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Notes on companies mentioned in the main text together with a few early manufacturers and dealers.


Company Name


In 1909 Ica was founded by the merger of R Hüttig & Son, Emil Wünsche, Dr. Krügener and the camera division of Carl Zeiss (Palmos). It merged into Zeiss-Ikon in 1926. In 1910 Ica claimed to employ over a 1000 people and have a yearly production of 100,000 cameras. Wünsche was founded in 1896.

Dresden 150 years. [accessed 2023]

Ilex Camera Works (A.C. Jackson)

Company Name

Ilex Camera Works
A.C. Jackson

Company Address

Ilex Works. Northwold Rd., Stoke Newington1900 -The building still exists
Crown Works. 98a Amhurst Rd., Hackney1889 - 1900

The firm was started in 1889 by Alfred Charles Jackson who had just finished an apprenticeship at R & J Beck. After manufacture cameras were passed to a testing department, the number of the test is sometimes stamped on the inside of the camera. They supplied mostly to the trade. Merged into Houghtons Ltd in 1904.

According to Jackson he started the company with just £10 as capital, his first product was a flash lamp, within 10 years he was able to build and equip a four storey factory, Ilex Works. His main products were falling plate cameras, these were well-made and finished and used many common parts.

Some time after the merger of Ilex and Houghton Jackson retired spending several years in Canada before returning to the UK.

Phot. Dealer Nov/1899, p. 124, has an article on Jackson. Phot. Dealer Jun/1900, p. 127.

Further Information:
  • Alfred Charles Jackson
  • Born: 1868 Islington. Father: Thomas Jackson
  • Married: Ida Edith Ablitt, 22 Dec 1894
  • Died: 26 Sep 1943 Worthing. Effects £14,337
  • 1891: West Hackney
  • 1901: Went Vale, Homefield Rd. Worthing
  • 1913: Worthing, councillor for Selden Ward
  • 1918: Went Vale, Homefield Rd. Worthing also at High Salvington from 1915
  • Between c. 1922 and 1934 Jackson lived in Vancouver
  • 1939: Heather lane, Worthing


Company Name

Ilford Ltd1901 -The company was registered in Nov 1900
Britannia Works Co. Ltd1891 - 1901
Britannia Works Co.1886 - 1891
A.H. Harman1879 - 1886

Founded by A.H. Harman (b. 1841, d. 1913). Prior to this A.H. Harman & Co. (f. 1862) were enlargers and printers in Peckham. The move from Peckham to Ilford, north east of London, took place in 1879.

The Britannia Works Company name was used from 1886 though Britannia Works was used prior to this to denote the factory. From 1891 Britannia became a limited liability company and in 1901 the name was changed to Ilford. In the inter-war years Ilford acquired controlling interests, either directly or through holding companies, in several other plate and paper companies including Wellington & Ward, Imperial Dry Plate, Thomas Illingworth and Apem. With these, through previous acquisitions of the individual companies, came the plate and paper interests of Rotary Photographic, Rajar, Paget, Marion, B.J. Edwards, Leto, Fluorescent Materials and Gem. In 1920 Selo was formed by Ilford, Imperial, Illingworth, Gem and APM to manufacture roll-film. Later Selo became a fully fledged subsidiary of Ilford, the Selo brand name was used by Ilford from around 1930. The May 1898 issue of the Photographic Dealer lists the re-capitalisation of the company.

The steamer trade mark was registered in 1897 (No. 208197) and was used from that time until the end of World War II. During this period Ilford plates and papers were generally sold in plain packets and boxes with an affixed label. Following the last war the steamer logo was dropped and brighter packaging started to be used, at some point yellow/red was used for paper. In the 1960s a clean white look for products was adopted. The sunburst logo was used from 1965.

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For a history of the company see Hercock & Jones, Silver By The Ton. A very good on-line site dealing with Ilford is [accessed 2018].

Further Information:
Harman moved from Harder's Rd. Peckham to 79 High St. Peckham in Nov 1867.

Illingworth Dry Plates

Company Name

T. Illingworth & Co. Ltd1902 -
T. Illingworth & Co.1890 - 1902

Company Address

Cumberland Av., Park Royal, London NW1912 -NW10 postal district from 1917
Willesden Junction, London NW1893 - 1912
38 Sheriff Rd., West Hampstead, London NW1890 - c. 1893
5 Soho St., Oxford St., London1896 - 1899

Founded in 1890 by Thomas Illingworth (b. 1869, d. 1923). At first they were printers and suppliers of carbon material, paper manufacture started around 1904. Thomas Illingworth had retired a few years before his death leaving the company to be run by his son T. Midgley Illingworth. The company was registered in December 1901 with capital of £20,000. In 1919 Ilford acquired a controlling interest in the company but it was not integrated into the Ilford group until around 1930. Thomas Illingworth was elected a member of the RPS in 1898.

BJA 1903, p.151. BJA 1911, p.348, illustration of factory. BJA 1914, p.576. BJA 1921, p. 176, illustrations of the works and Paris office. BJA 1924, p. 267. Photographic News 12/3/1896 p. 162, records the new showroom at 5 Soho St. Phot. Dealer Jan/1902, p. 21. Phot. Dealer May/1903, p. 128, carries a report of the company. Camera April 1926, p. 579, visit to the factory.

Imperial Dry Plates

Company Name

Imperial Dry Plate Co. Ltd

Founded in the early 1890s by J.J. Acworth (b. 1853, d. 1827). In 1918 it became part of the Ilford group but still retained its own branding.

The Imperial Trade Mark of a lion was registered in 1891 (no. 158934).

BJA 1928, p. 361. BJA 1929, p. 51. BJA 1938, p.195. Hercock & Jones, Silver By The Ton. Shepperley, History, p.20. BJP 28 Nov 1919 p. 700.

Infallible Exposure Meter Co.

Company Name

Infallible Exposure Meter Co.1893 -Wrexham

Listed into the 1940s. George Frederick Wynne (b. 1852, d. 1933).

Jackson, A.C.

For entries see Ilex Camera Works (A.C. Jackson).


Company Name

Jano Camera Co.c. 1951 -
M. Janovitch & Co.Mid 1920s - c. 1951

Company Address

2 Harrow Rd., London W2

Specialised in while-you-wait cameras and supplies (ferrotype and cards).

Jeffrey, Charles

Company Name

Charles JeffreysActive 1856 - 1864Phot. case maker. Patented a case using a spring to raise the lid

Company Address

17 & 17½ King St., Clerkenwell, London1859 -
17 King St., Clerkenwell, London1856 - 1859

Jeffrey & Wishart

Company Name

Jeffrey & WishartListed as camera makers

Company Address

104 Renfrew St., Glasgow1895 -
140 West Nile St., Glasgow- 1893From 1895 occupied by James Moore, Optician

Jeffrey & Wishart were the patentees and makers of a strut camera which was sold by James Moore as the Flying Shot. Wishart was later associated with the Mackenzie-Wishart envelope adapter.

Alex. Jeffrey & Co., electricians was also at 140 West Nile street.

Jeffreys, Wm.

Company Name

Wm. JeffreysActive 1856 - 1864Optician and phot. dealer

Company Address

14 New Church St., Lisson Grove, London1856 -

Jerome Ltd

Company Name

Jerome Ltd

Jerome were formed in 1919 from Smith and Bayley's studios, Gale Studios and Betram A Gale. They ran a large chain of photographic studios throughout Britain. Individual studios probably continued to trade under their existing name for a period. The company went into voluntary liquidation in the 1930s but this must have been a reorganisation as in the 1970s there was a petition by J Arthur Dixon for Jerome Ltd to be wound-up.

BJP 4 Jul 1919, p. 387. Lon. Gaz. 31 Aug 1934, p. 5538. Lon. Gaz. 27 Mar 1936, p. 2005. Lon. Gaz. 19 Jun 1970, p. 6902.

Johnsons of Hendon

Company Name

Johnsons of Hendon Ltd1948 -This style of name was used previously in advertisements
Johnson & Sons Manufacturing Chemists Ltd1882 - 1948
Johnson & Sons Ltd
J. Johnson & Sons1829 -
John Johnson1743 - 1829

Company Address

Cross St, Finsbury, London1871 - c. 1914
18A Basinghall St., London1853 - 1871
Maiden Lane, London1743 -

In 1882 the chemical manufacturing side of the business, which included photographic chemicals, was split from the assaying and bullion dealing parts. The move to Hendon took place around 1914.

BJA 1945, p. 36. McDonald, Johnsons of Maiden Lane, provides good information on the Johnson family.

Further Information:
Photographica World no. 63 has a good article by Sidney Ray on the company background.

Jones, Frederick

Company Name

Frederick JonesActive 1859 - 1868

Company Address

146 Oxford St., London1859 - 1868

Stereoscopic publisher. Jones was probably manager of the Artistic Repository & Stereoscopic Co. in 1856. Made bankrupt in 1868.

Lon. Gaz. 30/6/1868.

Kamera Werkstätten

Company Name

VEB Kamera-Werke Niedersedlitz1953 - 1958Then merged into VEB Kamera und Kinowerke (Pentacon)
VEB Kamera-Werkstätten Niedersedlitz1946 - 1953
Kamera Werkstätten Charles A. Noble1939 - 1946
Kamera Werkstätten Guthe & Thorsch1919 - 1939

Further Information:
A good article on KW is at [accessed 2023].

Kennedy Instruments

Company Name

Kennedy Instruments Ltd

Company Address

12A Weir Rd., Balham. SW12

Kent & Sons

Company Name

G.B. Kent & Sons Ltd1900 -
G.B. Kent & Sons- 1900

The firm was registered in July 1900 with capital of £160,000. The works were at Victoria Park and offices at Farringdon Rd.

Phot. Dealer Jul/1900, p. 20.


See also APM.

Company Name

A. Kershaw & Son Ltd.1910 -
A. Kershaw- 1910

Company Address

37/41 Mortimer St., London1945 -London Office
3 Embassy Bldgs. Germain St., Chesham1943 -
Harehills Lane, Leeds1917 -
St Columba St., Woodhouse Lane, Leeds- 1917Or 76 Woodhouse Lane

The firm was founded by Abram Kershaw (b. 1861), at first they manufactured electrical and scientific apparatus, photographic manufacture started in the early 1900s. The Kershaw Reflex of 1905 was sold by several companies including Marion. In 1921 Kershaw formed part of APM, though the projector manufacturing side of the company remained separate. From 1947 Kershaw came under the control of Rank.

PTB Oct/1945, p. 552. PTB Sep/1945, 513.

Further Information:
Photographica World nos. 22, 23 has an article on Kershaw by Michael Pritchard.

Kershaw, John

Company Name

Kershaw Brothers
John Kershaw

Company Address

47 Spring Gdns, Buxton
Lower Hardwick Street, Terrace Rd., Buxton
10 The Quadrant, Fairfield, Buxton

Kershaw was a photographer operating a studio in Buxton. He also patented an early roller-blind shutter. On his death the studio was continued by his two sons John (b. 1870) and Herbert (b. 1868)

It is not certain that the shutter was manufactured by the Kershaw family but given that the two sons are sometimes described as Photographic Shutter manufacturers it seems probable that this was a sideline carried out along with their studio business. J.T. Chapman advertised the shutter in 1886.

Further Information:
  • John Kershaw
  • Born: 1837 Stockport, Lancashire
  • Married: Hannah Fox 1863, Salford
  • Died: 1893
  • 1871: Living at 12 Lyme St, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Photographic Artist
  • 1881: Studio and living at 10 The Quadrant Fairfield Buxton, Photographer
  • 1891: Studio and living at 47 Spring Gdns Buxton, Photographer

King, Amos

Company Name

Amos KingActive 1862 - 1878Listed as phot. manu.

Company Address

5 Studd St., Islington, London1862 - 1878

Further Information:
  • Amos King
  • Born: 1834/35 Tempsford Bedfordshire
  • Died: 1920
  • Married: Charlotte Bacon (d. 1874), 19 July 1857
  • 2nd wife: Louisa, married: 21 Sep 1879
  • 1860: Cabinet maker. 25 Sekforde St. Clerkenwell.
  • 1891: Cabinet maker. 27 Station Rd, Croydon
  • 1901: Tobacconist. 27 Station Rd.

Knight, George

Company Name

James How & Co.1875 -Last ref. is 1891
James How1863 - 1875
George Knight & Sons1861 - 1877Last entry in Post Office dir. is 1877
George Knight & Co.1855 - 1861From July 1855
George Knight & Sons1842 - 1855Ironmonger prior to this date

Company Address

73 Farringdon St., London1879 -How address only. Last ref is 1891
5 St Bride St., London EC1876 - 1879
2 Foster Lane, London1856 - 1876EC postal district from 1857
2, 41 & 42 Foster Lane, London1847 - 1856
2 Foster Lane, London1842 - 1847

George Knight is listed as an ironmonger at 41 Foster Lane prior to 1842 and continued in that business from addresses in Foster Lane for several years. From 1842 the business is shown as supplying optical goods from 2 Foster Lane, this probably marks the time when the two sons George and Richard play more of a role in the firm.

Knight were early makers and suppliers of Daguerreotype and wet-plate equipment. The partnership between George and Richard Knight (sons of George Knight [I]) was dissolved in 1855. The Knight company ceased in 1862 or 1863 following a meeting of creditors that was held in July 1862 (George Knight [II] died in that year).

From c. 1863 James How was operating from Knight's address at Foster Lane, for some years How styled himself 'successor to G. Knight & Sons', even on the name plaques of cameras. In How's catalogue dated 1864 he states that he was with Knight for 'upwards of twenty years', this would be around the time that Knight started selling optical equipment. For some reason the Knight name is kept alive until the late 1870s. In 1875 How became J. How & Co., James How had died in 1872. An advertisement from 1891 shows How to be selling lanterns and microscope equipment.

Knight stated (1857) that they were sole agents for Voigtländer lenses.

How's catalogue of 1864 shows large, wide-fronted, premises with a photographer's glasshouse at the top. The building is on the eastern corner of Foster lane and Cheapside.

Lon. Gaz. 10/7/1855. Lon. Gaz. 1/7/1862. Phot. Notes Mar 1857.

Further Information:
  • George Knight [I]
  • Born: 1781 Middlesex
  • Spouse: Eliza
  • Died: 1845
  • 1841 ironmonger

  • George Knight [II]
  • Born: 19 Feb 1812 Islington
  • Spouse: Louisa
  • Died: 1862
  • 1851: Manufacturer of philosophical instruments employing 15 men. Living at 46 Regent Square
  • 1861: Philosophical instrument maker. Living at Darnley Rd Hackney

  • Richard Knight
  • Born: 19 Sept 1813
  • The related firm of Richard Knight and Company Cochineal Merchants at 6, Mincing Lane, Fenchurch Street, and at 2 Martin Lane, Cannon Street, was wound up in 1855 at the ending of the partnership between George Knight [II} and his brother Richard. Richard possibly lived in France after the partnership ended. Patents awarded to Richard Knight included a medicine chest and apparatus for aerating liquids (mineral water).

  • James How
  • Born: 1821 Deptford/Blackheath area
  • Married: Emily Williamson 24 Aug 1845. Both James and Emily list their place of residence as Cheapside and their occupation as chemist Foster lane is a turning off of Cheapside.
  • Died: 7 Dec 1872 Philosophical instrument maker of 2 Foster Lane and 42 Gresham Rd. Brixton
  • 1861: warehouseman
  • 1871: Optician. Living at 42 Gresham Rd. Brixton

  • BJP 13/12/1872, p. 588, Death of James How.

Early cameras are in - Christie's Cat. 5/11/1992 lot 303, a sliding box with a How label. Sotheby Cat. 7/7/1978 lot 109, a stereo sliding box labelled How (probably made by Ottewill). Christie's Cat. 4/10/1982 or 84 lot 265, a sliding box with a Knight label. Richard Knight was also in business (non-photographic) at 6 Mincing lane and 2 Martin Lane.

Richard and George are recurring names in the Knight family, the London Gazette for Dec 1838 notes that a partnership between Richard and George Knight was dissolved the previous year. For a summary of Knight's pre-photographic period see Clifton, Sci. Inst. Makers.


Company Name

Eastman Kodak Co.1892 -
Eastman Co.1889 - 1892
Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co.1884 - 1889
Eastman Dry Plate Co.1881 - 1884
Eastman Kodak Co. (Folmer Schwing Division)
Rochester Optical Division. Eastman Kodak Co.Part of Kodak from 1903
Kodak Ltd1898 -
Eastman Photographic Materials Co. Ltd1889 - 1898
Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co.1885 - 1889
Kodak A.G.c. 1945 -West Germany
Kodak A.G.1931 - c. 1945Germany
Canadian Kodak Co.

Company Address

Kingsway, London WC1911 -WC2 postal district from 1917
43 Kensington High St., London W81930 - 1935
96 Victoria St., London SW11927 -
91 Bishopsgate, London EC21922 -
184-186 Regent St., London W11919 -
1 & 2 Gracechurch St., London EC1911 - 1931EC3 postal district from 1917
57-61 Clerkenwell Rd., London EC1905 - 1911
57, 59 & 61 Clerkenwell Rd., London ECc. 1903 - 1905
57 Strand, London WC21925 - 1931
40 Strand, London WC1901 - 1925WC2 postal district from 1917
59 Brompton Rd., London SW1900 -SW3 postal district from 1917
173 Regent St., London Wc. 1913 - 1919W1 postal district from 1917
171-173 Regent St., London Wc. 1900 - c. 1913
171 & 173 Regent St., London W1898 - c. 1900
41-43 Clerkenwell Rd., London EC1902 - c. 1903
43 Clerkenwell Rd., London EC1898 - 1902Wholesale branch
60 Cheapside, London EC1897 - 1931EC1 postal district from 1917
115 Oxford St., London1899 - 1931W1 postal district from 1917
115 & 117 Oxford St., London W1898 - 1899
115-117 Oxford St., London W1892 - 1898
115 Oxford St., London W1888 - 1892
13 Soho Sq., London W1885 - 1888
Harrow1890 -
4 Place Vendome Paris
91 Markgrafen Str. Berlin1896 -

In Britain in the early 1900s Kodak was heavily criticised in the photographic press for attempting to force retailers to stock only Kodak roll-film material, including cameras. Around 1904 Kodak, in London, acquired Hurman & Co. to form the core of Kodak's wholesale business. Previously Kodak had been dismissive of distributors and refused to sell goods to them. See the Photographic Dealer June 1902 for a description of the company consolidation that was taking place.

In May 1932 the total production of Kodak cameras reached 2,500,000. The BJA 1913 shows a photograph of the Kingsway building.

KODAK was a Trade Name registered (in the UK) in 1891 (no.154848 and 154850).

BJP 23/10/1896, p. 673. BJP 15/4/1898, p. 225. BJP 27/1/1899 p. 51. BJA 1913, p. 127. Phot. Journal Jul/1932, p.332. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 153. BJP 21 Mar 1919 p. 146.

Further Information:
Photographica World no. 65, 67 has a very good article by Colin Harding on Kodak in Britain.


Company Name

Peter Cowell Lamborn1859 - 1860Listed as pocket stereoscope manu.

Company Address

25 King William St., London1859 - 1860

Lancaster & Son

Company Name

J. Lancaster & Son Ltd1904 -
J. Lancaster & Son- 1904
James Lancaster

Company Address

54 Irving St., Birmingham1935 -
87 The Parade, Birmingham- 1935
Colmore Row, Birmingham
87 Bull St., Birmingham- 1877 -
5 Colmore Row, Birmingham- 1852 - 1867 -
7 Summer Lane, Birmingham- 1849 -

Lancaster claims establishment in 1835. Lancaster passed most of the manufacturing process to small local businesses which became specialised in a particular task, the components were then assembled and finished in Lancaster's own works.

W.J. Lancaster , son of James, died on 18 September 1925 aged 80, a photograph of him is in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

BJA 1905, p. 466. BJA 1926, p. 361. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 150.

Further Information:
Photographica World no. 77 has a very good article by Colin Munro on Lancaster.

Lane, J.L.

Company Name

J.L. Lane & Sons1884 -
J.L. Lane- 1884Or James Lewis Lane

Company Address

102 Barnsbury Rd., London1883 -
7 Allen St., Cross St., London1879 - 1883
Little Cross St., Islington, London- 1879
9 Camden St., Islington Green, Londonc. 1875

Predominantly manufacturers to the trade but some cameras carry their own name plaque. The firm produced the Scott patent camera for J.T. Chapman and the Warnerke roll-holder. In the 1881 census James Lane is described as a cabinet maker employing seven men. He is living at the Allen St. address with his three sons. The firm may not have long survived the death of Lane senior.

J.B. Lane probably joind Watson & Sons, joint patents were issued in the names of Lane and C.H. Watson.

Further Information:
  • James Lewis Lane
  • Born: 1813 Lambeth. Father: Thomas Lane
  • Married: Letitia Bowry, 3 Jan 1852
  • Died: 1884
  • 1871: Living at 27 Paradise Pl. Islington
  • 1881: At 7 Allen St. Cabinet maker employing 7 men

  • James Bowry Lane
  • Born: 1855
  • Married: Sarah Frances Christmas 1886
  • 1891: 23 Clifden Rd. Hackney. Optician
  • 1901: 23 Clifden Rd. Hackney. Camera maker
  • 1911: 1 Marlborough Cottages, Arkley, Barnet. Camera maker


Company Name

Walter Lawley

Company Address

78 Farringdon St., London EC
8 Coventry St., London ECShort period in the mid 1880s

Lawley was established in 1780 but what as and where is not clear. Walter Lawley (b. 1851) was described as a pawnbroker and optician in the 1880s. In 1881 William Lawley who, along with Walter formed the partnership of Walter Lawley, was made bankrupt. They are best known as a supplier of lenses.

BJA 1892, p. 501. Lon. Gaz. 5/8/1881.

Further Information:
  • William Lawley
  • Born: 1815 Birmingham
  • Spouse: Mary Ann
  • 1861: Silversmith
  • 1871: Pawnbroker and silversmith
  • 1881: Optician. Living at Grove Hill Rd. Camberwell

  • Walter Lawley, son of William Lawley
  • Born: 1851 Camberwell
  • Spouse: Clara
  • 1881: Pawnbroker and optician, 78 Farringdon St
  • 1901: No longer in the photographic trade

Lawrence, C.

Company Name

C. Lawrence

Company Address

141 Fulham Palace Rd., London

Produced the Clifford detective camera in the early 1890s.

Leather, Sadler & Holmes

Company Name

Holmes Brothersc. 1896 - c. 1922
Holmes, Sadler & Holmes1891 - c. 1896
Leather, Sadler & Holmes1878 - 1891

Company Address

41 Oxford St., Manchester1906 - c. 1922
22 Oxford St., Manchester1902 - 1906
24 Southall St., Manchester1884 - 1902The move to here took place on 25/3/1884.
The same building is in Carter St.
22 Dantzic St., Manchester- 1882 - 1884
51 Carter Lane, London- 1887 -

Founded in 1878 as glass merchants which included supplying wet-plate photographers, this developed into the supply of glass to dry-plate manufacturers. Later general photographic goods were supplied to professional photographers and a retail outlet was started. In the 1900s the firm was run by C.H. and H. Holmes as Holmes Brothers, at that time they specialised in backgrounds, studio furniture and photo mounts. In the early 1920s a firm called Holmes Bros. (London) was established which may have some connection.

Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 120.


Company Name

Leto Photo Materials (1905) Ltd
Leto Photo Materials Ltd

Company Address

Roman Wall House, 1 Crutched Friars, London1909 -

Leto was formed around 1903, it grew out of the importers A & M Zimmermann which handled photographic products such as Seltona. In 1905 the firm was restructured to become Leto Photo Materials (1905) Ltd. In 1909 Leto took over the plate manufacturers B. J. Edwards and Co. In July 1922 Leto was acquired by Wellington & Ward.

Lon. Gaz. 24/4/1906, p. 2817. Lon. Gaz. 28/7/1922, p. 5643. BJP 14/5/1909, p. 388. BJP 25/6/1909, p. 504.

Further Information:
Zimmermann, A & M., Wellington & Ward.

Levi, Joseph

Company Name

J. Levi & Co.1861 -
Joseph Levi1858 - 1861

Company Address

97 Hatton Gdn., London1895 -
40 Furnival St., LondonBefore 1888 - 1895
2 Dyer's Bldgs., LondonBefore 1888 - 1895
40 Castle St., London1858 -

Established in 1858, merged into Houghtons Ltd in 1904. Patents issued to Levi & Co. were in the name of M.L. Isaacs, L.M. Isaacs and F.M. Isaacs. At the time of the Houghton merger the firm were major wholesalers especially for goods sold under their own brand names of Klito, Mascot and Leviathan.

A note in the 1892 BJP suggests that M.L. Isaacs had been running the company since 1876. A photograph of Lewis Myer Isaacs is contained in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

BJP 15/4/1892. p. 256. BJA, 1908, p. 556. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 147.

Further Information:
  • Joseph Levi
  • Born: 1833 Plymouth, Devon
  • Married: Annie Isaacs 1863, sister of Myer Lewis Isaacs
  • Died: 1 April 1876
  • 1861: Optician
  • 1876: Wholesale optician at 40 Castle St. Living at 28 Milner Sq. London

  • Myer Lewis Isaacs
  • Born: 1839 Whitechapel
  • Married: Julia Levy
  • Died: Mar 1907
  • 1861: Optician
  • 1871: Optician
  • 1881: Wholesale optician. Living at 18 Milner Square
  • 1891: Living at 163 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale

  • Lewis Myer Isaacs son of Myer Lewis Isaacs
  • Born: 1871
  • Married: Juliette Marks
  • Died: 1931
  • 1901: Optician. Living at 163 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale
  • 1911: Camera mkr. Living at 163 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale

  • Frederick Myer Isaacs son of Myer Lewis Isaacs
  • Born: 1874
  • Married: Ida Lottie Lowenstein 1906
  • Died: 27 Dec 1951
  • 1901: Optician. Living at 163 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale
  • 1911: Director Of Company. Living at 21 Windsor Rd, Church End, Finchley

Levi, S.J.

Company Name

Levi, Jones & Co.1897 - c. 1904
S.J. Levi & Co.c. 1890 - 1897

Company Address

29 Hoxton Sq., London1898 - c. 1904
71 Farringdon Rd., Londonc. 1890 - 1898Also occupied by Newman & Guardia at this time
16 Woodbridge St., London

A.J. Jones joined the firm as partner in 1892. The change of name was around June 1897 when S.J. Levi was dissolved, Alexander James Jones and S.J. Levi then formed Levi, Jones (capital £20,000). Samuel Joseph Levi was the son of Joseph Levi (see entry above). The firm was described as wholesale opticians and photographic dealers when the partnership was dissolved, they were also manufacturers of equipment. The entry in the BJP gives Jones's initials as A.C.

BJP 8/4/1892, p. 240. BJP 14/5/1897, p. 306. BJP 10/6/1898, p. 380. Lon. Gaz. 8/6/1897, p. 3221.

Further Information:
  • Samuel Joseph Levi son of Joseph Levi
  • Born: 1864 London
  • Married: Mabel Rose Lyons
  • 1901: Wholesale optician

Levy & Finsterer

Company Name

Levy & FinstererActive 1862Wholesale and export. Optical and phot. warehouse

Company Address

56 Houndsditch, London1862 -

Lewis, G.H.

Company Name

G.H. Lewis & Co.Listed as manufacturers c. 1890

Company Address

31 Bold St., Liverpool

Lewis, Horace

Company Name

Horace C. Lewis & Co.Wholesale and retail dealers

Company Address

29 Ranelagh St., Liverpool

The partnership between Horace Charles Lewis and Edwin Clark trading as Horace C. Lewis & Co. was dissolved in 1888. The partnership between Lewis and Charles Daulby, trading as H.C. Lewis & Co, was dissolved in 1889. Lewis continued the business.

Lon. Gaz. 29/6/1888, p. 3575. Lon. Gaz. 24/9/1889, p. 5113.

Liverpool Dry Plate

Company Name

Liverpool Dry Plate and Photographic Printing Company

Company Address

1b St. John's Hill, Clapham Junction, London
Seaforth Vale

The partnership between Peter Mawdsley and Joseph Guyton, trading as The Liverpool Dry Plate and Photographic Printing Company, was dissolved in May 1867. The partnership between Peter Mawdsley and William James Stillman was dissolved in 1877. Both Mawdsley and Guyton were members of the Liverpool Amateur Photographic Association.

Lon. Gaz. 21/5/1867. Lon. Gaz. 9/2/1877, p.634.


Company Name

J. LizarsGlasgow
J. LizarsEdingburgh

Company Address

101 & 107 Buchanan St., Glasgow1893 -Until after 1942
101 Buchanan St., Glasgow
263A Sauchiehall St., Glasgowc. 1923 -
6 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh1912 -Until after 1942
13, 15 & 19 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh1908 - 1912Address sometimes given as 13 or 13 & 15
13 & 19 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh1899 - 1908
2 & 4 Maitland St., Edinburgh- 1899Maitland St. was renamed Shandwick Place in early 1899
118 Union St., Aberdeen1932 -Until after 1942
171 Union St., Aberdeen1902 - 1932
28 Bridge St., Aberdeen- 1902
27 High St., Paisley1926 -Until after 1942
1 Grange St., Paisley1923 - 1926
1 Old Smithills, Paisley1912 - 1923
46 West Blackhall St., Greenock1940 -
14 West Blackhall St., Greenock1913 - 1940
12 Muir St., Motherwell1927 -Until after 1942
110 Brandon St., Motherwell1914 - 1926
8 Wellington Place, Belfast1899 -Until after 1942
73 Victoria St., Belfast- 1899
71 Bold St., Liverpool1903 -Until after 1942
251 High Holborn, London1905 - 1910
20 High Holborn, London- 1905
Golden-acre Works, Craignestock St., GlasgowFactory
3 Gordon Lane, Gordon Street, Glasgow1902 -Wholesale

Lizars was a well established opticians, Matthew Ballantine took over the running of the company in 1882. Expansion into photographic items probably date from this time. Manufacture of cameras probably started around 1896. Manufacture of the distinctive Lizars cameras of their own design was much reduced by the end of World War I and soon ended in favour of re-badged cameras.

The Photographic News of 1896 mentions a new workshop that has opened in Craignestock, Glasgow. In 1901 the company manufactured at their factory a large camera for use at the Ordnance Survey Department, Southampton. In the construction of the camera and three slides, 450 square feet of Spanish mahogany was used.

A note in the AP of 1908 states that 'Robert Ballantine has retired from the Buchanan St. business and is to continue in business under his own name (he moved to 99 St Vincent St. as an optician and photographic dealer). The Glasgow business of Lizars is to continue under the management of Matthew Ballantine junior and Arthur Ballantine, both sons of Matthew Ballantine senior'.

A proposed move to Cape Town did not take place but it is mentioned in some advertisements from around 1902 and even on camera name plaques.

The Liverpool shop must have started as a partnership between Matthew and Robert Ballantine and William Smith Crawford, that was dissolved in 1905 when Crawford left the arrangement.

BJP 2/6/1893, p. 349. Photographic News 1896, p. 493. AP 9/6/1908, p. 591. BJP 15/11/1901, p. 730. BJP 18/4/1902, p. 314. Lon. Gaz. 22/12/1905, p, 9202. Edinburgh Gazette, 1908, p. 551.

Further Information:
  • John Lizars
  • Born: c. 1812
  • Married: Eliza Lyon
  • Children: Juliet Lizars
  • Died: 1879

  • Matthew Ballantine [I], Father: Dumfries Ballantine, Mother: Catherine Muir
  • Born: 1862 Mauchline, Ayrshire
  • Married: Juliet Lizars, b. 1867 d. 28 Jun 1942
  • Brother: Robert Ballantine [I]
  • Children: Arthur Alexander Ballantine [I], Matthew Ballantine [II], Robert S Ballantine [II]
  • Died: 15 July 1929

  • Robert Ballantine [I], Father: Dumfries Ballantine, Mother: Catherine Muir
  • Born: 1865 Mauchline, Ayrshire
  • Married: Clara Dunlop Houston, d. 19 Feb 1947
  • Brother: Matthew Ballantine [I]

  • Arthur Alexander Ballantine [I], Father: Matthew, Mother: Juliet
  • Born: 1884 Glasgow
  • Married: Gladys Brown
  • Children: Arthur Alexander Ballantine [II], Matthew Dumfries Ballantine [III]

  • Matthew Ballantine [II], Father: Matthew, Mother: Juliet
  • Born: 1886
  • Died: 13 Apr 1915

  • Robert Stanley Ballantine [II], Father: Matthew, Mother: Juliet
  • Born: 1892
  • Died: 1967

  • Arthur Alexander Ballantine [II], Father: Arthur Alexander [I], Mother: Gladys
  • Born: 1920
  • Died: 1944

  • Matthew Dumfries Ballantine [III], Father: Arthur Alexander [I], Mother: Gladys
  • Born: 1911
  • Died: 1996

Torrance, 'Scottish Studio Photographers' has further information on John Lizars.

Lloyd, Fred. V.A.

Company Name

Fred. V.A. Lloyd Ltd1909 - 1927
Fred. V.A. Lloyd1891 - 1909

Company Address

15 Lord St., Liverpool1899 - 1927
3 & 5 South John St., Liverpool
5 South John St., Liverpool1891 -

Retailer. Successor to H. Newton & Co. Lloyd worked for Murray & Heath, Jacquemin and Wood Bros. before purchasing Newton & Co. in 1891. Newton lenses were still advertised several years after the takeover.

Fred V. A. Lloyd, Ltd. was registered on the 8 April 1909, with capital £1,500. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 1927.

BJA 1899, p. 319. Phot. Dealer Nov/1900, p. 124. BJP 30/4/1909, p. 352. Lon. Gaz. 17 June 1927, p. 3925.

Further Information:
Newton, H.
  • Frederick Vindon Alexander Lloyd
  • Born: 26 Jan 1865
  • Married: Lucy Frances Hughes 1888
  • Died: 5 Jul 1939

London Camera Co.

See also Naylor.

Company Name

London Camera Co.

Company Address

13 Greek St., London1896 - 1898

London Camera Exchange

Company Name

London Camera Exchange Co. Ltd
Robbins, Manistre & Co. LtdEarliest ref is 1920

Company Address

38 Buckelsbury, London EC41941 -Moved here due to war damage
20 Buckelsbury, London EC41934 -
2 Poultry, Cheapside, London EC4c. 1920 - 1934Also given as Portugal House

Retailers, with a few items sold under their own, R.M, name. Originally 'London Camera Exchange' was a strapline but was quickly adopted as the company name. Portugal House (2 Poultry) was on the corner of Poultry and Queen Victoria St.

Wilfred Robbins was running the company in 1941.

BJA 1942, p.172.

Further Information:
  • Wilfred Robbins
  • Born: 11 Mar 1879 Watlington, Oxfordshire
  • Married: Nelly Cox 1902
  • Died: 12 Feb 1953

London & Paris Optic & Clock Company

Company Name

London & Paris Optic & Clock Company

Company Address

130 Clerkenwell Rd., London1897 -
24 Edmund Pl., London1892 - 1897
7 Jewin St., Aldersgate, London1891 - 1897
22 Edmund Pl., London- 1892

The LPOC was owned or managed by J.S. Johnson and Walter H. Thompson and later by Thompson alone. They sold a number of cameras in their 'Royalty' range, the Countess camera is shown in the YBP 1893, p. cx and appears to be based on J.E. Brown's designs. The Duke is shown in PA 1891, p. clxi. The cameras were probably manufactured by several firms to be sold under the LPOC brand. The LPOC was wound up in 1910 but was probably not active by that time, the owners are shown as T.A. Reynolds, Alfred T. Reynolds and W. Horace Thompson.

After 1900 advertising is in the name of W.H. Thompson.

YBP 1889, p. cxlvi. YBP 1891, p. xciv. Lon. Gaz. 6/9/1910.

London Photographic Co.

Company Name

London Photographic Co. Ltd.c. 1897 -Photographer
London Photographic Co.1872 - 1884

Company Address

224 Regent St., Londonc. 1897 -
304 Regent St., London1872 - 1884
1b Norfolk Terrace, Westbourne Grove, London1875 - 1884
1 Norfolk Terrace, Westbourne Grove, London1872 - 1875
40 High Holborn, London

London Photographic Co. replaced the London Photographic Copying Co. the manager of both firms being Frederick S.D. Phillips. From 1885 to 1897 Phillips traded under his own name, from 1897 the name London Photographic Co. was again used. About this time a limited company was formed and the business of F.W.W. Vidler who was at 224 Regent St. was taken over. For a short time around 1884 Phillips together with the two addresses are listed as part of London & County Portrait Co., with Albert Baker shown as managing director.

Phot. Dealer Jun/1898.

London Photographic Copying Co.

Company Name

London Photographic Copying Co.1864 - 1872Photographer

Company Address

304 Regent St., London1866 - 1872
302 Regent St., London1864 - 1866
1 Norfolk Terrace, Westbourne Grove, London1872
40 High Holborn, London

Lawrence Phillips is shown as the manager before 1870 then Frederick S.D. Phillips.

London Photographic Supply Co.

See also Spicer Brothers.

Company Name

Process & Engineering Co.1899 -
Surrey Manufacturing Co.1899
London & Blackfriars Photographic Supply Co.1898 - 1899
London Photographic Supply Co.1895 - 1898

Company Address

109 Farringdon Rd., London1901 -
66 Deptford Green, London1900 - 1901
1 Surrey Row, Blackfriars, London1898 -Previously Blackfriars address
60 Gravel Lane, London1898 - 1900Previously Blackfriars address
134 Borough, London1897 -From January 1897
63 Gt. Dover St., London1895 - 1896

London Photographic were general wholesalers founded by Arthur Wrench Towse (d. 1926) and Thomas Efford in 1895. They were also known as Fotoco. The firm were distributors of the Kalos hand camera.

The partnership was wound up in October 1898. Following this Thomas Efford started a business as dealer and agent at 63 Gt. Dover Street but by the following January he was with W. Watson & Sons. Towse, still using the name London Photographic Supply, went into partnership with the Blackfriars Photographic and Sensitising Co. trading as London & Blackfriars Photographic Supply Co. from 134 Borough with works at 60 Gravel Lane and 1 Surrey Row.

In 1899 London & Blackfriars sold the sensitised paper side of the firm to Houghton. The firm was renamed Surrey Manufacturing Co. based at 60 Gravel lane (also 134 Borough and 1 Surrey Row) manufacturing fittings for studios and darkrooms. Towse and Frederick Oswald Scott (previously at Blackfriars) continued to run the new business.

By November 1899 Surrey Manufacturing was in difficulty and was taken over by the Process & Engineering Co. operating from 60 Gravel lane and later, 1900, at 66 Deptford Green. From March 1901 they were at 109 Farringdon Road. The new firm was run by A.W. Towse with H. Allen as major shareholder. The Farringdon road address was from where A.W. Penrose were operating and Towse seems to have been doing some work for Penrose.

Phot. Dealer Jan/1898, p. 5. Phot. Dealer Nov/1898, pp. 104, 115. Phot. Dealer Jul/1899, p. 17. Phot. Dealer Nov/1899, p. 113. Lon. Gaz. 1/11/1898, p. 6410. Phot. Dealer May/1898, p. 133 describes the Kalos camera.

London Stereoscopic Co.

Company Name

London Stereoscopic Co. Ltd1912 - 1922
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. Ltd1885 - 1912'Photographic' sometimes omitted
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co.1863 - 1885
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. & Carte de Visite Institute1862 - 1863
London Stereoscopic Co.1856 - 1862
Artistic Repository & London Stereoscopic Co.1854 - 1856

Company Address

3 Hanover Sq., London W1912 - 1922W1 postal district from 1917
106 & 108 Regent St., London1889 - 1912106 is on the corner of Glasshouse St
110 & 108 Regent St., London W1882 - 1889108 & 110 are between Glasshouse St. and Regent Place,
south of the Negretti building
110, 108 & 106 Regent St., London W1875 - 1882The 106 address is not always used between 1882 and 1889.
110 & 108 Regent St., London W1864 - 1875
110 Regent St., London W1862 - 1864
54 Cheapside, London EC1866 - 1907Between Bread St. and Bow Churchyard
53 & 54 Cheapside, London EC1863 - 1866
54 Cheapside, London1856 - 1863EC postal district from 1857
313 Oxford St., London1854 - 1861W postal district from 1857
2 Bow Church Yard, London EC1885 - 1888

The company was founded in 1854 by George Swan Nottage, Howard John Kennard with whom there was a family connection was the other director. Nottage was an Alderman of the City of London and its Lord Mayor in 1884. The manager in 1855 is shown in trade directories as being Frederick Jones. Later managed by J. Lillie Mitchell. Arthur Gask was a manager in their later years. L.S.C. are a little untidy in the use of company names and addresses often simply calling themselves The Stereoscopic Co.

In 1889 the British Journal of Photography made a visit to the company, it describes an extensive printing works. The Chairman was Mr. Howard J. Kennard, and Mr. Charles George Nottage was Managing Director (partner from 1884). The General Manager for the three establishments was Mr. J. Lillie-Mitchell.

The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. Ltd went into voluntary liquidation in 1912 (wound up in 1913) prior to reforming as the London Stereoscopic Co. Ltd. This was wound up in 1922, at the time the chairman was Robert Wm. Kennard.

Lon. Gaz. 30/8/1912, 27/6/1913, 6/10/1922. BJP 19/7/1889, p. 471. BJP 26/7/1889, p. 488. BJP 18/7/1890, p. 45.

Further Information:
  • George Swan Nottage
  • Born: 1822
  • Died: 11 April 1885

  • Howard John Kennard
  • Born: 1839
  • Died: 8 Aug 1896

  • Charles George Nottage
  • Died: 1894

  • J. Lillie Mitchell
  • Died: 1912

A sliding box camera is in Christie's Cat. 18/8/1983 lot 56.


Company Name

Lonsdale Brothersc. 1891 -
Sun Camera Co. Ltd.1891 -

Company Address

129 West St., Sheffieldc. 1906 -
Green Lanes, Hornsey, London1899 -
22 Goswell Rd., London1896 - 1899
Grove Works, Claypit Lane, Leeds1894 -
40 New Briggate, Leeds1892 -
3 Cookridge St., Leedsc. 1891 -

Lonsdale produced camera brasswork and fittings and later whole kits for field cameras that could be made by the purchaser, assembled cameras were also sold. Lonsdale licensed McKellens turntable arrangement. Sun Camera Co., registered in 1891, was a trading name for Lonsdale that was used in the early 1890s. Adolphus Lonsdale left the partnership in 1899, his brother Henry continued to run the firm. Around 1906 Lonsdale was taken over by James Christie of Sheffield and the Lonsdale identity was lost.

Lonsdale were distributors for Carette & Co. lanterns from the late 1890s, they had a separate address at 89 Chiswell Street London, from 1902 this part of the firm became 'Lonsdale Bros. and Widman' and moved to 2 Coleman St.

BT 31/5020/33653. Phot. Dealer Mar/1899, p. 52. Phot. Dealer May/1899, p. 123. BJP 28/9/1894, p. 620.

Further Information:
Christie. British patent 6533/1891 was granted to the Sun Camera Co. and R.W. Savage for a field camera.
  • Henry Lonsdale
  • Born: 1857 Leeds

Loveless & Hunter

Company Name

Loveless & Hunter1926 -

Company Address

260 Tottenham Ct. Rd., London WC11926 -

Agents for Ihagee, from 1926 until around 1930, Elephant brand papers and Cellofix paper. They briefly, c. 1927, distributed Drem products.

Lowdon, George

Company Name

George Lowdon

Company Address

65 Reform St., Dundee

Optician, established 1849. Patented a folding camera in 1885 (BP 4102) which became the Shew Eclipse.

Further Information:
  • George Lowdon
  • Born: 1825
  • Spouse: Francis
Torrance, 'Scottish Studio Photographers' has further information.

Lowrie, J.F.

Company Name

James Frederick LowrieGem Photographer

Company Address

184 Fleet St., London1880 - 1881
83 Fleet St., London1878 - 1885
10 Jamaica St., Glasgowc. 1882
Queen's Corner, 35 New St., Birmingham
103 Bold St., Liverpool

Lumière (London)

Company Name

Lumière, N.A. & Co. Ltd.1901 - 1912

Company Address

89 Gt. Russell St., London1907 - 1912Then occupied by T.K. Grant
4 Bloomsbury St., London1902 - 1907From June 16th
78 Queen Victoria St., London EC1901 - 1902

The London branch of the firm was established in May 1901, T.K. Grant was manager. After 1912 Lumière products were distributed by the firm of T.K. Grant. From 1899 to 1901 the Lumière London agents were Gaumont and previously Fuerst Brothers.

The parent company - A. Lumière et ses Fils - was founded in 1883 and became Lumière & Jougla in 1911. Antoine Lumière died in 1911.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1903, p. 34. BJA 1912, p.539. BJP 21/6/1901, p. 396.

Lund, Percy

Company Name

Percy Lund, Humphries & Co.
Percy Lund & Co.

Company Address

St. John's St., Bradford
Memorial Hall, Ludgate Circus, London
21 Imperial Bldgs., Ludgate Circus, London

Lund were primarily letterpress and lithographic printers, they also published books and magazines on photography. For a time they sold photographic apparatus including the St. John field camera. In 1896 the photographic side of the firm was taken over by R.J. Appleton, later the photographic titles were sold.

Optical Magic Lantern Journal Oct/1896, p. 155.


Company Name

Luxol Safety Light Co. Ltd

Limited company from 1911 with a capitalisation of £1000. Business carried on by W.C. Haggett.

BJP 12/5/1911, p. 370.

Mackenzie & Co.

Company Name

Mackenzie & Co.

Company Address

210 Old Dumbarton Rd., Glasgow1909 -Sometimes shown as 212. Listed here into 1940s
53 Waterloo St., Glasgow1909 - 1914
20 West Campbell St., Glasgow1913
122 Wellington St., Glasgow1911 - 1913
17 Douglas St., Glasgow- 1909From before 1899

At the start of the Mackenzie-Wishart partnership Frederick Mackenzie was an optician at 17 Douglas Street, George Wishart was described as a camera or cabinet maker. Mackenzie & Co. later moved into model making and engraving.

George Wishart had earlier patented a folding camera together with Alexander Jeffrey.

AP 13/7/1909 p. 52.


Company Name

Elisher Mander Ltd.- 1950Possibly then operated under a different name
Elisher Mander & Co.
Elisher Mander & Son- 1894
Elisher Mander

Company Address

29 Branston St., Birmingham
4 Hall St., Birmingham- 1869 -
98 Snow Hill, BirminghamLate 1850s
50 Great Hampton St, Birmingham- 1858 -Manufactory

Mander were predominantly manufacturers of photograph frames and cases and manufacturers of Jewellers' cases. In the 1850s they also supplied cameras and imported Colas lenses. The partnership between Elisha Mander and Richard Mander trading as Elisha Mander & Son was dissolved in 1894 when Elisha Mander retired.

Phot. Notes 1856. Lon. Gaz. 4/5/1894, p. 2640. Lon. Gaz. 31/3/1950 p. 1611. BJP 11/5/1894, p. 300.

Further Information:
  • Elisha Mander
  • Born: 1820
  • Died: 19 Mar 1904

Mangold Photo Works

See also Columbia Optical and Camera Co.

Company Name

Mangold Photo Works Ltd.1901 - 1902

Company Address

2 Bowling Green Walk, Pitfield St., London

This company was registered in October 1901 with capital of £2,000 to acquire the trade marks and patents of S.L. Goldman (of Columbia Optical and Camera Co.) and to manufacture photographic and scientific instruments. The company was run by Goldman. They manufactured cameras for Columbia Optical but also offered to carry out photographic woodwork to the trade. In 1902 the factory was bought by H.F. Purser with the intention of manufacturing Busch cameras.

Phot. Dealer Dec/1901, pp. 134. 142. Phot. Dealer Aug/1902, p. 198. Lon. Gaz. 3/6/1902, p. 3633.

Manistre, H.E.

See also British Camera Manufacturing.

Company Name

H.E. Manistre1920s - 1938

Company Address

113 Queen's Rd., Londonc. 1927 -
59 Queen's Rd., London- c. 1927

Henry Edward Manistre was trading from 59 Queen's Rd. W2 in the mid 1920s and later at 113 Queen's Rd. He was described as agent for the Duoflex camera produced by the British Camera Manufacturing Co. which shared the same address. Manistre probably ceased to trade around 1938. In an advertisement of 1928 he states that he has no connection with any other companies (meaning Robbins, Manistre or the London Camera Exchange) whether that means he has no connection and never has had is not clear.

Lon. Gaz. 12/4/1938, p. 2504.

Further Information:
  • Henry Edward Manistre
  • Born: 24 Dec 1884
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Margaret
  • 1939: Photographic Dealer living at 54 Mount Pleasant Rd.


For later entries see APM.

Company Name

Marion & Co. Ltd1901 - 1921
Marion & Co.1867 - 1901
Auguste Marion Son & Co.1863 - 1867Sometimes shown as A. Marion Son & Co.
Marion & Co.1848 - 1863Sometimes shown as A. Marion & Co. and Auguste Marion & Co.
Augustin Marion & Co.c. 1846
Augustin Marionc. 1842 - c. 1846

Company Address

3 Soho Sq., London W1913 - 1921South east corner of square
22 & 23 Soho Sq., London Wc. 1866 - 1913
23 Soho Sq., London W1863 - c. 1866
32 Bread St., Londonc. 1848
152 Regent St., Londonc. 1846 - c. 1866W postal district from 1857
19 Mortimer St., London1842 - c. 1846

From 1921 Marion formed part of APM and later APEM. The dry-plate factory at Southgate dates from 1885. In its early period the firm specialised in photograph mounts and cards. From the 1880s they sold equipment, including cameras, under their own name, often based on the patents of independent inventors. It's unlikely they had any equipment manufacturing capability, the Marion Reflex and some other cameras were made by Kershaw & Son.

In 1867 Claude Maines Augustin Marion left the partnership trading as A Marion, Son & Co. the remaining partners were Auguste Leon Marion, Henry Edward Grey and George Bishop. The partnership between Auguste Leon Marion, Henri Louis Guibout, George Bishop, Frank Bishop and John Pattinson Kirk, trading as Marion & Co. was dissolved in late 1901. Marion & Co. Ltd was registered in August 1901 with capital of £100,000.

George Bishop (b. 1834, d. 1906) was for some time senior partner in the firm, on his retirement his brother Frank took over the role. Frank Bishop (d. 1909) was managing director from 1901. In 1912 a resolution was passed to wind up and reform Marion & Co. Ltd, but nothing seems to have come of this, at the time Gerald M. Bishop was chairman. A photograph of F. Bishop is contained in the Photographic Dealer for June 1902.

Alexander Cowan (b. 1836, d. 1922) was at one time manager of the Southgate works and previously at Hills & Saunders.

The image on the right shows the Southgate factory.

BJA 1907, p. 554. BJA 1911, p.476. BJA 1917, pp. 80, 81. BJA 1923, p. 294. Lon. Gaz. 31/8/1867, 29/10/1867, 29/11/1901, 27/7/1912. Phot. Dealer Sep/1901, p. 74. Phot. Dealer Jun/1902, p. 148. BJP 19/11/1909, p. 897, obituary Frank Bishop.

Further Information:
  • Frank Bishop
  • Died: 12 Nov 1909 at 20 Kensington Crescent

Marlow Bros.

Company Name

Marlow Bros.1893 -
Marlow Ltd.- 1893
Edward Marlow1866 -

Company Address

28, 30 Constitution Hill, Birmingham

The firm, established in 1866, supplied polished glass and other materials for the wet-plate process. In the pre 1893 period Edward Marlow also traded in glass, lead, oil and as a colour merchant. Camera manufacture started in 1881, they were then selling to the trade rather than under their own name. From around 1886 Edward Marlow was having business problems and was before the bankruptcy courts, Marlow Ltd was liquidated in 1893. In that year the two sons of Edward, E. Marlow and T. Marlow, started trading as Marlow Bros. They manufactured cameras for the trade and also sold them under their own name as MB and Marlbro, they also ran a wholesale business supplying general photographic goods. In October 1901 Marlow Bros was taken over by Hurman Ltd who continued to use the MB brand, the Constitution Hill premises were vacated shortly after the take-over. The firm was situated on the corner of Constitution Hill and Henrietta St.

Phot. Dealer May/1901, 118. Phot. Dealer Dec/1901, xxviii. Lon. Gaz. 13/8/1886, p. 3978. Lon. Gaz. 6/1/1893, p. 92. Lon. Gaz. 11/4/1893, p. 2203.

Further Information:
  • Edward Marlow [I]
  • Born: 10 May 1837 Birmingham
  • Married: Ellen Hamson 1862

  • Edward Marlow [II] son of Edward Marlow [I]
  • Born: 1867
  • Spouse: Francis L

  • Thomas Marlow son of Edward Marlow [I]
  • Born: 1870
  • Spouse: Alice Elizabeth


Company Name

G.S. Martin1886 -

Company Address

25 Margaret St., LondonOpticians
2 Wigmore St., London1893 - 1894Opticians
16 Bream's Bldgs., Chancery Lane, London1886 - 1893Sometimes shown as Birkbeck Institution

In 1884 George Sallnow Martin's father, James, bought Horne & Thornthwaite which was to be managed by G.S. Martin, the arrangement could not have lasted long. An 1893 advertisement by G.S. Martin notes that he was for seven years at the Birkbeck Institution, this would make it 1886 that he started trading under his own name at Bream's Buildings (then the location of the Birkbeck). An 1887 advertisement notes that he was for eight years with Ross. Martin was later in partnership with George Spiller trading as Spiller & Martin at 3 Wigmore, the partnership was dissolved in 1897. Later, he was trading as an optician and spectacle maker from Margaret street, Oxford Circus.

BJA 1887. BJA 1893. Lon. Gaz. 2/3/1897.

Further Information:
  • James Martin
  • Born: 1829 Devenport
  • Married: Harriet Sallnow 1856
  • 1871: Finsbury. Listed as chemist and photographer
  • 1881: 82 Upper Tollington Pk. Photographer
  • 1885: 4 Park Villas, New Southgate. Trade printer and enlarger, "many years with Horne & Thornthwaite". YBP 1885, p. lxxx
  • 1891: New Southgate. Photographer

  • George Sallnow Martin. Son of James Martin
  • Born: 23 Apr 1857
  • Married: Emily Yoxen 7 April 1900
  • Died: July 1940 living at 36 Fernleigh Rd. Winchmore Hill
  • 1881: Opticians Assistant
  • 1911: 9 The Market, Station Road, Harrow
  • 1939: 36 Fernleigh Rd. Southgate. Optician (Retired)

Martin & Sallnow

Company Name

Martin & Sallnow1884 - c.1914

Company Address

416 Strand, London

Established by James Martin and his sister-in-law Emma Sallnow (1838 - 1917).

Mason & Co.

Company Name

George Mason & Co.1870 - 1901

Company Address

120-124 Buchanan St., Glasgow1898 - 1901From May 1898
180-186 Sauchiehall St., Glasgow- 1879 - 1898
10 Hill St., Garnet Hill, GlasgowWorks
21 Dundas Lane, GlasgowStores
39 Union St, Glasgow1870 -

George Mason FRPS (b. 1839, d. 5/6/1901) worked for John Spencer from 1863 becoming a partner in the firm from 1869 (this would be when John Spencer sen. retired). He started a firm under his own name in 1870, possibly still linked to Spencers. By the 1890s they were major wholesalers, for at least some of their existence they manufactured cameras and other apparatus. The remaining stock was sold to Rae Bros in 1902.

BJA 1902, p. 690. Phot. Dealer Apr/1898, p. 98. Phot. Dealer Jul/1902, p. 174. BJP 14/6/1901, p. 375.

Mason & Son

Company Name

G. Mason & SonActive around 1899

Company Address

Minor's Yard, Briggate, Leeds

An advertisement shows them to supply field cameras and brass work.


Company Name

G. Matland & Co.1878 -
George Matland1858 -Phot. chemical manu.

Company Address

180 Commercial Rd., LondonListed as here from the late 1870s to 1881
10 Nassau Pl., Commercial Rd., LondonListed as here from 1858 - 1864
Nassau Pl. was the stretch of Commercial Rd. to the east of Cannon Street Road, south side
24 Church St., Islington, LondonHere in 1877

Directory listings from the 1850s and early '60s show Matland to be a photographic chemical manufacturer, there is then a period where they are not listed, later listings and advertisements (1877) show them as wholesale camera manufacturers as well as dealers. The Nassau Place address is probably the same location as 180 Commercial Rd. The reason for the period where they are not listed in the photographic section of Kelly is not clear but could indicate a change of generation. For some of this time a Matland is listed but as a dentist. In 1877 a Mrs Martha P. Matland is listed as a photographic dealer and the BJA carries an advertisement by George Matland as a camera manufacturer stating 'manufactured on the premises'.

Further Information:
The census of 1881 lists Martha Matland as a widower aged 60 living at 178 Commercial Rd, her son George Matland (aged 24) is at the same address described as a dental surgeon.

Maull & Co.

Company Name

Maull & Co.Photographer

Company Address

187A Piccadilly, London W1872 - 1878
62 Cheapside, London EC1872 - 1878
Tavistock House, 252 Fulham Rd., London

Maull & Fox

Company Name

Maull & FoxPhotographer

Company Address

187A Piccadilly, London W1878 -
62 Cheapside, London EC1878 - 1879

Maull, Henry & Co.

Company Name

Henry Maull & Co.Photographer

Company Address

187A Piccadilly, London W1865 - 1872
62 Cheapside, London EC1865 - 1872
Tavistock House, 252 Fulham Rd., London1865 - 1870

Maull & Polyblank

Company Name

Maull & PolyblankPhotographer

Company Address

187A Piccadilly, London W1857 - 1865
55 Gracechurch St, London W1855 - 1865
Tavistock House, 252 Fulham Rd., London1865

Lon. Gaz. 14/4/1865, Partnership dissolved between H. Maull and G.H. Polyblank.

Mawson & Swan

Company Name

Mawson & Swan Ltd.1907 -
Mawson & Swan1860 - 1907

Company Address

11, 13, 15 Mosley St., Newcastle-on-Tyne- 1897 -
13 Mosley St., Newcastle-on-TyneMawson was at 9 Mosley St. at some point
33 Soho Sq., Londonc. 1888 -London Office
31 Farringdon Rd., London- c. 1888London Office

Established in 1860 by Joseph Wilson Swan (b. 1828, d. 1914) and John Mawson (b. 1815, d. 1867). The company remained at Mosley street until at least the 1940s. Plate production probably ended during the First World War. Swan's gelatine dry plates were introduced in 1877, two years later Swan patented a plate coating machine (BP 4607/1879). John Buxton Payne (d. 1926) was managing director for many years.

John Mawson started in Newcastle in 1840 as a druggist. Later he manufactured collodion (from 1851) and sold other photographic supplies. Swan worked for Mawson from around 1848. Following Mawson's death his wife, who was Swan's sister, joined the firm, Mawson, Swan & Morgan are an associated business.

The Photogram of 1894 notes that coating on celluloid had started.

Books by John Mawson: Photographic formulae, relative to the collodion, calotype, and other processes.

Phot. News 29/6/1866, p. 301. BJP 27/12/1867, p. 618 death of Mawson reported. BJA 1915, p. 420. BJA 1927, p. 365. Photogram 1894 p. 94.

Further Information:
Early cameras are in - Christie's Cat. 25/11/1993 lot 392, bellows wet-plate. Christie's Cat. 8/7/1993 lot 487, sliding, folding box by Ottewill with a Mawson label. Christie's Cat. 23/6/1976 lot 129, stereo front focus where the rear standard moves and clamps to the bed.

May, Roberts

Company Name

May, Roberts & Co.

Company Address

9 & 11 Clerkenwell Green, London

Wholesale suppliers to chemists and sold cameras under the Sandringham brand in the 1900s. The earlier partnership between Samuel Roberts and F. Sykes trading as chemists was ended in 1888.

AP 13/8/1907. Lon. Gaz. 10/1/1888, p. 320.


Company Name

Mayall, J.E.1875 - 1894Photographer
Mayall, John & Edwin & Collins, Thomas Henry1868 - 1875
Mayall, John & Edwin1867
Mayall, J.E.- 1867

Company Address

164 New Bond St., London1881 - 1886Corner of Grafton St. Formerly occupied by Ross & Co.
224 Regent St., London1868 - 1894
224 & 226 Regent St., London1856 - 1868
224 Regent St., London1852 - 1856
433 West Strand, London1847 - 1855American Daguerreotype Institution
15 Argyll Pl., London1858 - 1867
90 Kings Rd., Brighton1864 -
91 Kings Rd., Brighton

Mayall used the pseudonym Professor Highschool in his early years as a Daguerreotypist. His forenames were John Jabez Edwin, these were used in various combinations in listings such as the Post Office Directories. Cartes de Visite are generally simply marked Mayall. An important change occurred in 1864 when his son, Edwin, ran the London studio. Mayall moved to Brighton in 1864. A second son, Joseph Parkin, had a studio at 548 Regent Street between 1882 - 1889. The Brighton studio is described in The Photographic Studios of Europe. J.J.E Mayall died in 1901.

B. & P. Heathcote, A Faithful Likeness. BJP 22/3/1901, p. 185, obituary.

Mayall & Co.

Company Name

Mayall & Co.Photographer

Company Address

126 Piccadilly, London1896 -
73 Piccadilly, London1892 - 1896
164 New Bond St., London1886 - 1892

The manager is given as H.R. Barraud between 1894 and 1897 and F. Barraud from 1898.

Mayfield, Cobb

Company Name

Mayfield, Cobb & Co. Ltd.

Company Address

41 & 35A, Queen Victoria St., London

The company is shown to be active around 1887 - 1889. As well as manufacturing the Mayfield Pocket Camera the company sold other cameras and manufactured plates.

Phot. Jnl. 31 Dec 1886.

Further Information:
  • John Thomas Mayfield
  • Born: 1842 Birmingham
  • Spouse: Charlotte
  • Died: 17 jun 1910 of Beaconsfield Road, Clacton on Sea

  • William Cobb
  • Born: 1835/36 Yaxley Suffolk
  • Spouse: Eliza
  • 1878 - 1890 member RPS
  • 1881: 78 Wellington St. Woolwich
  • 1891: Photographer/dry plate manufacturer in Tottenham

Mayfield, J.T.

Company Name

Mayfield & Co. Ltd1890 -
J.T. Mayfield & Co. Ltd1888 - 1890
J.T. Mayfield & Co.1885 - 1888
J.T. Mayfield1882 - 1885

Company Address

63 Cannon St., London1902 -
63A Cannon St., London1897 -
35A Queen Victoria St., London1884 - 1890
41 Queen Victoria St., London1882 - 1904

Mayfield were an electrical engineering company. J.T. Mayfield's main involvement in photographic manufacturing was through Mayfield, Cobb & Co. but some cameras were produced under the J.T. Mayfield & Co. name. In 1887 Mayfield and J.T. Todman applied for a photographic shutter patent (BP 11782/1887). William Cobb demonstrated the shutter at an RPS monthly technical meeting.

Phot. Jnl. 31/12/1886.

McBrides Store

Company Name

McBrides StoreRetailer

Company Address

86 Fleet St., London EC


Company Name

McGhie & Co.1903 -
J. McGhie & Co.1889 - 1903
McGhie & Boltonc. 1881 - 1889

Company Address

48 West Nile St., Glasgow1907 -
75 St Vincent St., Glasgowc. 1890 - 1907
47 West Nile St., Glasgowc. 1881 - c. 1890Gresham House

The firm produced a very extensive catalogue and list themselves as manufacturers, exporters and dealers, this would imply that they were both wholesalers and retailers. For a while 'Gresham Glasgow' was used as a trade mark, Gresham House being their address at West Nile St.

William Bolton was working for George Mason prior to his period with McGhie.


Company Name

S.D. McKellen Ltd.1899 -
S.D. McKellen & Co.1898Or McKellen & Co. or S.D. & J.D. McKellen
S.D. McKellen- c. 1893

Company Address

24 Market Pl., Manchester1901 -
Mill St. (off 165) Long Mill Gate, Manchester1899 -
4 Bull's Head Yard, Market Pl., Manchester- 1899From around May 1898
Marriott's Court, Spring Gdns., Manchester1887 -
3 Chapman St., Manchesterc. 1886 -Works
18 Brown St., Manchester- 1887

Samuel Dunseith McKellen was, prior to his involvement with photographic apparatus, a watchmaker and jeweller. His career is slightly complicated but can be summarised as follows:

Prior to 1884
McKellen was a jeweller and a watchmaker. A partnership with Frederick Appleby (trading as S.D. McKellen & Co. at 95 Market St. and elsewhere) was dissolved in 1876.

1884 to c. 1891
The 'Double Pinion, Treble Patent' camera was announced in 1884 shortly after this McKellen started to produce cameras. The first cameras were made by Billcliff, in the BJA of 1886 McKellen states that the camera is now made 'at his own place and under his direct supervision'. The roll-film holder is also advertised. McKellen is at the Brown St. address. The MS Detector was advertised by McKellen and Marion from 1890.

c. 1891 - 1893
During this period it appears that McKellen no longer had control of the patents to his camera or the distribution rights. In the 1891 Photography Annual T.E. Moult is distributing the camera at a discount price which might indicate that he was clearing stock, or had the cameras made more cheaply. Both the field and MS Detector were advertised. Moult was at 9 Clarence St. Albert Sq.

1893 - 1896
McKellen is now shown as manager of Thompson & Co. who are advertising the field camera, the Infallible and the Heywood finder. Thompson's address (from the 1894 BJA) is given as 5 Spring Gdns. McKellen's address is given as Duchy Chambers, 2 Clarence St. Albert Sq.

1896 - 1898
In September 1896 the firm of Thompson & Co. (then owned by William Thompson) was transferred to John Dunseith McKellen, Samuel's son. The address is shown as 4 Bull's Head Yard. Market Pl.

From 1898
In early 1898 the company name is changed from Thompson to McKellen & Co. and in January 1899 it becomes a limited company with share capital of £6000. S.D. McKellen was managing director. McKellen Limited was purchased by R.H. Risk in 1901 but a note from S.D. McKellen in the September 1901 British Journal of Photography states that he has resumed business at 24 Market Place.

A visit to the factory is described in the BJP of 1887, it notes that there are about 35 workmen at the factory.

BJP 1/7/1887, p. 408. BJP 20/1/1899, p. 42. BJP 5/5/1899, p. 285. BJA 1908, p. 553. Lon. Gaz. 16/5/1876, p. 3010. Lon. Gaz. 2/10/1896, p. 5453. Phot. Dealer May/1898, p. 125. Phot. Dealer Jan/1899, p. 17. Phot. Dealer May/1899, p. 122. BJP 16/8/1901, p. 525. BJP 13/9/1901, p. 588.

Further Information:
  • Samuel Dunseith McKellen
  • Born: 1836 Antrim Ireland
  • Spouse: S.D. McKellen's second wife was Eliza Ann Moult (b. 1849 Mellor Derbyshire) sister of T E Moult
  • Died: 1906
  • Children: John Dunseith, Robert Dunseith, Arthur Moult, Frederick Samuel, Thomas Moult, Samuel Dunseith, Victor Moult, Roderick
  • 1874: Market St
  • 1881: Jeweller & Watchmaker employing 2 men, living at 16 Marsland Rd Hillend View
  • 1883: 18 Brown St
  • Freemason

A very good article by John McKellen, a relation of S.D., was published in the British Journal of Photography and reproduced in Photographica World (there are some differences to what is shown above). The Manchester Camera Makers 1853-1940 by David Davies, pub. The Photographist 1986, contains a lot of information.

McLean, Melhuish, Haes

See also Melhuish, A.J. and Haes, Frank.

Company Name

Thomas McLean & Co.1865 - 1869
McLean & Haes1863 - 1865
McLean, Melhuish & Haes1861 - 1863
McLean, Melhuish & Co.1861And McLean, Melhuish & McLean
McLean, Melhuish, Napper & Co.1860 - 1861And McLean, Melhuish, Napper & McLean

Company Address

7 Haymarket, London1864 - 1869
26 Haymarket, London1859 - 1864

The first partnership listed above was formed by Thomas McLean, Arthur James Melhuish, Robert Peters Napper and Thomas Miller McLean, this was dissolved 4 Sept 1861 when Napper left the partnership.

The following partnership is listed as 'Photographers and Optical and Photographic Instrument Makers' this may have been two separate concerns which would account for the duplicate trading names. The partnership was dissolved on 16 Sept 1861 when Thomas Mclean leaves.

Frank Haes then joined, that partnership lasted until Melhuish leaves in 1863.

The Mclean & Haes partnership lasted until 19 September 1865 when Haes leaves.

The partnerships were also prominent publishers of photographs and print sellers.

Lon. Gaz. 6 Sept 1861 p. 3626. Lon. Gaz. 17 Sept 1861, p. 3762. Lon. Gaz. 10 April 1863, p. 1989. Lon. Gaz. 23 Feb 1866, p. 1044.

McMillan, Daniel

Company Name

Daniel McMillanActive 1848 - 1868Phot. dealer. Previously dressing case maker

Company Address

132 Fleet St., London1848 -


Company Name

P. Meagher1866 - 1897
Patrick Meagher & Co.1859 - 1866

Company Address

21 Southampton Row, Holborn, London1865 - 1897Sometimes styled High Holborn
West side between High Holborn and Vernon Place
1 Coppice Row, Farringdon Rd., London1864 - 1865
1a Coppice Row, London1859 - 1864

Meagher was established in 1859 or late 1858, in the Kelly directory for 1859 there is a reference to Meagher but wrongly categorised as a Photographer. In 1861 he employed three men and two boys. Previously he had worked with Ottewill. Patrick Meagher was living in Hammersmith in 1881. His nephew William Chamberlain, a photographer, was at the same address.

Meagher cameras are of high quality and hand-made, either Spanish or Honduran mahogany was used, on some examples the screw head slots are aligned on others they are not. Meagher introduced the important feature of the side-wing support, this is a plank of wood fixed to the front standard that attaches to the tailboard when the camera is open, it has a vertical hinge so that when the camera is closed it folds around the tailboard and secures it in place. Many of his tailboard cameras have a front standard that can extend from the body of the camera on brass struts. He probably supplied to the trade.

Coppice Row formed 44 - 49 of the new Farringdon Road created in 1863, Victoria St. was also absorbed at the same time. The Coppice Row name remained for a stretch of road near Clerkenwell Green. In 1900 the 21 Southampton Row premises were occupied by A. Rosenberg, model makers, electrical engineers and suppliers of X-ray equipment.

Cameras with the Coppice Row address are relatively rare.

BJA 1898, p. 640. BJA 1912. BJP 21/5/1897, p. 332.

Further Information:
  • Patrick Meagher
  • Born: 1829 Dublin
  • Spouse: Margaret
  • Died: 8 May 1897 The Elms North Cheam. Effects £7,536
  • 1861: Phot. apparatus manufacturer, employing 3 men and 2 boys. 1 Coppice Row . William Chamberlain (age 20) is listed at this address as a Photographic. Apparatus Maker
  • 1891: Camera maker. 106 London Rd

Melhuish, A.J.

See also McLean, Melhuish, Haes.

Company Name

Arthur J. Melhuish- 1894Portrait painter & photographer

Company Address

58 Pall Mall, Londonc.1890 - 1894
12 Old Bond St., London1888 - c.1890
12 York Place, Portman Sq., London1863 - 1886
9 Holborn Bars, London1859 - 1860

Traded in partnership with several other photographers and under his own name. After 1894 he traded as Melhuish & Gale from the Pall Mall address.

A. J. Melhuish patented a photographic roll holder.

Lon. Gaz. Mar 27, 1896 p.1085.

Further Information:
  • Arthur James Melhuish
  • Born: 1829
  • Married: Caroline Powell 1853
  • Children: Arthur Newton Melhuish photographer
  • Died: 1 Nov 1895
  • 1854: Applied for BP1139. Living at 6 Bowater Place, Shooter's Hill Rd. Greenwhich
  • 1860: Applied for BP2965. Living at 6 Bowater Place
  • 1861: Partnership between Thomas McLean, Arthur James Melhuish, and Thomas Miller McLean, of 26, Haymarket Photographers and Optical and Photographic Instrument Makers, carrying on the two businesses in the names or firm of McLean, Melhuish, and Co. dissolved 16th September. Thomas McLean leaves partnership.
  • 1863: Partnership between Thomas Miller McLean, Arthur James Melhuish, and Frank Haes, carrying on business in the Haymarket as Photographers and Photographic Printers, and Manufacturers and Dealers in Photographic Apparatus and Chemicals as McLean, Melhuish, and Haes, was dissolved 21st March. Melhuish leaves partnership.
  • 1881: Artist living at 12 York Place
  • 1891: Living at Hampstead


Company Name

R & A.J. MercerListed as camera makers and dealers in the 1890s. Advertised a magazine camera called the Bonanza

Company Address

16 King St., Sparkbrook, Birmingham


Company Name

William Middlemiss

Company Address

Nesfield St., BradfordFrom 1898 or before until at least 1905
Alice St., Bradford

William Middlemiss (b. 1851 d. 1906), described in the census of 1881 as a photographic apparatus manufacturer employing 1 man and 4 boys, living at 44 Priestman Terrace, Bradford. Products were mostly supplied through wholesalers, a speciality of the firm was the Koresco enlarging camera.

The Middlemiss Patent Camera was advertised by Marion. (BP 15887/1884, BP 5450/1886).


Company Name

T.J. MiddletonMaker of magic lanterns

Company Address

235 High Holborn, London- 1878 -

Midland Camera Co.

Company Name

Midland Camera Co. Ltd.- 1912
Midland Camera Co.c. 1899 -
Howell & Greenc. 1896 - c. 1899

Company Address

64 Slaney St., Birmingham1899 -
48 Moor St., Birmingham

In 1902 one of the three partners - Frank James Smith - left M.C.C. Charles Howell and George Lloyd Moore remained. By 1908 Moore, who joined the firm around 1899, is shown as the Managing Director. M.C.C. Ltd was wound up in 1912, its trade mark and possibly the remaining business passing to Thornton-Pickard. A very good description of the MCC factory is contained on the Photographic Dealer of June 1903, it emphasises the use of machinery and suggests that the output of the company must have been very great.

The earlier partnership between Herbert Green, Charles Howell and Frank James Smith trading as Howell, Green & Co, at 48 Moor Street, was dissolved at the end of 1898 when Green left the partnership.

Lon. Gaz. 17/6/1902. Lon. Gaz. 10/9/1912. Phot. Dealer Dec/1899, p. 141. Phot. Dealer Jun/1903, p. 157. Phot. Dealer Feb/1899, p. 42.

Further Information:
Patents in the name of Howell: 3371/1898, 15926/1900 and 23387/1905. Patents in the name of Moore: 23387/1905 and 18640/1908.

Midland Photographic Store

See Bleasdale.

Miller, T.

Company Name

Miller Photographic Co.1904 -
T. Miller & Son1902 - 1904
T. Miller- 1896 -

Company Address

27, 29 Blackfriars St., Manchester1902 -
29 Blackfriars St., Manchester1894 - 1902
141 Broughton Rd., Manchester- 1891 -

The business was sold and renamed in 1904, Tom Miller (senior) must have continued in a private capacity to supply the new firm with cameras. The partnership between Tom Miller, senior, and Tom Miller, junior, was dissolved in 1907.

Phot. Dealer May/1904, p. 108. Lon. Gaz. 15/3/1907, p. 1874.

Further Information:
  • Tom Miller [I]
  • Born: 1846/47 Wigton, Cumberland
  • Married: Robina Mackay 1873
  • 1871: Brass finisher
  • 1871: Brass finisher. Living at Garden St. Broughton
  • 1881: Watchmaker. Living at 123 Broughton Rd.
  • 1891: Watchmaker. Living at 1 Silk St.
  • 1901: Watchmaker. Living at 12 Lord St.
  • 1911: Watchmaker. Living at Capstone Mellor Derbyshire

  • Tom Miller [II] son of Tom Miller [I]
  • Born: 1879
  • Married: Lucy Jepson 1903
  • 1901: Watchmaker. Living at 12 Lord St.
  • 1911: Antique dealer

Milliken & Lawley

Company Name

Milliken & Lawleyc. 1859 -
Biggs & Millikenc. 1858
John Milliken & Co.- 1856 -
John MillikenBefore 1840 -

Company Address

165 Strand, LondonLate 1880s - 1910
168 Strand, London- 1880 -
161A Strand, LondonLate 1840s - c. 1860
301 Strand, London- 1840 -

Milliken & Lawley was founded around 1859 at 161A Strand. Prior to this the premises were occupied by John Milliken supplier of surgical equipment. After 1859 John Milliken moved to Borough, the firm of Milliken & Lawley continued to supply surgical apparatus as well as lantern slides and other goods.

Mitchell & Kenyon

Company Name

Mitchell & Kenyon1899 - 1920
S & J Mitchell- 1899
S.J. Mitchell

Company Address

22 Clayton St., Blackburn1901 - 1920
King St., Blackburn- 1901
40 Northgate, Blackburn- 1901
17 Northgate, BlackburnMitchell's address in the early 1890s

Mitchell & Kenyon were early film makers and manufacturers of cinematograph equipment. Mitchell was a manufacturer of cameras and photographic equipment, this side of the business continued after the merger in some form, possibly as retailers. Kenyon was a manufacturer of automatic machines (i.e. penny-in-the-slot apparatus), this side of the business was still listed in 1920. The partnership between Sagar Jones Mitchell and James Kenyon was dissolved in 1922.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1899, p. 31. Lon. Gaz. 16/11/1920, p. 11164. Low, British Film 1896 - 1906.

Moore & Co.

See also Sharp & Hitchmough.

Company Name

Moore & Co. (Liverpool) Ltd.1940 -
Moore & Co.- 1940

Company Address

101 & 103 Dale St., Liverpool

Moore were leading suppliers of while-you-wait cameras. They seem to be the successors to Sharp & Hitchmough, they occupied the same premises and used the Aptus brand name, but there must have been an earlier relationship as a 1905 patent was issued jointly to H.C. Hitchmough and H.C. Moore both at the Dale street address. Harry Charles Moore was issued two camera patents in 1912 and 1926.

Further Information:
BP 9342/1912. BP 285543/1926. The first patent shows Moore's address as 101 Dale St. the second as 103. BP 20787/1905. Hitchmough and Moore patent.

Moore, J.

Company Name

James Moore

Company Address

Heneage St., Birmingham1897 -
18 Vauxhall St., BirminghamHere in the early 1890s

Manufacturer of lantern accessories and ferrotype plates.

Phot. Dealer Apr/1903, p. 162.

Moorse, Henry

Company Name

Henry Moorse1866 - 1909

Company Address

154 High Holborn, London1866 - 1909

Henry Moorse is described as a cabinet maker in the 1881 census.

Further Information:
  • Henry Moorse
  • Born: abt. 1833 Yeovil Somerset
  • 1871: Living at 154 Holborn
  • 1901: Photographic apparatus maker, 154 Holborn

Morgan & Kidd

Company Name

Morgan & Kidd

Company Address

Kew Foot Bridge, Richmond1884 -
Helio House Studio, Circus, Greenwich- 1884

Founded by William Thomas Morgan and Robert Leamon Kidd, the firm was established at Greenwich and then moved to Richmond. The partnership was dissolved in 1889, the London Gazette indicates that it is Kidd who carries on the business under the same name, however, it is Morgans' son who later manages the firm and forms a partnership with H.M. Dennes.

The partnership between Ernest Charles Morgan and Harry Martin Dennes trading as Morgan & Kidd was dissolved 1901.

Phot. Dealer Aug/1903, p. 36. Lon. Gaz. 5/3/1895. Lon. Gaz. 10/5/1889. Lon. Gaz. 24/9/1901.

Further Information:
  • William Thomas Morgan
  • Born: 1839 Lambeth
  • Married: Harriett Handcock 1862
  • 1871: Photographer
  • 1881: Artist
  • 1911: Photographic Material Manufacturer. Chiswick

  • Robert Leamon Kidd
  • Born: abt. 1857 Norwich
  • Died: 2 Dec 1894 Hampton Middlesex, effects £30,533
  • Freemason
  • 1885: Living at 30 Adelaide villas Richmond

Morgan, W.T.

Company Name

W.T. Morgan

Company Address

Helio House Studio, Circus, Greenwich
8 Stockwell St., Greenwich
4 Haymarket, London

William Thomas Morgan worked for Henry Hering in London, later he ran a studio in the Haymarket. On moving to Greenwich he opened a studio at Stockwell Street and then the Helio House Studio. At some point he traded from Greenwich as Morgan & Laing. He then formed the Morgan & Kidd partnership.


Company Name

Morley & Cooper1890 -
Wm. Henry Morley1848 - 1890

Company Address

271 Upper St., London1901 -
70 Upper St., London1857 -
3 Oddy's Row, Islington1849 - 1857
6 Clark's Pl., Islington1848 - 1849

W. H. Morley started out as a piano tuner and music seller. By 1881 he describes himself as an optician and is known to have sold cameras from around this time. He was joined in the firm by his son-in-law Henry Cooper. By the 1900s the firm specialised in second-hand equipment. On Henry Cooper's retirement the firm may have been continued by his son John Stockley Cooper.

BJP 11/10/1901, p. 651.

Further Information:
  • William Henry Morley
  • Born: 1815 Whitechapel
  • Married: Johannah Stockley 1845
  • Died: 19 Sep 1893
  • 1841: Piano tuner
  • 1851: Music seller. Living at 3 Oddy's Row
  • 1861: Music seller. Living at 70 Upper St
  • 1881: Optician. Living at High Road Finchley
  • 1891: Maker and dealer in photographic instruments. Living in Finchley

  • Henry Cooper. Son-in-law of William Henry Morley
  • Born: 1841 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
  • Married: Johanna Jane Morley 1868
  • Died: 5 Nov 1919
  • 1871: Bootmaker. Stamford Northamptonshire
  • 1881: Boot Manufacturer Employing 47 Men 31 Boys. Wellingborough
  • 1891: Maker and dealer in photographic instruments. Living in Finchley
  • 1901: Optician. Living at High Road Finchley
  • 1911: Retired optician.


Company Name

Mottershead & Co.

Company Address

1 Market Pl., Manchester- 1862 -
19 St Mary's Gate, Manchester- 1862 -

Lenses carrying the Mottershead name exist.

Moult Bros.

Company Name

Moult Bros.1896 -
F.J. Moult1892 - 1896

Company Address

47 Berwick St., London
17a Brook St., New Bond St., London1900 -From March 1900
141 Oxford St., London1896 -Previously occupied by Perken, Son & Rayment
176 Wardour St., London1892 -

Wholesale and retail dealers. Frederick John Moult was joined by George Emmanuel Moult to form Moult Bros. F.J. Moult left the partnership in 1907.

BJP 9/10/1896, p. 652. Lon. Gaz. 12/4/1907, 2526.

Muller, William

Company Name

William Muller1846 - 1858Artists colorman
Listed as phot. apparatus maker for a short time in mid 1850s

Company Address

62 High Holborn, London1846 - 1858

Mullins, Richard

Company Name

Richard MullinsActive 1860 - 1863Stereoscopic manu. and optician

Company Address

37 Crown Row, Mile End Rd., London1860 - 1863

Murray & Heath

See also Murray, R.C..

Company Name

Murray & Heath1856 - 1883

Company Address

8 Garrick St., London1892 -Last ref. 1900
69 Jermyn St., London1866 - 1883Moved here around March or April
43 Piccadilly, London1856 - 1866

The firm was founded around 1856 by Robert Murray and Robert Vernon Heath. Murray & Heath supplied a large range of scientific and philosophical instruments including cameras and stereoscopes for which they registered designs.

Heath sold the company in 1862, this followed the death of Robert Murray a few years earlier, the firm was then owned by Charles Heisch FRMS. Heath set up as a photographer at 43 Piccadilly in 1862, Murray & Heath were still trading from this address.

Robert Murray worked for many years for J.F Newman (scientific instrument maker) this would have included a period when the firm was at 122 Regent Street when Nicholas Henneman had a studio at the same address. Robert Charles Murray was the owner of the firm when it was wound up in 1883.

The artistic side of the partnership does not seem to have prospered. Robert Vernon Heath was declared bankrupt in 1865. Vernon Heath & Co. Ltd (then at 43 Piccadilly and still owned by Heath) was voluntarily wound up in 1885 due to debts. Vernon Heath & Co. photographers at 37 Piccadilly from 1886 was owned by Eliza Rosina Swindon (b. 1846, Kennington) formerly manageress for Heath, it too was in financial difficulty by the end of the decade. Swindon was named in the divorce proceedings brought by the wife of Vernon Heath.

Phot. News Feb/1862 p. 84. BJA 1892, p. 346. Turner, G. L'E, Great Age of the Microscope, the Collection of the Royal Microscopical Society. Lon. Gaz. 3/2/1865, 30/1/1883, 4/8/1885. Clifton, Sci. Inst. Makers.
Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society of London, Vol. 10, p. 191 Obituary of Robert Murray. BJP 8/11/1918, p. 506, R.C. Murray obit.

Further Information:
  • Robert Vernon Heath
  • Born: c. 1821 Bath
  • Married: Harriet Hooke (or Hook) Feb 1844. Divorced 1867/68. Petition by Harriet Heath on the grounds of adultery by her husband with Eliza Rosina Elizabeth Swindon
  • Died: 25 October 1895
  • 1852 - 1867: Living at Sherwood Cottage Putney Vale
  • 1861: Scientific Instrument Maker employing 8 men
  • 1871 - 1885: 43 Piccadilly, artist
  • 1881: 43 Piccadilly, artist employing a manageress and 3 men
  • 1882: 2 Old Burlington St
  • 1885: 235 Regent St.
  • 1887 - 1888: 37 Piccadilly
  • 1889: 180 Piccadilly
  • Presumably Heath was living and working from the above addresses in Piccadilly, but for the year 1882 it seems he was not living at 43 Piccadilly

  • Robert Murray
  • Born: 17 Sept 1798, Athy Ireland. His father was an officer in the army then serving in Ireland.
  • Spouse: Sarah
  • Died: 1857
  • c. 1812: Apprenticed to J.F. Newman
  • 1851: Philosophical Instrument Maker, living at 35 Broad St. Westminster

  • Robert Charles Murray, Son of Robert Murray
  • Born: 5 Apr 1840 Westminster
  • Spouse: Jessica
  • Died: 29 Oct 1918
  • 1861: Philosophical Instrument maker living at 29 Chichester Place
  • 1871: Optician
  • 1881: Living at 113 Pentonville Rd.
  • 1901: 37 Dartmouth Park Hill
  • 1911: 37 Dartmouth Park Hill. Photographic dealer

See 'The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot' ( for letters from Murray & Heath to Talbot. A sliding box stereo is shown in Christie's Cat. 17/10/1996 lot 225. The single-lens camera slides within a tray on a box to give image separation.

Murray, R.C.

See also Murray & Heath.

Company Name

R.C. Murray1883 - 1890, 1892 -

Company Address

13 Garrick St., London1905 - 1911 -
8 Garrick St., London1892 -Last ref. 1900
113 Pentonville Rd., London1883 - 1890North London Photographic and Optical Co.

Robert Charles Murray was previously the owner of Murray & Heath until it was wound up in 1883, he was later manager at J.J. Griffin c. 1890 - c. 1892. In 1881 he was living at the Pentonville address.

Lon. Gaz. 30/1/1883. Optical Magic Lantern Journal Feb/1892, A note states that Murray has left Griffin and set up at 8 Garrick St. in the last few weeks. Photogram Aug. 1905.




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