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Daguerreotype Camera

Image of Daguerreotype Camera

c. f16, c. 265 mm achromat, pivoted stop of c. f26.

Pivoted shutter on front of lens.

Walnut and oak body, dovetail joints.

14 x 18 cm.

Sliding box movement and rack and pinion on lens to 7' 6".

Focusing screen. Dark-slide.

This is a typical Daguerreotype camera probably of French manufacture. On continental cameras of this period the top edge of the dark-slide was recessed into the top of the camera rather than extending to the outer edge of the camera. The brass handle is also typical and often found on French and German cameras of the time.

Note that on this example the tails of the joints at the top of the camera are at the side, from the top the joints appear as parallel saw cuts. This was normal on continental cameras, in Britain it was conventional to have the tails in the top plank.

Daguerreotype Camera

Daguerreotype Camera

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