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Sands' Patent

c. 1860

London Stereoscopic Co.



Image of Sands' Patent

Brass lenses. Burr veneer.

54 Cheapside address.

Four geometric cards.

The patent relates to a handle along the top of the viewer to adjust the hinged flap holding the mirror. Several variations of the viewer exist, some are mounted on stands, some have flush mounted lenses.

References & Notes:
BP 2940/1857.

Brewster Pattern

Charles E. Clifford



Image of Brewster Pattern

Circular lenses. Burr veneer finish.

30 Piccadilly address.

Brewster Pattern

Image of Brewster Pattern

Square-cut lenses on hinged panel. Rosewood with ebony stringing.

Brewster Pattern

Square-cut lenses. Mahogany. There is no mirror, top-flap or provision for a diffusing screen.

Brewster Pattern

Brass lenses with sliding focusing adjustment. The lens panels slide to vary the eye-piece separation. Mahogany veneer.

The lenses used in these viewers are generally two half-lenses reversed so that their thin edges are together. Some early models used quarters of a lens. On later models, after 1856, the lenses are often cut square and mounted flush with the front of the viewer. Large eye-pieces, either in wood or brass mounts, also date from around 1856.

The lenses create a virtual image at a comfortable viewing distance of the relatively close stereo images, the prism shape of the lenses converges the stereo images to the eye. On much later viewers, from the 1920s and 30s, which had small images whole lenses were used.

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