Notes & Information


British Stand Cameras from the 1880s

Details of the materials used and the main types of camera.

Timeline of British Stand Cameras

Timeline of important models and patents.

Early British Stereo Cameras

Types of early stereo camera and equipment.

Sanderson Notes

Information on Sanderson cameras, identifying points and patents.

N&G Cameras

Summary of N&G Cameras and model types.

N&G Camera Identification and camera details. N&G Accessories.

Camera Fittings

Shutter Types

Different types of shutter.

Shutter Mechanisms
Lens Diaphragms

Types of Diaphragm fitted to lenses and their calibration.

Lens Mounts

Types of lens mount,

focusing methods and how the lens fixes to the camera.

Exposure Meter Notes

Types of meter, what is being measured,

different film speed calibrations and film speed comparisons.

Film and Plate Holders

Ways film and plates were held in early cameras

e.g. roll-holders, film pack adapters, dark-slides, changing boxes.


Information on camera accessories:

Filters, View-Finders, Rangefinders, Flash Equipment.


Glossary of Films, Plates and Processes
Standard Film Sizes

A list of standard film sizes.

Camera Movements

Rise, shift, tilt, swing - available on early cameras.

Newman, Adams and Sinclair

Diagram showing the relationship between

Newman, Adams and Sinclair companies.


Camera Fittings