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Printing frames were made in a variety of woods and occasionally metal and plastic. Early models held the paper and plate together by battens and wooden screws. Later models employed flat brass springs but for very large sizes the older form employing battens was still used.

Further Information:
Cyclopedia of Photography, p. 440.

Printing Frame


Spratt Brothers



Two, For 6 " x 4 " plates.

Marion are listed as the agents.

References & Notes:
BP 23387/1894. Photographic News 15/5/1896.

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Jaynay Non-Slip

J & A Wilkinson



  • For 5 " x 3 " plates. Sold by Fred. V. A. Lloyd. 15 Lord St. Liverpool. (Lower left of illustration).
  • For 2 " x 3 " plates. Sold by J Lizars. Bold St. Liverpool.

Wilkinson patented a number of printing frame designs, the examples here use pins on the back that fit into slots on the side of the frame to prevent slippage.

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Printing Frame


Scovil & Adams Co.


For 7" x 5" plates. With indicator for the number of prints taken. Also sold under the N&G name in Britain.

References & Notes:
N&G Cat. 1908, p. 165.

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Printing Frame

E. & H.T. Anthony

New York


For 4" x 5" plates. With indicator for the number of prints taken.

References & Notes:
US. Pat. Aug. 12 1890 (indistinct).


W. Butcher & Sons



For 5" x 4" plates.

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Houghtons Ltd



For 3 " x 4 " plates.

The printing paper is gripped between a pressure bar and the edge of the negative. Spring to lift paper clear of the negative.


References & Notes:
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Eastman Non-Slip

Eastman Kodak Co.



For 2 " x 3 " plates.

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Klimax Post-card Printer


W. Butcher & Sons Ltd



Image of Klimax Post-card Printer

This combines a separate negative carrier, border masks and frame with ground glass screen. Later renamed the Klimax Post-card Frame. Once set-up the frame enabled rapid and repetitive printing from the same negative. The frame was also available fitted with an illumination box.

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Printing Frame


Sands & Hunter



Three 10" x 8" printing frames, one with a negative.

Address: 20 Cranbourn St.

Bynoe Printing Frame


R & J Beck



Image of Bynoe Printing Frame

  • For 3 " x 4 " negatives.
  • Two frames for 6 " x 4 ".

These are made from pressed sheet metal with a wooden back. The negative and paper are gripped by a spring clip, the wooden back is pressed against the frame by a hinged flat spring. Available in a finish of black paint or nickel plated.

References & Notes:
BP 8194/1892. BJA 1893, p. 170.

Johnson's Plastic Printing Frame


Johnson & Sons Manufacturing Chemists Ltd



Image of Johnson's Plastic Printing Frame

For 2 " x 3 " negatives. Four examples in different packaging.

References & Notes:
BJA 1947, p. 47.

Ensign Metal Printing Frame

Ensign Ltd



For 2 " x 4 " negatives.

Postcard Printing Frames

  • The Jaynay Reversible Frame. For 3 " x 4 " negatives. Two removable strips allow the negative to be printed in landscape or portrait format. Registered Design no. 422628, this dates to 1903. Retailer's stamp of Wm. Smith, Silver St. Durham. Price 1/6.
  • Ensign For 3 " x 4 " negatives. Retailer's stamp of Wm. Smith, Silver St. Durham. Price 1/6.
  • For 2 " x 3 " negatives. This is a large square frame, the paper can be placed in the frame for either landscape or portrait. Retailer's stamp of Wm. Smith, Silver St. Durham.

These frames are for printing on to postcard size paper from smaller negatives.

References & Notes:
Phot. Dealer Jan 1904, p. 9 (Jaynay p/c frames).

Printing Frame

  • 6 " x 4 ". Unusual clamping arrangement with fully removable piece to check exposure. Wire springs. Sold as the Full-View.
  • 2 " x 1 ⅝".
  • 2 " x 2 ".
  • 3 " x 4 ". With glass vignette.
  • 3 " x 6 ".
  • 6 " x 4 ".
  • 3 " x 4 ".
  • 7" x 5". Marked M. O. Co. Possibly American.
  • 6 " x 4 ". Fitted with an exposure counter dated 1886, this type of counter was sold in the UK by Tylar.

References & Notes:
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Printing Frame for Platinum Prints

Image of Printing Frame for Platinum Prints

Well-made frame of mahogany and brass, the pressure board is in one piece with a rubber layer on the print side..

Masking Frames

  • For 5 " x 3 " negatives. Made of teak, not adjustable.
  • 5 " x 3 " negatives. Metal, not adjustable.

Shown top right of image.


Agilux Ltd



Image of Agimask

Adjustable masking frame for 7" x 5" prints.

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