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Pedestal Stereo Viewer

Image of Pedestal Stereo Viewer

For 50 cards. Focusing eye-pieces. Glass dust-cover over images. Walnut veneer.


  • Devonshire Series. Francis Bedford. No. 1663.
  • North Wales Illustrated. Francis Bedford. 2 cards.
  • Nall's Series. 182 King St. No. 6.
  • Blanchard's Instantaneous Views of Margate, No. 293.
  • G.W. Wilson. No. 32.
  • E.R. Gyde, Aberystwyth. 3 cards, 1 brown.
  • A. Gabler, Interlaken. 7 cards.
  • Diapositive. H.K.S.L., Modern Series.
  • Tissue card. Yellow.
  • Tissue cards. H.S.S. 10 cards, orange.
  • Stereoscopic Views of English & Foreign Scenery. 7 cards.
  • Early posed subjects. 2 cards, buff.
  • 7 cards, views of Britain. Yellow.

These were popular from the 1860s, early models, such as this example, are generally veneered with pronounced moulding, later models from the twentieth century were plainer in finish but often included elaborate changing mechanisms.

The cards or diapositives are held in individual frames, the frames are attached to bands that extend from the top to the bottom of the viewer. To change a card the band is rotated by friction. Mirrors in the lid of the viewer reflect light onto the card being viewed, a ground glass panel at the rear of the viewer provides light when viewing diapositives. At the top of the viewer is a clear glass screen to prevent dust entering the viewer.

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