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Microscope Camera

c. 1950

R & J Beck Ltd



Image of Microscope Camera

Gauthier leaf shutter, speeded 1 - 1/125, B, T.

Metal body, grey paint.

24 mm x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film.

Film advance by sprocket, auto-stop on film advance.

Serial Number:
46289 .


  • Shutter and finder assembly.
  • Plate camera attachment for 2 " x 3 " plates.
  • Polarising accessories and tubes.

The 35 mm camera is based on the Ilford Advocate, it has been modified by the removal of the lens which is replaced by a threaded ring to attach to the shutter/finder assembly, the shutter release has been reversed and now serves to release the film-advance movement. The back is completely removable. A draw-slide is fitted to the front of the camera making it light-tight, this is pulled up when attached to the shutter. The rear of the camera is engraved with the serial number and the magnification - x0.3.

The shutter and finder assembly attach to the front of the camera. It contains a beam splitter that directs light to a telescope eyepiece with a graticule.

The plate camera can be attached to the shutter in place of the Advocate. It has a ground glass screen and is marked with the magnification - x0.8. A strong negative lens is incorporated in the housing.

Fitting to the underside of the shutter assembly are some tubes one of which holds a polarising filter on a sliding mount. The tubes are slightly larger than a normal microscope eyepiece tube.

References & Notes:
Holliman, Ilford Faces, People and Places, p. 91 a similar camera is sown fitted with a Compur shutter.

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