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Lantern Accessories

Image of Curtain Slide Carrier

Curtain Slide Carrier
. Perken, Son & Rayment, London. Carrier for two lantern slides with a black cloth curtain operated by a cord wound by a handle.

Eclipse Self-centring Slide Carrier
. R.R. Beard, London. Lantern slide carrier for 3 ¼" x 3 ¼" and 3 ¼" x 4 ¼" slides. Two examples, a later model with instructions and box is made of lighter wood, the second earlier model is made of dark mahogany.

References & Notes:
BJA 1905, p. 304. R & J Beck Ltd Photographic Catalogue, p. 143.

Eclipse Slide Carrier
. R.R. Beard, London. Lantern slide carrier for 3 ¼" x 3 ¼".

Beard was established in 1882 as a scientific instrument maker and later specialised in lantern equipment and lighting. The Eclipse allowed slides to be changed without blacking-out the screen. The inserted slide was pushed behind the current slide and sprung into place as the current slide was withdrawn. This was by pushing and pulling a wooden arm. The sides were inserted and removed on the same side of the lantern. The self-centring device allowed different sizes of slide to be used.

Image of Dissolving Slide Carrier

Dissolving Slide Carrier
. 1904. Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Altrincham. This is marked with the patent number of 22283/1904 but the patent could not have been pursued.

Lantern Slide Binding Tape
. Robert Widmer, Neuburg (Donau). Three boxes containing 100' each. One marked ROWI.

Image of Primus Slide Binding Strips

Primus Slide Binding Strips
. W. Butcher & Sons, London. Box containing 200 strips. Priced 2/-.

Primus All Size Lantern Slide Masks
. W. Butcher & Sons, London.

Slide Changing Prompts
. Set of cards indicating when, in a lecture, to change the slide.

Biunial Fittings

Image of Biunial Fittings

A pair of attachments for a biunial lantern comprising condenser, lens mount and slide holder. 4" diameter condenser. Tilt arrangement to the brass plates.

Lantern Condenser

4 ½" diameter mounted on a polished brass plate.

Lanternist's Reading Lamp

Image of Lanternist's Reading Lamp

Candle illuminant, spring mounted.

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