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Rouch Tailboard

Rouch Patent Portable

Shew Pocket Camera

Mayfield, Cobb

Hare Tailboard

Meagher Tailboard

Exhibition Camera

Watson Tailboard

PACSA Tailboard

Rouch Long & Short Focus

Stanley Tailboard

Spicer Tailboard

Ashford patent

Beck Tailboard

Tailboard for Mono or Stereo

Stereoscopic Camera

College Set

LSC Tailboard

The Amateur


Marion's Oxford

Continental Tailboard

G. Hill camera

New Patent Portable


Sands & Hunter Imperial

Park Victoria

Watson Acme

Adams Club

Robinson Field

Holmes Single Lens Stereo

Collins Patent Field

The Club

Royal Letters Patent

Unnamed Field

Unnamed Field

Lizars Combination Challenge

Shew's Aluminium Combination

Improved Tourist Camera

Unnamed Camera


Sanderson A pattern

Sanderson Popular

Sanderson Junior

Tropical Sanderson




Royal Ruby

Triple Extension Field


Triple Victo


Gandolfi Precision

Lawley Field Camera

Hare New Patent Camera

New Light Premier

Brown's Combination

Scott's Patent

The British


Improved Long Focus

Billcliff Camera

Rayment's Patent

Economic Portable


Focal-Plane Field Camera

Clydesdale Set

Le Merveilleux

Le Meritoire




Special BB Instantograph

Late model Lancaster

Extra Special

Folding Instantograph

Shew Featherweight