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Mirror Stereoscope


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Image of Mirror Stereoscope

Large eye-pieces with arrows on mount to show correct alignment. Rack and pinion focusing. Mahogany body.

Serial Number:
2274 .

The viewer carries the retailer's label of T.B. Winter, Newcastle on Tyne, 21 Grey St. The mahogany box which would have been supplied by Winter is different to those normally supplied with the viewer. Winter was a well-known supplier of optical instruments.

The Mirror Stereoscope was primarily intended for viewing stereo illustrations mounted in books. The viewer was open on three sides, on the fourth side was a mirror to reflect light on to the subject, the divider running along the centre of the viewer was of ground glass. It could also be used to view conventional stereo cards by rotating two clips on the metal frame. The Mirror Stereoscope and the box-shaped 'Achromatic Stereoscope' by Beck were aimed at the upper end of the stereoscope market but sold in reasonably large numbers (serial numbers of over 3000 are known).

References & Notes:
BP 2112/1859. Wing, Stereoscopes: The First One Hundred Years, p. 35. BJP 1/1/1860, p. 6.

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