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Hillman Colour Camera

c. 1931

Adam Hilger Ltd



Image of Hillman Colour Camera

f3.5, 6 " Cooke Series IIA, iris diaphragm to f32. Serial no. 210466 .

Compound, speeds 1 - 1/100, B, T. Serial no. 689059.

Polished mahogany, dovetail joints.

Three, 2 " x 3 " exposures (red, green, blue) on separate plates.

Sliding box to 4 '. Scale to 6 feet.

Eye-level view-finder (lens/post). Coupled rangefinder using a ground glass screen.
A central mirror behind the lens directs light to the green image. An annular mirror, surrounding the fixed, directs light to the blue image situated opposite the green. Light passes between and around the two mirrors to the red image at the back of the camera. Masks in the image plane have notches to indicate, on the film, the colour of the image. The focusing knob moves all three plate chambers.

Serial Number:
H.C.I. 301/31205 .

The lens number is also engraved on the camera body. Another, similar, Hilger camera is known having a serial no. of 1301/31202.

24 single metal slides (A.P. Paris). 3 colour filters. Case.

Hillman submitted a number of patents on colour photography equipment especially for cine use. The patents, here, cover the mirror arrangement and the movement of the three focusing chambers. Also mentioned is the idea of moving the chambers at different rates to compensate for chromatic dispersion.

The photograph on the far right was taken with light passing through the filters from outside the camera to show the mirror arrangement.

References & Notes:
BP 379345/1931. BP 379344/1931 (Patents in the name of A.G. Hillman, B.T. Gill and Gerrard Industries.).

Further Information:
Coe, Colour Photography, p.92. MA 1630. Shows a similar camera.
Albert George Hillman b. 3 May 1882 d. 15 Sep 1957 Worthing. Hillman was also associated with Cinechrome Instruments of Long Acre London.

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