Shepherd Sliding Box - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Sliding Box Wet-plate Camera

c. 1856

C. Shepherd



Image of Sliding Box Wet-plate Camera

c. f4, c. 7 " Shepherd Portrait lens. Single washer stop of f9.

Honduran mahogany body with dovetail joints.

6 " x 4 " wet-collodion plates held in dark-slides.

Sliding box movement to c. 3' 6".

Address on plaque: C. Shepherd. 56 Middleton St. Clerkenwell. (Note spelling of Middleton). Address on lens: C. Shepherd. 56 Myddleton St. Clerkenwell.

Washer stop. Metal lens cap. Wet-plate slide with inner frame.

In an 1860 catalogue this camera is advertised as 'Shepherd's Square Shape Camera' at a price of 1.14.0 plus a lens at 3.10.0.

The name plaque is interesting as the street address is written Middleton, it should be Myddleton, the lens has the correct engraving. This could indicate that Shepherd, who was in the main an optician, bought-in the camera body.

Shepherd was at the Myddleton Street address from c. 1855 - 1857. During this period he seems to have been an optician and retailer. Later, c. 1858, his business expanded when he claims to have opened new premises to manufacturer a range of items including cameras. At that time he describes himself as a trade manufacturer of lenses and importer. At around this time the name of the firm changed and they moved to Farringdon Street.

References & Notes:
Shepherd & Co. Cat. 1860.

Further Information:
Photographic News, 4 February 1859, p. v. Company name styled Charles Shepherd. Photographic News, 4 March 1859, p. iii. Company name styled Shepherd & Co.
Information on the Wet Collodion Process.

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