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f6.3, 6 " Zeiss Anastigmat, iris diaphragm to f45, click stops. Combinable lens of two f12.5, 285 mm groups, iris to f45. Serial no. 35488 35495 (1899).

Viewing lens: f8, 7" Wray Rapid Rectilinear. Serial no. 11796 .

N&G, sector type, spring powered with pneumatic regulation, speeds 1/2 - 1/100. T setting by short pressure on release with shutter set to 1/2 second.

Leather covered wood body.

12, 5" x 4" plates held in removable changing box, bag type.

Bellows to 28" with combined lens, scale to 2 yards for combined lens, scale to 4 yards for back group. Double extension.

Reflex viewing through second lens. Full-size ground glass focusing screen. Magnifier in hood. Two reflecting view-finders.
Automatic counter on changing box. Two 'T' spirit levels.

Rise and cross front.

Serial Number:
ST1073 .

Address on plaque: Newman & Guardia Ltd. 90 & 92 Shaftesbury Avenue. London. W. (1897 - 1909). Patents on boxes of 1886 and 1892. Address on case: City Sale & Exchange. Six London branches (c. 1920).


  • Changing box for 12 plates, with plate holders and pressure slide. Serial no. 1619.
  • Focusing screen. Leather case.

The N&G Twin Lens Reflex first appeared in 1892, that model was unusual in having a roller-blind shutter. By 1893 the familiar sector shutter was employed. The Special model fitted with a convertible lens appeared in 1898. The lens on this example is engraved Zeiss Anastigmat, later it would be known as the Double Protar, series VIIa. The lens fitted is a number 7.

Production probably ceased around 1908. As well as 5" x 4" the camera was made in quarter-plate and possibly half-plate sizes. The cost of a 5" x 4" model was 42.10.0.

The label inside the case of City Sale would have been added when the camera was sold second hand. City Sale had six London branches around 1920.

References & Notes:
N&G Cameras. N&G Serial Numbers. N&G Universal shutter. BJA 1899, p. 129.

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