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Stereo Box Camera

Early 1860s

Image of Stereo Box Camera

Two, c. 4 " Dallmeyer lenses. Fixed aperture. Serial no. 4093 4096 .

Mahogany, dovetail joints.

3 " x 6 " wet-collodion plates held in dark-slides.

Sliding movement on lens.

Rising front.

1, wet-plate slide with trough. 3 double dark-slides (1-6). Focusing screen. Pine box with dovetail joints.

This is a very well-made camera but with some odd details especially in the way the dark slides are constructed, possibly the camera was made by a cabinet maker working outside of the main camera manufacturing centres. The lenses date to around 1862, originally a simple pivoted shutter would have been fitted to each lens and linked by a brass rod.

The panels of the dark slides match the wood of the camera, the frames of the dark slides and the focusing screen are made of a much darker wood. The number of the slide is engraved on a brass disc. Rather than having a metal divider fitted with springs to separate the two glass plates, clips are fitted to the edge of the dark slides. A piece of card would have been used between the plates.

Further Information:
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