyer and Percy Lankester dissolved in 1899.

Phot. Dealer Mar 1899, p. 123.

Sawyer, Lyddell

Company Name

Sawyer, LyddellPhotographers

Company Address

230 Regent St., London1895 - 1898, 1899 -Sawyer & Lankester here in 1899

Schering Ltd

Company Name

Schering Ltd.

Company Address

185-192 High Holborn, London1936 -
188-192 High Holborn, London- 1936

Agents for Voigtländer from 1933.


Company Name

Otto Schölzig

Company Address

31 Binfield Rd Clapham
38 South Lambeth Rd., LondonLater listed as works

Paper and plate manufacturers, including the Otto brand of P.O.P. Advertised until around 1911.

Phot. Dealer June/1898, p. 153.


Company Name

The Sciopticon Co.

Company Address

26 Colebrook Row, London1881 -Still listed here until 1894
157 Gt. Portland St., London- 1881Sometimes shown as 157a

In 1877 the firm was advertising the Scenograph camera, later it advertised the Woodbury photometer and lantern equipment. In 1882 the Sciopticon camera was listed, by this time the manger is shown as George Smith, the patentee of the camera.

A note in the London Gazette for 1879 states that the Sciopticon Company, owned by Walter Bentley Woodbury, is now out of business. The Gt. Portland Street address, used until this time, is the same as that used by the Woodbury printing company. It seems that around 1880 Woodbury closed the Sciopticon business and that George Smith purchased or took over the running of the firm.

Lon. Gaz. 28/3/1879.

Further Information:
BP 3014/1881.

Scorer, W.

Company Name

W. Scorer

Company Address

North St., Havant

William Scorer patented and produced a field camera with extensive lens movements (BP 12573/1888, 14537/1889).

Scottish Manufacturing Co.

Company Name

Scottish Manufacturing Co.

Makers of the 'Scottish' roller blind shutter.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1899, p. 30.

Secco Films

Company Name

Secco Films (British & Colonial) Ltd.1899 - 1901

Company Address

East MoleseyWorks

The firm was to produce transparent film, it created a good deal of interest in the trade press when announced in 1899 but despite a factory being equipped nothing much materialised. The firm was wound up in early 1901. The film had a paper backing, to this a layer of a rubber solution was applied followed by a layer of collodion and then the gelatine emulsion. After processing a similar film, except that the gelatine layer was not sensitised, was applied to the front of the negative and the two pressed together. The two sheets of paper could then be removed. It was claimed that indentations in the paper were reproduced in the second rubber layer and that these diffused the light when printing, giving a softer image that required little retouching. The indentations also provided a ground where any retouching was needed.

BP 24750/1898 in the names of O. Moh, A. Hesekiel, J. Grünewald. A.H. Lymn may have been connected with the firm. Phot. Dealer Mar/1901, p. 71.


Company Name

Selo was a joint venture formed in 1919 between Imperial, Illingworth, Ilford, Rajar, Gem, Wellington and APM to produce roll-film.

Phot. Journal. Competition Commission Report.


Company Name

Sepac & Co.

Company Address

33 Bridge St., Chester
4,5,6 Fletcher's Bldgs., Chester

The firm, managed by G. Watmough Webster, were makers of the Sepac camera and chemicals. G. Watmough Webster (fellow of the RPS) ran a photographic studio from 33 Bridge St.

According to the British Journal of Photography the Sepac name is made up as follows: SE is for S Elected, P is for Photographic, A is for Apparatus, C is for Chemical.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1898.

Service Co.

Company Name

Service Co.
The Service Photographic Society

Company Address

14 High Holborn, London1945 -
7a Plumtree Ct. Farringdon St., London1940 -
292 & 293 High Holborn, London- 1940

Est. 1889. In 1901 they were known as The Service Photographic Society and operated a scheme whereby customers shared in the profits of the company.

BJA 1931, p. 527. AP Nov 1940. AP Oct 1949. PTB Aug/1945, p. 412. BJP 8/11/1901, p.716.

Sharp & Hitchmough

See also Moore & Co..

Company Name

Sharp & Hitchmough

Company Address

101 & 103 Dale St., Liverpool

Sharp & Hitchmough was formed around 1888 by H.B. Sharp and H.C. Hitchmough. Sharp had previously worked for Newton & Co. in Liverpool. Following Sharp's death in 1903 the firm continued trading until 1907. They operated a large wholesale business and also manufactured items including cameras; they used the Aptus brand name. Moore & Co. were later at this address.

Phot. Dealer Nov/1903, p. 113. Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 117. Lon. Gaz. 6/9/1907, p. 6122. BJA 1894, p. 1222, gives an illustration of the premises. BJP 9/10/1903, p. 808.

Further Information:
  • Henry Bratt Sharp
  • Born: 1860 Llandudno
  • Died: 1 Oct 1903

  • Howard Cumming Hitchmough
  • Born: 1862 Tranmere, Cheshire
  • Died: 21 Oct 1926

Shears, Geo.

Company Name

Geo. ShearsActive 1854 - 1860

Company Address

22 East Pl., Kennington Rd., London1863 -

Stereoscope maker, patented a folding design in 1855.

Further Information:
BP 1842/1855. A folding stereoscope using Shear's patent is shown in Stereoscopes: The First One Hundred Years, p. 20.

Sheffield Photo Co.

Company Name

Sheffield Photo Co. Ltd.1928 -
Sheffield Photo Co.c. 1890 - 1928
Sheffield Photo & Fine Art Publishing Co.- c. 1890

Company Address

6 Norfolk Row, Sheffield1925 -
95 Norfolk St., Sheffield- 1925Here in 1897
3 Fargate, SheffieldHere in 1891 to after 1894
54 Westbar, SheffieldHere in 1888
17 Castle St., SheffieldBefore 1888
Pinstone St., SheffieldHere mid 1890s as well as Fargate

The firm was established around 1887 as retailers and wholesalers of cameras, lenses and other items, they used the brand name of Norfolk for re-badged items. The firm was owned by Frank Mottershaw.

Further Information:
  • Frank Mottershaw
  • Born: 1850
  • Married: Mary Elizabeth Storm, 1880
  • Died: 18 Sep 1932
  • 1881: Coal Merchant
  • 1901: Photographic Dealer
The National Archives hold records on this company.

Shepherd, C.

Company Name

Shepherd & Co.1859 - c. 1862
C. Shepherd- 1859

Company Address

97 Farringdon St., London1857 -
56 Myddleton St., Clerkenwell, Londonc. 1855 - 1857
4 St James's Walk, London1854 -
3 Berkely Court, London1851 - 1853
Black Horse Court, Fleet Street, London- 1860 -Factory

The change of name to Shepherd & Co. occurred early in 1859 if advertisements can be trusted. But they may have used both forms at the same time. Shepherd & Co. and Charles Shepherd & Co. would have been used without much distinction. A note in the LPOD for 1864 states that Squire are the sole manufacturers of Shepherd lenses, Shepherd is no longer listed by that time.

During the Myddleton Street period Shepherd seems to have been an optician, lens maker and retailer. Later (c. 1858) his business expanded when he claims to have opened new premises to manufacturer a range of items including cameras. At that time he describes himself as a trade manufacturer of lenses and importer. At around this time the name of the firm changed and they moved to Farringdon Street.

Myddleton Street, Berkely Ct. and St James's Walk are all close together in an area then known as Spafields. 97 Farringdon Street was one door from Fleet Street.

Further Information:
  • Charles Shepherd
  • Born: 1822 Holborn
  • Spouse: Ellen


See also entry for Dockree, Walter.

Company Name

J.F. Shew & Co. Ltd1920 - c. 1922
J.F. Shew & Co.c. 1919 - 1920
Staley, Shew & Co.1915 - 1919
J.F. Shew & Co.1877 - 1915
J.F. Shew-1873From 1851 or before
J.J. Shewc. 1873 -

Company Address

J.F. Shew:
21 Bartlett's Bldgs., Holborn Circus, London1919 - c. 1922
88 Newman St., Oxford St., London W1881 - 1919W1 postal district from 1917
87 Newman St., Oxford St., London W1890 - 1899Still in use by Shew after 1899
132 Wardour St., London W1881 - 1885
89 Newman St., Oxford St., London W1877 - 1882
89 Newman St., Oxford St., London W1863 - 1873See J.J. Shew for 1874 - 1877
30 Oxford St., London W1857 - 1863
32 Rathbone Place, London- 1857From 1851 or before
J.J. Shew:
132 Camberwell Rd., London SE1882 -A number of photographers are listed here from 1885
132 Wardour St., London W1878 - 1882
28 Wardour St., Londonc. 1878
89 Newman St., Oxford St., London W1873 - 1877

Shew claims establishment in 1849, the earliest reference found is for 1851. The years up to 1873 are straightforward, advertisements show them to be retailers of photographic equipment. Around 1873 the name of the firm changes to J.J. Shew at the same address, this would be when J.F. Shew died. In 1877 or 78 J.J. continues in business from a different address (Wardour St.) and the J.F. name returns, this time as J.F. Shew & Co, still at the old address. In 1881 J.J. vacates his premises in Wardour Street and moves to his home address in Camberwell, the Wardour street shop is then run by J.F. Shew & Co. The production of photograph mounts must have formed a large part of the Shew business at this time.

The nature of the company changed rapidly in the mid 1880s when Shew embarked on large scale manufacture of cameras. This would be when Fox Shew took an active role in running the firm.

In 1896 Shew brought a case against Société des Lunetiers for infringement of the Eclipse patent. At this time the owner of the firm is given as L.H. Perry, following his death in a road accident (1900) the business was taken over by J.F. (Fox) Shew and Harriett Parsons.

In 1909 Shew was taken over by W. J. Ramsey, formerly manager of the photographic department of the Army and Navy stores.

In 1915 Shew merged with Staley, this lasted only to 1919, from then until 1922 the J.F. Shew company name was revived (Ltd. from 1920), when they were at 21 Bartlett's Buildings, under the ownership of Albert James Garrad. Garrad along with Benjamin William Dale were the two partners of Staley & Co. of 19 Thavies Inn and Staley, Shew & Co. of 88 Newman St., the British Journal of Photography of December 1919 states that Garrad will be opening the J.F. Shew & Co. business early in 1920 and will be supplying improved Shew pattern cameras.

James Fludger Shew advertised in the Photographic News of 1858 as a supplier of photographic products at 30 Oxford St. He was adjudged bankrupt in 1869 and agreed a schedule to pay his creditors.

James John Shew was living at 132 Camberwell Rd in 1881 described as a Photographic Apparatus Manufacturer, later he would be making picture frames. He had sons James C. Shew (b. 1872) and Albert (b. 1874), these two sons were later listed as picture frame makers at the same address.

Living at 89 Newman St. in 1881 were Harriett Parsons (b. 1851), described as a dealer in photographic materials; Leo Shew (b. 1860), described as lodger and assistant photographic dealer and Fox Shew (son of James Fludger) also described as a lodger and mount cutter. Patents taken out in the 1890s are in the name of F. Shew. James Fox Shew was elected a member of the RPS in 1883, presumably this is the Fox Shew born in 1854.

An advertisement in the BJA of 1916 for H. T. Ball & Co. notes that he was with J.F. Shew for 17 years.

See PA 1891 or BJA 1899 for a drawing of the Newman St. premises. A photograph of J. Fox Shew is contained in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

BJA 1899, p. 279. BJA 1916, p.3. PA 1891, p. cxlv. BJP 21/8/1896, p. 539. BJP 23/7/1909, p. 569. BJP 12/12/1919, p. 730. Lon. Gaz. 3/8/1869. Lon. Gaz. 3/2/1920, p. 1484. Phot. Dealer Aug/1900, p. 32. Phot. Dealer Nov/1900, p. 125. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 149.

Further Information:
  • James Fludger Shew
  • Born: 1810 London
  • Married: Jeanne Marie Hélenê Lomouzaine [possibly Lemouzaine]. 17 Oct 1836 in France. Divorced 1870.
  • Died: 3 Jan 1873
  • 1861: Photographic dealer

  • Fox Shew (son of James Fludger)
  • Born: 1854 London
  • Spouse: Jane
  • Died: 1924
  • 1881: Lodger at 89 Newman St. Mount cutter
  • 1883: Living at 88 Newman St.
  • 1901: Living at Hampden Rd. Hornsey. Scientific Instrument maker
  • 1911: 76 Lady Margaret Road, Tufnell Park. Retired Photographic Dealer
  • Between 1904 and 1905 Fox Shew was treated for mental health problems at Cane Hill and Napsbury hospitals.

  • Harriet Parsons
  • Born: 1851 London
  • 1881: Living at 89 Newman St. Dealer In Photographic Materials
  • 1911: Living at 88 Newman St. Photograph Dealer Retired

  • James John Shew (son of James Fludger)
  • Born: 1840, possibly in France
  • Spouse: Alice
  • Died: 1922
  • 1871: Compton St. Mount cutter
  • 1881: 132 Camberwell Rd. Still here in 1911
  • James Fludger Shew was divorced by his wife in 1870 on the grounds of adultery from 1856 to 1869 with Mary Anne Barrett and with Cecelia Curter, and that from 1860 for 2 years he deserted his wife.

    The 1861 census shows James Fludger Shew to be living in Hammersmith with his son Fox and two daughters Una (b. 1859) and Ann (b. 1857). The 1871 census shows Ann and Una, living with Emma Shew (b. 1833) who is shown as their mother. The 1881 census shows Emma to be living at 36 Eversholt St. along with Una and Ann.

    Following the marriage the couple lived in Agen and Bordeaux in France and at Cirencester Place (became part of Gt. Titchfield St.), Bloomsbury St., 32 Rathbone Place and 89 Newman street. The divorce petition also mentions Shew having a residence at 6 Addison Terrace Notting Hill.

    The mother of J.J. and Fox Shew was Jeanne Marie Hélenê Shew. Ann Marrie Barrett also used the alias Emma Egerton, it is likely that she is also Emma Shew, the mother of Ann and Una.

  • Lewis Henry Perry. Possibly a dealer in stationery and fancy goods with a shop in the Strand prior to his involvement with Shew
  • Died: 5/7/1900. 43 Park Rd. Havestock Hill

A late model sliding box by J.J. Shew (28 Wardour St. address [1878] ) was included in the WestLicht auction 11/2006.


Company Name

O. Sichel & Co.1927 - 1937
O. Sichel & Co. Ltd.1923 - 1927
Sichel & Samuelson1917 - 1923
O. Sichel & Co.- 1917

Company Address

122 Golden Lane, London1934 - 1937
20 Berners St., LondonShowroom, early 1890s
52 Bunhill Row, London1890 - 1934
23 Holborn Viaduct, London- 1890

Sichel, established around 1887, were wholesalers and dealers, prior to World War I they sold cameras under their own name, in the 1930s they supplied heavy-duty enlargers and darkroom equipment. Around 1937 they became part of Modern Products (L.C.E.) Ltd. first at 264 Chiswick High Road, then 11 Victoria Street. Agents for Premo in the late 1890s and Contessa. Otto Sichel.

Phot. Dealer 4/1898. BT 31/27976/190901

Simpson & Hill

See also Newman & Simpson and Hill & Co.

Company Name

Simpson & Hill1892 only

Company Address

2 Aldersgate Bldgs., London1892

The partnership of Frank Lindsay-Simpson (see Newman & Simpson) and Henry Hill was started around April 1892 and dissolved around August of the same year.

Electrical Review, 1/4/1892, p. 422. Lon. Gaz. 30/8/1892.

Simpson, Maule & Nicholson

Company Name

Simpson, Maule & Nicholson1856 -Phot. chemist
Simpson & Maule1853 - 1856Phot. dealer

Company Address

9 Fenchurch St., London1862 -
1 & 2 Kennington Rd., London1853 - 1862
1 & 2 Robsons Pl., Kennington Rd., London1853

Sinclair & Co.

See also Sanders & Crowhurst.
Diagram showing relationship between the Newman, Adams and Sinclair companies.

Company Name

James A. Sinclair & Co. Ltd1904 -

Company Address

3 Whitehall, London SW1931 -
9 & 10 Charing Cross, London SW1926 - 1930
54 Haymarket, London SW1904 - 1925SW1 postal district from 1917

The company was registered in September 1903 with capital of £10,000 and traded from late 1903 or early 1904. In 1910 Sinclair took over Sanders & Co. makers of the Birdland Reflex. On January 1st 1931 Charing Cross became part of Whitehall. The move from Haymarket to Charing Cross was around December 1925 to January 1926. The BJA of 1927 gives an illustration of the building.

James A. Sinclair was previously manager of the West End branch of Adams & Co. (he was with Adams at least as early as 1893). After leaving Adams he spent some time at Ross managing the Cockspur St. branch. He was a member of the Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association, elected a member of the RPS in 1892, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the Photographic Club and a prominent user of the bromoil process.

Photographic News 1896, p. 146. BJA 1926, p.520. BJA 1927, p. 519. BJA 1931, p.465. BJA 1941, p. 137. AP 12/7/1910, p.36. BJP 11/9/1903, p. 735. BJP 9/10/1903, p. 812.

Further Information:
  • James A. Sinclair
  • Born: 04 Dec 1863 Salisbury
  • Died: 28 Aug 1940, 57 Stradella Rd. Herne Hill, effects £16,068
  • 1900s Living at Cromwell House Wiltshire Rd, Brixton
  • 1911: 36 Elfindale Road, Herne Hill. Three of his sisters are recorded as photographic printers

Skinner, J.H.

Company Name

J. H. Skinner & Co. Ltd.

Skinner was the founder of Hobbies, a company specialising in fretwork and wooden models for which they supplied plans, tools and materials. They also sold cameras either ready-made or in kit form. Photographic patents include BP8054/1889 and BP12001/1890.

An earlier partnership between Skinner an Edwin J. Lyth importers and dealers in fretwork and photographic goods was dissolved in 1890.

Lon. Gaz. 3/6/1890, p. 3153. Lon. Gaz. 9/7/1897, p. 3832.

Further Information:
  • John Henry Skinner
  • Born: 1860 Wisbech
  • Married: Elizabeth Issac 1883
  • Died: 1948
  • 1901: Living at Eckling Grange East Dereham
  • 1903: Emigrated to South Africa
  • 1936: Returned to England

Slater, T.

Company Name

T. SlaterLens manu.

Company Address

136 Euston Rd., London1858 - 1878This is the same building as 4 Somers Place
4 Somers Place West, New Road, London1850 - 1858Part of New Road became Euston Rd in the mid 1850s
Somers Pl was on the north side, east and west
of where Charlton St. joined

Lenses by Slater fitted with Waterhouse stops were advertised as early as September 1858. Best known for his astronomical instruments.

Photographic News Sept 1858.

Further Information:
  • Thomas Slater
  • Born: 1817 Northampton


Company Name

Smedley & Co.

Company Address

22 Fleming Sq., Blackburn1898 -
Lord St. West, Blackburn- 1898

For a short while, late 1890s to the mid 1900s, Smedley advertised an extremely large range of products including cameras and studio furniture. Many items were sold under their own name. By 1906 the firm was owned by Joseph Ignatius Smith and was having financial difficulties.

Lon. Gaz. 10/7/1906, p. 4792.

Smith, C.D.

See also Tench, M.P.

Company Name

C.D. Smith1873 - 1874

Company Address

153 Fleet St., London1873 - 1874

The partnership between Smith and George Albert Loveridge, trading as opticians at 153 Fleet St., was ended 4th August 1874. Previously Smith worked for Negretti & Zambra at 153 Fleet Street, he was apprenticed to William Peter Piggott. In the 1880s he managed H & E.J. Dale.

Lon. Gaz. 7/8/1874.

Further Information:
  • Charles Dennis Smith
  • Born: 1833 Lambeth
  • Married: Emma Bailey, 31 Oct 1863
  • 1847: Apprenticed to William Peter Piggott
  • 1871: Living at 153 Fleet St.
  • 1881: Living at 35 Clifton Crescent Camberwell

Smith, W.A.C.

Company Name

W.A.C. Smith

Company Address

51 & 53 Dundas St., Glasgow
53 Dundas St., Glasgow

Active in the 1890s and 1900s, advertised as maker of the Invincible magazine camera.

Smith, W.J.

Company Name

W.J. Smith

Company Address

Tysley Rd., Acocks Green, Birmingham1889 -
11 & 12 Broad Street Corner, Birmingham- 1889

Probably camera manufacturers, a very distinctive model - the A1 Long and Short Focus - is shown in the 1889 BJA.

Smyth, Sydney

Company Name

Sydney Smyth1859 - 1860Phot. colour manu.

Company Address

12 Pall Mall East, London1859 -
15 Lower Belgrave Pl., Pimlico, London- 1859


For earlier entries see APM.

Company Name

Kershaw-Soho (Sales) Ltdc. 1946 -
Soho Ltd1929 - c. 1946

Formed from APM Ltd in 1929. This was the sales and distribution outlet for Kershaw. Around 1946 it was listed as Kershaw-Soho (Sales). From around 1947 it became part of the Rank Organisation.


Company Name

Joseph Solomonc. 1846 - 1889Early Post Office listings show the name as J. J. Solomon, possibly a transcription error.
The name Israel Joseph Solomon was also used.

Company Address

22 Red Lion Sq., London1846 - 1889
84 Guilford St., Russell Sq., LondonPossible early address

Listed as camera makers after 1854, previously dealers and opticians, they were the agent for Grubb lenses in the early 1860s. Liquidation proceedings were started in 1878 but the company was trading until 1889 at 22 Red Lion Sq.

A series of interesting articles by Solomon was published as 'Recollections' in the American journal - Photographic Times and American Photographer (1887), these give an account of his early involvement in photography. These date from 1839 when he was in Paris and London and recall his dealings with Edward Palmer, Andrew Ross, Thomas Sutton and Willats. He imported many French lenses into Britain during these early years. Advertisements from 1863 list high-quality cameras including Ottewill and lenses from Grubb, Lerebours & Secretan, Alexis Millet and Maugey. Also listed are Neville's patent lenses for microscopic photography and cameras for producing micro photographs.

Solomon retired from the business in 1881 and moved to New York, he died in 1890. From 1889 the business is shown as having been taken over by E. Abenheim (see below) trading from 341 Camden Road Holloway. Sensitive paper was listed by Abenheim, the extent of the business is not clear.

Books by Solomon: Photographic wrinkles, remedies and recipes, 1st pub. 1860. Photography in three lesson. A book for beginners, 1863, then expanded to four and six lessons. Vitrified photographs on enamel; the powder and film process, 1873. Photovitrified enamelling; or the art of vitrifying photographs on enamel or china, being the secret process taught for years past at J Solomon's photographic warehouse, 1874.

Lon. Gaz. 2/8/1878. BJP 26/9/1890 p. 621, short obituary. Photographic Times and American Photographer 1887, pp. 304, 314, 339, 351, 363, 374, Recollection of Early Days in Photography. Catalogue pages from 'Photographic wrinkles, remedies and recipes', 1863.

Further Information:
  • Joseph Israel Solomon
  • Born: 1803 Falmouth
  • Children: Elizabeth, born c. 1840 Paris. Married Henry Abenheim.
  • Died: 2nd Sept 1890 New York

Southport Photo Appliances

See also Hudlass.

Company Name

Southport Photo Appliances Co.1900 -

Company Address

Phoenix Camera Works, Ivy St., Southport

From 1900 the photographic business that was previously 'F.W. Hudlass' was run by The Southport Photo Appliances Company. The firm produced the Southport Enlarging Table sold by Sanders & Crowhurst and J.A. Sinclair.

Phot. Dealer Oct/1900.

Spencer, J.A.

See also Autotype Co.

Company Name


Company Address

7, 6, 5 & 4 Gold Hawk Terrace. Shepherd's Bush, LondonKnown between 1862 - 1873

Spencer manufactured albumenised paper and later carbon tissue, he also operated a photographic studio from the above address. John Alexander Spencer (d. 20/4/1878) was one of the partners in Spencer, Sawyer, Bird & Co. (Autotype Co.).

Spencer, John

Company Name

John Spencer

Company Address

203 West George St., Glasgow1911 -
121 West George St., Glasgow1894 - 1911
125 West Regent St., Glasgow- 1894
39 Union St., Glasgow- 1869
30 Great Enoch Sq., Glasgow1858 -
16 Saltmarket, Glasgowc. 1830 - 1858

In 1858 they describe themselves as importers and retailers of photographic goods, they also advertise that lenses can be ground to order. In earlier almanacs they are described as hardware merchants. John Spencer sen. (d. 10/8/1890) retired in 1869. George Mason ran the firm for a short while, he then started a company under his own name. The firm of John Spencer from that time (1870) concentrated on export orders, probably still connected with Mason.

BJP 22/8/1890, p. 531. BJP 1/6/1894, p. 48.

Further Information:
Christie's Cat. 12/5/2000 lot 368 shows a camera by Spencer.


Company Name

Spicer & Co.1896 -
William Spicer1883 - 1896
Lewis Hiram Spicer1853 - 1883

Company Address

6 Garnault Pl., London1853 -

Lewis Hiram Spicer are at 6 Garnault Place, Spafields, London and from around 1853 listed as cabinet makers and Daguerreotype manufacturers. Later, William Spicer was at the same address, in 1881 he is described as a cabinet maker employing 2 men.

The first Lewis Hiram Spicer is described as a cabinet maker he is at Garnault Place from 1834, it is his name that is shown above. Two of his sons are William and Lewis Hiram Spicer, William is also a cabinet maker and took the firm into making photographic equipment, the other son - Lewis Hiram Spicer - is shown as a cabinet maker but probably changed profession quite early. The first Lewis Hiram Spicer had another son - Lewis - who died before reaching maturity.

It appears that the firm's name remained as Lewis Hiram Spicer after the founder's death, this may have been the case until Lewis Hiram's wife - Emma - died. The firm's name then changed to William Spicer.

The firm's involvement in camera making may have been slight and limited to the period it was run by William, possibly they carried out manufacture for other companies on a jobbing basis.

Further Information:
  • Lewis Hiram Spicer [I]
  • Born: 1793 Marshfield, Gloucestershire
  • Married: Ann Stanton 1819
  • Children: Ann (b. 1826), Lewis Spicer (b. 1/7/1822), William (b. 1824)
  • Married: Emma Cross 1833 (b. 1811 Suffolk)
  • Children: Emma (b. 1834), Susannah Mary (b. 1836), Jessica (b. 1839), Lydia Ann (b. 1842), Lewis Hiram [II] (b. 1846)
  • Died: 1858
  • 1822: Hatton Gdn.
  • 1834: Garnault Pl.
  • 1850: 6 Garnault pl. Cabinet maker
  • 1851: 6 Garnault pl. Cabinet maker, maker of jewellers air tight cases, philosophical fittings

  • Lewis Hiram Spicer [II]
  • Born: 1846 London
  • Married Fanny Ansell 1872
  • 1861: Living at 6 Garnault Pl.
  • 1871: 6 Garnault Pl.

  • William Spicer
  • Born: 1829 London
  • Died: Poss. 1896
  • 1861: Living at 6 Garnault Pl. Philosophical instrument maker employing 6 men

A quarter-plate sliding box by Spicer is shown in Vintage Cat. 2/1987. A Kinnear model is in Christie's Cat. 11/3/1993 lot 201.

Spicer Brothers

For later entries see London Photographic Supply Co.

Company Name

Blackfriars Photographic and Sensitising Co.1890 - 1898
Spicer Brothers- 1890

Company Address

19 New Bridge St., London- 1883 -From 1850s
18 ½ New Bridge St., London- 1851 -
Loman St., Gravel Lane, London- 1885 -
1 Surrey Row. Blackfriars, London- 1885 -Works

Spicer Brothers, later called Blackfriars Photographic Supply Co., were wholesale stationers and suppliers of sensitised albumen paper, for a short time around 1890 they advertised cameras. They are known from the early 1800s until 1898 when they merged with the London Photographic Supply Co. to form the London & Blackfriars Photographic Supply Co. In 1899 London & Blackfriars sold the sensitised paper side of the firm, which must have been the old Spicer Brothers operation, to Houghton.

The partnership between Henry Spicer, Edward Spicer and Augustin Spicer, trading as Blackfriars Photographic and Sensitising Co. was dissolved by mutual consent from March 1895 and the company was sold most probably to Frederick Oswald Scott. At some point William Gage Spicer was also a partner in the Spicer Brothers firm.

Lon. Gaz. 9/4/1895, p. 2156.

Further Information:

Spratt Brothers

Company Name

Spratt Brothers

Company Address

Tudor Works, Tudor Road Hackney, London

Spratt Brothers were leading apparatus manufacturers to the trade, in 1904 they merged into Houghtons Ltd. In 1893 the firm comprised Henry James S. Alfred Sidney S. and George Albert S. Patents were issued to the three brothers. Following the Houghton merger the Tudor works was the main factory for the company. A photograph of A.S. Spratt is in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 150.

Further Information:
  • Henry James Spratt
  • Born: 1856
  • Married: Maria Elizabeth Church, 1879
  • Married: Anna Coe
  • Died: 6 Sep 1934, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. Estate £8525
  • 1881: 111 King Edward Rd. Hackney. Cabinet Maker For Scientific Purposes
  • 1891: 51 Tudor Rd. Hackney. Wood worker
  • 1901: 61 King Edward Rd. Hackney. Wood and metal worker for scientific purposes
  • 1911: Forest View Chingford. Manufacturer Of Photographic Cameras

  • George Albert Spratt
  • Born: 27 Sep 1863 Bethnal Green
  • Spouse: Annie Rosetta
  • Died: 24 Dec 1951. Estate £5638
  • 1881: 113 Mare St. Hackney. Finisher In Cabinet Work
  • 1891: 24 Speldhurst Rd. Hackney, Cabinet manufacturer for scientific purposes
  • 1911: Chingford
  • 1951: 14 Crescent Rd. Chingford

  • Alfred Sidney Spratt
  • Born: 1858 Bethnal Green
  • Married: Annie Taylor, 1882
  • Died: 25 Mar 1908. Estate £10496
  • 1881: 113 Mare St. Hackney. Scientific Cabinet Maker
  • 1891: 35 Darnley Rd. Hackney. Scientific wood worker
  • 1908: 'Pavenham' Crescent Rd. Chingford


Company Name

Henry Squire & Co.1855 - 1868

Company Address

52 King William St., London1856 - 1868
41 Ludgate Hill, London1856 -

Importers, dealers and manufacturers, non photographic items were also part of their business. Cameras were probably bought-in but a note in the LPOD for 1864 says they are the sole manufacturers of Shepherd lenses. Bankruptcy proceedings were started in 1867. In 1870 Henry Squire & Co. were at the King William Street address as lithographers.

Lon. Gaz. 24/12/1867

Further Information:
A front-focus sliding box camera by Squire was included in the Christie's Cat. 12/11/1989 lot 154.


For later entries, after 1915, see Shew. See also entry for Dockree, Walter.

Company Name

Staley & Co.1913 - 1915
A.E. Staley & Co.- 1913Earliest ref. 1895

Company Address

24 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London1913 - 1915
19 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London1905 - 1913Probably still in use by Staley after 1913
35 Aldermanbury, London1895 - 1905

In 1915 Staley amalgamated with J.F. Shew and operated from the Shew address in Newman St.

BJA 1914, p. 574. BJA 1916, p. 3.

Further Information:
  • Alfred Edward Staley
  • Born: 1846
  • Spouse: Emily
  • Died: 1913
  • Elected a member of the RPS in 1899


Company Name

W.F. Stanley & Co. Ltd1900 -
W.F. Stanley1859 - 1900
Stanley & Robinsonc.1854 - 1859

Company Address

286 High Holborn, London SW1905 -Showroom
8 Victoria St., London SW1889 -
6A Victoria St., London SW1880 - 1888
13 Railway Approach. London Bridge1868 -
3 Holborn Bars, London1857 - 1866
4, 5 & 10 Gt. Turnstile, Holborn, London1897 -
4 & 5 Gt. Turnstile, Holborn, London1880 - 1897
3 & 4 Gt. Turnstile, Holborn, London1876 - 1880
3 & 5 Gt. Turnstile, Holborn, London1859 - 1876
3 Gt. Turnstile, Holborn, Londonc.1854 - 1859
8 & 9 Tichborne Ct., London WC1883 -Workshops
7, 8 & 9 Tichborne Ct., London WC1871 - 1882Workshops
Optical Works South Norwood, London WC1875 -

W. F. Stanley is best known as the maker of drawing instruments and related equipment. His advertisements for cameras stress that they are machine produced, he patented camera designs in the 1880s. According to Hambly, Stanley was established in 1853 at the Turnstile address. The firm was registered with capital of £120,000 in April 1900. He does not appear in the BJA after 1900.

Their design for the use of studs to attach the front standard (BP 2811/1886) has also appeared on a camera by Sands & Hunter, possibly supplied by Stanley.

Hambly, Drawing Instruments, 1580 - 1880, p. 30. Phot. Dealer May/1900, p. 120.

Further Information:
The addresses above are the advertised premises found in the Post Office directories and elsewhere. Some addresses - 5 Gt. Turnstile and 6 Victoria St. - remained occupied by Stanley but not advertised. 6A Victoria St. is probably the same location as no. 6.

  • William Ford Robinson Stanley
  • Born: 2 Feb 1829 Islington
  • Married: Elizabeth Savory 1857
  • Died: 14 Aug 1909 South Norwood


Company Name

J.H. Steward Ltd- 1976
J.H. Steward

Company Address

154 Church Rd., Hove- 1976
406 Strand, LondonHere in 1856, to after 1912
457 Strand, London1892 -To after 1912
457 West Strand, Londonc. 1889 - 1892
456 West Strand, Londonc. 1879 - c. 1889
66 Strand, London- c. 1889From before 1876
7 Gracechurch St., London1892 -
54 Cornhill, London- c. 1893From before 1876

Opticians and retailer of lantern equipment, later they included cameras in their advertisements.

Lon. Gaz. 5 April 1976, p. 5240.

Further Information:
  • James Henry Steward
  • Born: 1817 London
  • Spouse: Aquila Knight
  • Died: 28 Aug 1896
  • 1861: 406 Strand. Jeweller and optician

  • James Henry Charles Steward. Son J.H. Steward
  • Born: 9 Mar 1859
  • Died: 24 Sep 1900

  • Henry William Lake Steward Son J.H. Steward
  • Born: 1861
  • Died: 5 Sep 1936

  • John James Steward Son J.H. Steward
  • Born: 1862
  • Died: 25 Apr 1946

  • William Jesse Steward Son J.H. Steward
  • Born: 1864
  • Married: Marguerite Adelaide Moffat
  • Died: 8 July 1924

The Science Museum Group holds manuscripts from Steward.

Sun and Shade

Company Name

Sun and Shade Camera Co.

Company Address

40 Tachbrook St., London

Not much is known about the company, the reference below notes that they have issued a catalogue of equipment. One camera bearing their name is known to exist.

The Photogram 1894, p. 128.

Sutton, Charles

Company Name

Charles SuttonActive 1857 - 1865Stereoscope manu. Phot. dealer and manu.

Company Address

30 Leighton Rd., Kentish Town1863 - 1865
2 Hampstead St., Fitzroy Sq., London1857 - 1863


Company Name

James Swift & Son Ltd
J. Swift & Sonc.1878 -
J. Swift- c.1878

Company Address

81 Tottenham Ct. Rd., London1881 -
43 University St., London1870 - 1881
128 City Rd., Londonc.1870
15 Kingsland Rd., London1866 - 1870

At one time Swift worked for Andrew Ross, an establishment date of 1857 is given in advertisements. Photographic lens production probably started in the late 1880s and lasted until the early 1890s. In 1946 the company was taken over by E.R. Watts & Son which became Hilger & Watts in 1948.

Mansell Swift was in partnership with Herbert Francis Angus as scientific instrument dealers at 83 Wigmore Street, this ended in 1913.

BJA 1886, p. cvlvi. Turner, G. L'E, Great Age of the Microscope, the Collection of the Royal Microscopical Society.

Further Information:
  • James Powell Swift, Father: Thomas Mother: Elizabeth
  • Born: 25 Oct 1828 Minnories, Middlesex
  • Married: Catherine Margaret Grimes 12 Jul 1852
  • Married: Susannah Eleanor Morrill 14 May 1864
  • Married: Matilda Bignell 13 Jan 1870
  • Died: 1 Jan 1906

  • Mansell James Swift son of James Powell Swift
  • Born: 17 May 1854
  • Married: Emily Jane Janes 6 Apr 1885
  • Died: 13 Oct 1942

  • Mansell Powell John Swift son of Mansell Swift
  • Born: 26 Dec 1885
  • Married: Elsie Laura Piercy 21 Sep 1912
  • Died: 12 Oct 1942

Swinden & Earp

Company Name

E.V. Swinden
Swinden & Earp

Company Address

46 Sir Thomas's Bldgs., Liverpool

The firm was established in the late 1880s to sell a patented hand camera; they advertised for only a few years. By 1893 Swinden was operating on his own, advertising an improved hand camera.

Further Information:
BP 13879/1887 E.V. Swinden, J. Earp. Early advertisements give the patentees address of 21 Islington St. Liverpool. A second patent was for a magazine camera: BP 9294/1892.

Talbot & Eamer

Company Name

Talbot & Eamer Mirals Ltd1909 -
Talbot & Eamer1901 - 1909At Liverpool
Talbot & Eamerc. 1891 - 1901At Blackburn
Talbot, Eamer & Co.- c. 1891

Company Address

54 Seel St., Liverpool1901 -Phot. Dealer Dec/1901, p. 134
58 Ainsworth St., Blackburn1894 -Early 1894.The Photogram 1894, p. 92. BP 1894, p. 545
7 Exchange St., Blackburn- 1891 -

The firm was founded by Henry Percy Tattersall around 1884. Around 1901 or earlier the firm was purchased by G. Jones (senior) and run by his son, also G. Jones. One of the Jones's was associated with the company by 1896 as a trade mark is registered in that name. The Talmer trade mark was registered in 1896 (No. 199376). The Miral trade mark (No. 225692) was registered in September 1899.

Talbot & Eamer Mirals, Ltd. was registered on the 21 April 1909 with capital of £1,000, M.M. Robertson was connected with the firm at this time.

PA 1897, p. 57. Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 118. Lon. Gaz. 8/1/1897, p. 159. BJP 21/5/1909 p. 408.

Further Information:
  • Henry Percy Tattersall
  • Born: 1868 Blackburn
  • 1897: 58 Ainsworth Rd. Blackburn. Scientific Instrument Maker
  • 1901: 15 Manchester Rd. Altrincham. Mgr Photographic Instrument Maker
  • 1903: 2 Avon Rd. Hale Altrincham

Tattersall & Wilby

See Wilby.

Taylor, Andrew & George

Company Name

London Studios
Andrew & George Taylor1865 -Photographer

Company Address

70 & 78 Queen Victoria St., London1881 -
25 Southwark Bridge Rd., London1880 - 1889
62 & 64 Ludgate Hill, London EC1880 -
153 Regent St., London1876 -
129 Fenchurch St., London1874 -
70 Queen Victoria St., London1873 - 1881
2 Crown Bldgs. Queen Victoria St., London1872 - 1875
67 Cannon St., London1866 - 1871
11 Cannon St., London1865 - 1866
Forest Lodge, London Rd. Forest Hill, London

A & G Taylor were leading photographers of the time, some cameras carry their name plaque. Their studio is described in The Photographic Studios of Europe.

George Taylor died on 15 Dec 1911 the obituary in the British Journal of Photography records that his first success was a set of photographs taken of Queen Victoria at Balmoral, the proceeds from the sale of these photos allowed him to open a studio in London.

BJP 22/12/1911.

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson

Company Name

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Ltd1901 -
Taylor, Taylor & Hobsonc. 1889 - 1901
T.S. & W. Taylor1887 - c. 1889

Company Address

Stoughton St., Leicester1899 -Works
Slate Street Works, Leicester- 1899Works
150 Holborn, London1945 -Head Office. East corner of Gray's Inn Rd.
314 Regent St., Londonc. 1931 - 1940
74 Newman St., London1922 - c. 1931
62 Oxford St., Londonc. 1914 - 1922
18 Berners St., London1899 - c. 1914
8 & 10 Charing Cross Rd., London1896 - 1899London Office. Also shown as 9 & 10 or 10 Charing X

Taylor Hobson was founded in 1887, Thomas S. Taylor, one of the founders died in 1938, his brother William Taylor had died the previous year. H.W. Hobson retired from the firm in 1896. The firm became a limited company in 1901 with capital of £20,000. A photograph of W. Taylor is in the AP 18/6/1919.

Later part of the Rank Organisation. Kingslake states that T.T.H. was part owned by Bell and Howell from the early 1930s and that these shares were acquired by Rank in 1946. The Competition Commission Report (1969) states that T.T.H. was part of Gaumont British taken over by Rank in 1941.

The move of the head office to 8 & 10 Charing Cross Road was in April 1896. The move to Berners St. was in March 1899.

In 1914 the directors were Herbert Ellis (Chairman), W. Taylor (Governing Director), T.S. Taylor, W.S. Hobson and W.B. Appleton. During the World War II period the T.T.H London office was in Mill Hill.

Photographic News 1896, pp. 254, 591. BJP 24/3/1899, p. 187. BJP 14/7/1899, p. 445. Kingslake, p. 305. Competition Commission Report on proposed takeover of De La Rue. Phot. Dealer Jun/1898, p. 148, report of the new factory that is being built. AP 18/6/19, p. 543. PTB Sep/1945, p. 515. BJP 26/7/1901, p. 476.

Taylor's Drug Co.

See also Watkinson & Co.

Company Name

Taylor's Drug Co. Ltd
Taylor & Co.

Company Address

3 - 7 Guildford St., Leeds- 1898 -

William Barker Mason owned or was connected with Taylor & Co., chemists, later to become Taylor's Drug Co. He was also a partner in Watkinson & Co. who probably manufactured cameras for Taylor's. Later Taylor's merged with Timothy Whites.

Tella Camera Co.

Company Name

Tella Co. Ltd.1920 -Commercial photographers
Tella Camera Co.1901 -
Tella Camera Co. Ltd.1899 - 1901

Company Address

22 Devonshire St., London1920 - Photographers
1 Southampton Row, London1915 - 1920Photographers
68 High Holborn, London1907 - 1915
110 Shaftesbury Av., London1899 - 1907
59-60 Eagle St., London1899 - 1907Studio around 1910

Their first camera (a magazine camera for films) was based on two patents by A.L. Adams. The camera was introduced in the summer of 1898, Adams passed the patents to the Tella Camera Co. Ltd when it was formed in 1899 with capital of £16,000 and acquired a major shareholding in the company. The limited company was wound up in April 1901, W.E. Dunmore then owned the firm entirely. Adams had left the firm by January 1901 and had no further financial interest in it. Later the owners are given as Wm. E. Dunmore and H.G. Chessher.

Tella's early address (Shaftesbury Av) was shared with Dunmore who operated a retail business under his own name and later an auction business from a different address. W.E. Dunmore exhibited the Tella to several photographic Societies in 1899.

In early 1904 Chessher became the owner of the Tella Camera Co. but Dunmore retained the rights to the Tella camera (i.e. the magazine camera) he went on to open a retail shop in Croydon. Chessher patented a reflex camera and shutter under the Tella Camera Co. name in 1909. In the 1910-11 edition of the Penrose Annual Tella advertise themselves as commercial and technical photographers. After 1915 the company is listed at 1 Southampton Row, around 1920 the company name changed to Tella Co. Ltd.

Herbert Chessher, photographer, is listed at 169 Oxford Street between 1918 and 1920.

Phot. Dealer Feb/1899, p. 41. Phot. Dealer May/1901, p. 121. Phot. Dealer Mar/1904, p. 57. Lon. Gaz. 16/4/1901, p. 2645. BJP 5/5/1899, p. 283. BJP 10/2/1899, p. 82. BJP 30/6/1899, p. 414, Tella shown at the Hackney Phot. Society meeting by E H Dunmore. BP 29506/1897. BP 10966/1898. BP 12105/1909. BP 338/1909.

Further Information:
  • William E. Dunmore
  • Born: 7 Jan 1869 Leicestershire
  • Married: Emilie Lois Coltman 1891
  • Died: 5 Apr 1948 of 17 Coplow Av. Leicester and Chantilly St Aubin Road St Helier. Effects £10,843

  • Herbert George Chessher
  • Born: 2 June 1879
  • Married: Mary Louisa Goodeve 1901
  • Died: 26 April 1963 of 56 Parkanaur Av. Thorpe Bay. Effects £10,246

Tench, M.P.

Company Name

M.P. Tench1874 -

Company Address

57 Denmark St., Camberwell, London1876 -
153 Fleet St., London1874 - 1876

Scientific instrument and lens manufacturers. The Photographic News records a fire at Tench's premises in 1875. Tench was with J.H. Dallmeyer for over 7 years.

Tench must have been in partnership with George Albert Loveridge as the London Gazette notes that the partnership was dissolved on 4 October 1875. Premises were at Fleet St. and 57 Denmark St., Camberwell. Loveridge was previously in partnership with C.D. Smith at the Fleet street premises.

Lon. Gaz. 8/10/1875, p. 4799. The Amateur's Photographic Guide Book, W.J. Stillman, 1874, Pub. M.P. Tench.

Further Information:
  • Matthew Parker Tench
  • Born: c. 1845 Battersea region, South London
  • Married: Rosa Jefferys 1866
  • Died: Possibly 1909
  • 1861: Mathematical instrument maker, living in Hampton
  • 1871: Optician
  • 1891: Optician Manchester
  • 1901: Optician Manchester
  • Freemason for a short period

Thames Colour Plate

Company Name

Thames Colour Plate Co. Ltd1909 -
Thames Colour Plate Co.- 1909

Company Address

254a, High Holborn, London
49, Pentonville Road, London

The limited company was registered on 22 November 1909 with a capital of £25,000. The directors were F. H. Glover, Admiral Sir Frederick G. D. Bedford, 0.S. Dawson and C.L. Finlay. Oliver Samuel Dawson and Clare Livingstone Finlay held patents for the process used.

BJP 3/12/1909, p. 940.

Thomas, R.W.

Company Name

R.W. Thomas & Co. Ltdc. 1888 -
R.W. Thomas & Co.1881 -
R.W. Thomas1851 - 1881

Company Address

10 Pall Mall, London1851 - 1894

Dry plate production started around 1878, at first in Pall Mall, then at Balham and from 1883 at Thornton Heath. B.E. Edwards was Managing Director from 1897. Thomas patented and produced a dark tent in 1864. J.T. Sandell (d. 1907) worked for R. W. Thomas (the company) and introduced the Sandell double-film plates. Later he founded the Sandell Dry Plates and Films Co. where he introduced the Cristoid brand.

Books by R.W. Thomas: The Modern Practise of Photography.

BJA 1908, p. 554. Phot. Dealer Aug/1903, p. 38.

Further Information:
  • Richard Wheeler Thomas
  • Born: 1823 Middlesex
  • Spouse: Jane A
  • Died: 6 July 1881 living at Atkins Rd. Clapham Park. Estate £24,078
  • 1851: Chemist at 10 Pall Mall

Christie's Cat. 16/3/1995 lot 376 shows a sliding box with elaborate corner bindings. BP 2122/1864.

Thompson & Co.

See also McKellen.

Company Name

Thompson & Co.- 1894 - 1898 -Managed by S.D. McKellen

Company Address

4 Bull's Head Yard, Market Pl., Manchester- 1894 - 1898 -

Thomson, James

Company Name

James Thomson

Company Address

19 Richmond Pl., Portgordon

Probably manufacturers, advertised the Scotia field camera. Active late 1880s early 1890s.

Thornton Film Co.

See also entries for Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co. and Rothwell.

Company Name

Thornton Film Co. Ltd.1900 - 1901

The company was formed by J.E. Thornton after he left Thornton-Pickard, it was registered in early 1900 (Co. no. 64746) but traded for only a short time as it was judged that Thornton had breached an agreement with Thornton-Pickard preventing him from manufacturing "photographic appliances". The company was liquidated in November 1901. A report of the first shareholders meting in June 1900 gives the impression that the factory is ready to start production, a note in the Photographic Dealer of September 1900 says that the paper-backed stripping film is ready and is being demonstrated by Walter D. Welford.

The two main products of the company were a paper-backed stripping film and a film with a permanent paper base. Both products were available in sheets or as roll-film, known as Dayroll. The production of bromide paper was announced but did not reach production, ordinary gelatine film was also planned. The stripping film, called Glassoline, consisted of emulsion coated on insoluble gelatine with a transparent paper backing, the paper gave support and, being transparent, allowed the development process to be observed, the paper was stripped off the film when dry. The paper had a coating of a proprietary substance called 'Flexoid' that allowed it to be easily stripped from the gelatine base. As well as giving support the paper backing ensured that the film dried flat without the need to be pressed to a glass sheet. The cheaper film product, called Paperoid, had a permanent paper base, it was advertised at the start of 1901 in both sheet and roll-film.

Patents covering the firm's products were issued jointly to Thornton and C.F.S. Rothwell during 1899. Thornton also patented a coating machine (BP 5793/1899) which was used at the factory. Rothwell worked for Thornton Film Co. and after its collapse for Brooks-Watson (Rajar).

Lon. Gaz. 26/11/1901, p. 8341. Nat. Archives file BT 31/8824/64746. Phot. Dealer May/1900, p. 115. Phot. Dealer Jun/1900, p. 147. Phot. Dealer Sep/1900, p. 65. Phot. Dealer Dec/1900, p. 143, report of a visit to the factory. Phot. Dealer Jan/1901, p. 16. BJA 1901, p. 1403. Phot. Dealer Apr/1900, p. 95 and May/1901 p. 121, gives an account of the court case between J.E. Thornton and Thornton-Pickard.

Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co.

Company Name

Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co. Ltd1897 -
Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co.1888 - 1897
Thornton Manufacturing Co.c. 1887 - 1888
J.E. Thornton1886 - c. 1887

Company Address

Altrincham1891 -
St Mary's St., Deansgate, Manchesterc. 1887 - 1891Then occupied by Rothwell
54 King St. West, Manchesterc. 1887
3 New Lorne St., Moss Side, Manchester1886

The company was founded in 1886 by John Edward Thornton who patented improvements to field cameras, shutters and other photographic equipment. The cameras at this time were manufactured by Billcliff, production facilities probably followed the move to St Mary's St. Advertisements for his earliest camera - the Jubilee - show it to have Billcliff's patented revolving back, a year later cameras are fitted with Thornton's revolving back. This may indicate that Thornton was now making or assembling cameras. In 1888 Edgar Pickard joined the company forming Thornton-Pickard. Edgar Pickard died in 1897 and was succeeded as a director by his brother George Arthur Pickard (b. 1850, d. 1919). From 1921 APM were the leading shareholders in the company which continued to trade under its own name until c. 1940.

Around 1913 T-P acquired the business of the Midland Camera Co. Ltd. (M.C.C.) and continued to produce M.C.C. enlargers.

The Photographic News of 3/1/1896 reports on a visit to the factory, it was claimed that T-P made 500 shutters a week.

BJA 1898, p. 639. YBP 1887, p. xciii. YBP 1888. YBP 1889, p. cii. YBP 1890, p. cvi. Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 119, reports on a visit to the factory and describes the machinery in use. BJA 1920, p. 340. Rendell, Thornton-Pickard Story.

Further Information:
Phot. Dealer Apr/1900, p. 95 and May/1901 p. 121, gives an account of the court case between J.E. Thornton and Thornton-Pickard. Photographica World no. 57 has an interesting article based on T-P documents by Michael Pritchard.


Company Name

Timms & Son1871 -Phot. artist
John Fredk. Timms1856 - 1870Phot. artist and dealer. There was also a John Timms

Company Address

121 Cheapside, London1873 -
31 High Holborn, London1856 - 1873

Tomkinson, W.H.

Company Name

W.H. Tomkinson

Company Address

81 Dale St., Liverpool

An advertisement of 1899 states they have 10 years experience but whether this refers to the firm or W.H. Tomkinson the person is not clear. The 'Practical' hand camera was listed.

Turner, Son & Hope

Company Name

Turner, Son & Hope

Company Address

88 Beaufort St., Liverpool

Makers of the Beaufort Reflex, Nichols' patent.

BJA 1909 p. 699.

Twentieth Century (20th)

Company Name

20th Century Photographic Co. Ltd1901 -

The company was registered with capital of £2000 in 1901, it was part of Boots the chemists.

Phot. Dealer Dec/1901, p. 141.


Company Name

William Tylar (Aston) Ltd1907 - 1909
W. Tylar1887 - 1907

Company Address

41 High St., Aston, Birmingham1893 -
57 High St., Aston, Birminghamc. 1889 - 1893
31 Yates St., Aston Cross, Birmingham1887 - c. 1889

Originally a manufacturer of dark-slides, accessories and dark room equipment, they later manufactured cameras including the Tit-Bit. A limited company was formed in 1907 but the firm was made bankrupt in 1909 the liabilities being £3,665 with assets of £2,604, in previous years the net profit of the firm was £700 per annum.

William Tylar died in 1930, a photograph of him is contained in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

BJA 1931, p. 264. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 150. Phot. Dealer Jun/1903, p. 161. BJP 20/8/1909, p. 657.

Further Information:
  • William T. Tylar
  • Born: 1859, New Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire
  • Died: 1930

Tyler, Chas. and England Bros.

Company Name

Chas. Tyler and England Bros.1897 - 1907

Company Address

79 Copenhagen St., Caledonian Rd., London

Tyler and England were manufacturers of photographic mounts and, from around 1900, developed a substantial wholesale business in other photographic goods including cameras. They used the Kay-Cee and later TEB brand names for their own products and for those sold wholesale. (Kay-Cee was an allusion to Kings Cross, the area where they were situated). They were founded in 1897, England Brothers can be traced to the early 1890s. Reports on visits to the factory in the July 1900 and March 1903 Photographic Dealer show mount manufacturing but no camera production, however they were issued patents for falling plate cameras. In 1907 the company was taken over by Butcher.

Phot. Dealer Jan/1900, p. 14. Phot. Dealer July/1900, p. 14. Phot. Dealer Mar/1903, p. 1100. BJA 1904, p. 1475. Lon. Gaz. 16/8/1907, p. 5625.

Tyler, Walter

Company Name

Walter Tyler

Company Address

48 - 50 Waterloo Rd., London1891 -From May 1891
48 Waterloo Rd., London- 1891

Maker of Magic Lanterns, slides and accessories. In 1894 Tyler purchased the lease of 94 Waterloo Rd., the show rooms remained at numbers 48 - 50. Walter Tyler (b. 1847, d. 1909).

The 48 - 50 Waterloo Rd. building is shown in the Dec 1891 issue of the Optical Magic lantern Journal

Optical Magic Lantern Journal, Dec/1894. p. 211. BJA 1909, p. 476. BJP 6/8/1909, p. 618.

Further Information:
  • Walter Clemment Tyler
  • Born: 1850 Staines
  • Married: Louisa Frederick Ander Agatta Stickemann, 1873
  • Died: 28 Jul 1909 Teddington
  • 1881: Photographer, living in Wandsworth
  • 1891: Optician, living in Sydenham
  • 1901: Optician, living in Brentford




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