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f5.5, 4 " Ross Combinable. Combinable lens of two f11, 8" components. Iris diaphragm to f45 combined and f64 back component. Serial no. 137173 137174 (c. 1936).

N&S Perfect, three-blade diaphragm type, spring powered, pneumatic regulation, speeds 1/2 - 1/100, T setting by short pressure when set to 1/2.

Duralumin. Black leather bellows, brown focusing hood.

2 " x 3 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 19" with combined lens, c. 7' with back component only. Focusing scales to 1 yard with combined lens, 3 yards with back lens. Double extension.

Reflecting view-finder, parallax markings on view-finder. Spirit level. Revolving back. Depth-of-field scale for combined lens. Removable hood on focusing screen. Rising front flap on body for wide-angle work.

Rising front, tilting front.

Serial Number:
140 .

In use for long focus work the front element is removed.
Address on camera: 3 Whitehall, London, S.W.1 (1931 -).


  • f6.5, 82 mm T.T.H. Series VIIB Wide Angle Anastigmat, iris diaphragm to f45. Lens panel. Serial no. 270754.
  • Hooded focusing screen.
  • 1 block-form double dark-slide, mahogany.
  • Sinclair collapsible lens hood.
  • Case by Sinclair.

The Traveller Una was built along the same lines as the ordinary Una but was made of duralumin, a metal used on Newman & Sinclair cine cameras. Advertisements suggest it was suitable for explorers and scientists who required a camera to 'stand the roughest wear and tear'. The Traveller was made in only one size and was always sold fitted with a Ross Combinable in a Perfect shutter.

Very few Travellers were made, the serial numbers (below) indicate that number 130 was made around 1931 and number 140 around 1936, numbering probably started at 100. The price was 35 when introduced rising to 45 by 1940.

References & Notes:
BJA 1927, p. 526. BJA 1928, pp. 296, 502. BJA 1940 p. 353.

Further Information:
Other known cameras are: No. 130 with lens 123707, Christie's 29/1/1998 lot 497. No. 141 with lens 137287, Christie's 11/12/2002 lot 70. No. 142 with lens 137297. No. 145 with lens 137289, Flints 11/2018. No. 153, Christie's 21/8/1986 lot 356.

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