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Sanderson Regular

1902 Model

George Houghton & Son



Image of Sanderson Regular 1902 Model

f6, c. 6", rapid rectilinear, iris diaphragm to f45.

B&L Unicum shutter, speeds 1 - 1/100, B, T. Focusing catch.

Removable Goerz focal-plane, speeds 1/10 - 1/1000, B. Slow speed settings of 5s - via valve. Adjustment by varying slit width and tension. Focusing setting.

Leather covered mahogany body, red leather bellows with diagonal corners.

4" x 5" plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows. Two focusing scales (front shutter and focal-plane) to 5 feet. Double extension with additional extension by using the front panel struts.

Brilliant view-finder. Spirit level. Reversing back. Removable lens panel. Wide-angle flap. Infinity catch.

Later type struts. Diagonal cornered bellows. Separate brass strips on extension slide. Type 1 front standard lock. Type 2 infinity catch. Early type front standard bolts. Sliding plate to retain lens panel. Friction rising front. No wide-angle rack. Type 2 back catch. Finger recesses in camera back. "Patents" (slanted script) on side strut.

Rising front, tilting front.

Serial Number:
6937 .


  • Hooded focusing screen. 3 double dark-slides.
  • Instruction book.

The Regular was one of the second generation of Sanderson hand & stand cameras introduced in 1902. The main difference between it and the Original model, which it replaced, was the change in the front standard forks. Early models of the Regular had a distinctive 'cotton reel' grip fitted to the front standard.

This example was made in 1904 or late 1903. Prior to this the back retaining catches were on top of the camera rather than on the sides. This example has the patented catch to secure the shutter in the open position while focusing. The shutter can remain on an instantaneous speed whilst using the catch to arrest the setting lever.

For a list of Sanderson models, versions and an explanation of features see Sanderson Notes.

References & Notes:
Sanderson Notes. BP 613/1895. BP 19172/1900 (J.H.P. Walker, Focusing catch). BP 20860/1900. BP 114/1901.

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