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c. 1904

Quta Co.



Image of Quta

f6 Petzval type, iris diaphragm with external pointer to f22.

Behind the lens flap shutter with B setting.

Polished mahogany with metal parts.

36, 2 " x 2" ferrotype plates.

The unexposed plates are held in a chamber to the left of the lens (from the operators view point). By sliding the back of the camera a plate is brought behind the lens. After exposure a spring catch releases the plate into the tank below. The tank contains a combined developer/fixer, a separate washing bucket would be used. The sliding back contains a yellow focusing screen.

Quta Co. is not in the BJA address lists, the Quta Photo Machine Co. is listed as being in Wimbledon until c. 1908.

21 ferrotype plates. Plate lifter to remove plate from the tank.

This type of camera was sold under several names and possibly made in both the USA and England. The patent was taken out in 1901 by H. E. Hickox and F. A. Phillips. Soon after this the camera was sold in the USA (1904), in 1906 an improved model with a blade shutter instead of a flap was introduced. Some models have a hinge incorporated allowing landscape formats to be taken. The finish was either polished wood or leather covered.

The camera was advertised by the Quta Camera Co. of New York. In England, Fallowfield sold the camera under their own name from 1907 as the Popular Ferrotype Camera. At that time it had a blade shutter and cost 3.0.0. In 1910 they advertised a new model with external flap shutter at 3.10.0. The date at which Fallowfield started selling the Quta is about the time when Quta Photo machine Co. is no longer listed in the BJA.

Herbert Edward Hickox was a photographer living in Gt. Yarmouth.

This example has a single slot in the chemical tank some illustrations show two. The patent shows a camera with separate developer and fixer baths and a 'landscape hinge'.

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