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Rolleicord Va


Franke & Heidecke


West Germany

Image of Rolleicord Va

f3.5, 75 mm Schneider Xenar, iris diaphragm to f22. Serial no. 5800162 (c. 1958).

Synchro-Compur, speeds 1 - 1/500. EV setting 4 - 18. X and M flash synchronisation.

Metal body.

12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 roll-film.

Focus to 3 feet.

Reflex viewing through second lens. Full-size ground glass focusing screen without condenser. Parallax adjustment. Focusing magnifier in hood. Eye-level frame finder.
Automatic stop on film advance not coupled to shutter.
Shutter lock. Depth-of-field scale. Film reminder disc scaled 8 - 800 ASA, 10 - 30 DIN.

Serial Number:
1943634 .


  • Lens caps. Lens hood in case, in box.
  • Rollei filters: Light yellow, in plastic case; Light blue, in case; Green, in case, in box; UV, in case, in box, instructions; H1, in case.
  • Rolleinar 1 set. Comprises: viewing and taking pair. In box, instructions.
  • Rolleinar 2 set. Comprises: viewing and taking pair. In box.
  • Rolleicord 24-on Outfit. For 24 exposures 1 ⅝" x 1 ⅝" or 1 " x 1" exposures. Comprises: exposure counter, 1 ⅝" x 1 ⅝" eye-level mask, 1 ⅝" x 1 ⅝" ground glass mask, 1 " x 1" eye-level mask, 1 " x 1" ground glass mask, film gate mask, In leather case.
  • Rolleifix tripod attachment.
  • Rollei pistol grip.
  • Rolleigrid in box.
  • Ever-ready case.

The Va had its focusing knob on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side an interchangeable exposure counter was fitted for the newly introduced 16-on and 24-on exposure kits. These provided image sizes of 4 x 4 cm, 4 x 5.5 cm (16-on 120) and 28 x 40 mm, 24 x 36 mm (24-on 120).

References & Notes:
Pearlman, Rollei Manual, 3rd ed. Supplement.


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