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Johnson No. 1 Printing Outfit

c. 1949

Johnsons of Hendon Ltd



Image of Johnson No. 1 Printing Outfit

Comprises: 2 quarter-plate xylonite dishes, Plastic Printing Frame, See-Thru Masks, 4 oz Measure, Thermometer, 2 Plastic clips, 2 Celluloid forceps, Portable Darkroom Lamp, 100 cc Azol, M-Q Developer Packet, 250 grm Acid Hypo.

The Azol fixer is missing in this example.

Johnson No. 4 Developing and Printing Outfit

c. 1949

Johnsons of Hendon Ltd



Image of Johnson No. 4 Developing and Printing Outfit

Comprises: Exactum contact printer, See-Thru Masks, J-20 Developing Tank, 2 10 oz graduated measures, 2 quarter-plate dishes, Thermometer, 2 Plastic Clips, 2 Spikit Clips, 2 Celluloid Forceps, Print Paddle, 2 Glass Stirring Rods, Water Circulator, Tin of Fine Grain Developer, 8 oz Universal Developer, 100 cc Azol, 250 grm Acid Hypo.

A note with this example says that wooden clips have been substituted. The measuring cylinders are the later plastic type.

The J-20 Developing Tank was introduced in 1946, by 1951 it had been improved by changing the method of agitation by fitting the central core with a spring to give both rotary and vertical movement.

The Exactum Contact Printer included a safelight. A special mask was available for printing from 35 mm film strips.

This example has the improved J-20 Developing Tank and the later type of plastic measures.

Johnsons produced sets of darkroom chemicals and accessories to promote developing and printing especially amongst beginners. The junior outfit may have been introduced after the others.

  • Junior Printing Outfit
  • No. 1 Printing Outfit
  • No. 2 Printing Outfit
  • No. 3 Developing Outfit
  • No. 4 Developing and printing Outfit
  • No. 5 Print Drying and Glazing Outfit

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Johnson Junior Printing Pack

c. 1956

Johnsons of Hendon Ltd



Image of Johnson Junior Printing Pack

Comprises: 2 5" x 4" dishes, orange and black; 2 Forceps; Plastic Print Frame; 3 masks; 2 MQ developers; 2 Fixing powders; 25 sheets of Contact Paper; Instructions.

The dishes are marked for the correct volume of solution, a separate measure was not needed.

The developing powder and contact paper are missing.

References & Notes:
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