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f4.5, 10" Ross Xpres. No iris. Serial no. 80706 (c. 1917).

Minex focal-plane, speeds 1/4 - 1/64, B, T.

Polished mahogany with brass fittings, leather bellows.

6 " x 4 " plates held in slides.

To 39", approx. 1:1.

Reflex, ground glass screen. Lifting the mirror sets the shutter.
Removable lens box. Reversing back.

Separate I & B T lever.

Rising front, tilting front, swing front.

Address on camera: 122 Wigmore St. London. W1. (1932 - 1944).

1 double dark-slide.

An unusual combination of reflex and studio camera. A vertically pivoted mirror is used to cast the image onto a side-mounted focusing screen to which a hood could be attached. The hood incorporated a blue glass panel through which the sitter could be observed. The patent and early drawings show the release lever on the top of the camera, later it was placed on the side near the screen. The tilt front movement appeared a little after the original model. On this and other examples a side swing is present, this is operated by a pinion and curved rack on the front bed of the camera. A mirror was obtainable to fit onto the focusing screen for use when the camera was close to the floor. Later models have a restricted shutter speed range. Early dark-slides had two draw slides allowing half the plate to be exposed at a time. Two sizes were advertised, half-plate and whole plate.

References & Notes:
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