Polaroid Model 95 - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Polaroid Model 95


Polaroid Corporation

Cambridge Mass.


Image of Polaroid Model 95

f11, 135 mm. Coated. Wheel stops marked 1 - 8.

T and I shutter. Flash synchronisation.

Metal body.

8, 3 " x 4 " exposures.

Bellows focusing to 3 feet.

Direct-vision (lens/lens) view-finder with post on front standard.

Serial Number:
0073530 .

This is the first Polaroid instant picture camera.

The sensitive material comes in two parts, a roll of negative film is loaded at one end of the camera and a roll of positive paper at the other end. The processing chemicals, comprising a developer and a silver halide solvent, are held in pods attached to the positive paper. After an exposure the free ends of the negative and positive rolls are pulled through a slot in the base of the camera, the pods are broken and the solution is spread over the negative and positive material. After development the print can be removed through a door in the back of the camera. Once removed, the monochrome print was generally coated with a glaze. The close proximity of the negative and positive allows unused silver salts to pass across the developer to the positive print.

References & Notes:
US pat. 2455111/1948.

Polaroid Model 95

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