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Wing Multi-image camera


S. Wing & Co.



Image of Wing Multi-image camera

c. 10 cm Darlot Petzval type. Fixed aperture. The front group has '8 4793 4588' written on it, one lens of the rear group has '8 4799' written on it, presumably serial numbers.


Polished mahogany body.

For 15, 1 " x 1" exposures on a 7" x 5" ferrotype or glass plate. Arranged as 3 rows of 5.


Wing produced two very similar cameras, one had a hinged flap at the back to cover the plate which was not held in a dark slide, the second used a longer focal length lens which was accommodated by fitting a frame to the rear of the camera which held a dark slide. The example shown here is the second model. Lothrop, A Century of Cameras, illustrates the second model and names it as a the New Gem, elsewhere New Gem is used to refer to the first example with the name Ajax being given to the second example.

The interesting feature of the camera is the way the lens moves within the camera front to position it for each exposure. The lens panel sits within a brass frame and can move vertically to three positions, the frame can move horizontally to five positions. Behind the lens panel are two thin wooden frames sitting on top of each other which are dragged around as the lens and brass frame are moved. Inside the camera a rectangular tube is screwed to the back of the lens panel which reaches almost to the image. There are also cards that slide within the back as the lens is moved somewhat similar to the frames on the camera front. The dark slide is held in place by two flat springs. There is no tripod fitting.

The camera is stamped with a patent date of 19 April 1887, that is the date used here in the heading though the camera is later.

References & Notes:
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