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Stereo Wet-plate Camera

c. 1864

J.H. Dallmeyer



Image of Stereo Wet-plate Camera

Two f4, 4 " Dallmeyer Petzval type lenses. Waterhouse stops marked: blank, 2, 3, 4, X, X2, X3. Serial no. 6656 6655 (1864).


Spanish mahogany, dovetail and screwed joints, brass bound, with brass fittings, leather square cornered bellows. Removable wooden tambour septum.

For 4 " x 7 " plates.

Bellows and sliding mount on lenses. Rack and pinion movement to front standard.

Rising front.

Serial Number:
464 .


  • f10, c. 8" Dallmeyer Triple Achromat. Waterhouse stops marked: blank, X, 2, 3, X, 4. In pouch. On panel. Red leather box for lens. Serial no. 6749 (c. 1864).
  • Two sets of Waterhouse stops for the stereo lenses. In pouches. Lens caps for stereo lenses. Red leather boxes for stereo lenses.
  • Septum. Flap shutter for stereo pair.
  • 1 wet-plate slide, with wire corners and trough. 4 double dark-slides.

This is similar to the well known sliding box camera from Dallmeyer but utilises bellows. The front standard racks forward for focusing, the rear standard is fixed to the baseboard which does not fold. The Waterhouse stops are stamped with the serial number of the lens. One of the stereo pair is marked with an 'O' as is one of the flanges and one set of stops.

The lens dates are provided by the Dallmeyer archive.

Further Information:
Information on the Wet Collodion Process.

Similar cameras by Mawson of Newcastle, on a carrying box, and Hare are illustrated in Vintage Cat. no. 3 of 1977 and 2/87.

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