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Sliding Box Stereo Camera

c. 1861

Burfield & Rouch



Image of Sliding Box Stereo Camera

Two, c. 4 " Dallmeyer New Stereoscopic lenses. Waterhouse stops. The front component can be used alone giving 6" focus. Serial no. 2436 2442 (1861).

Spanish mahogany, dovetail and screwed joints, with brass fittings.

3 " x 6 " wet-collodion plates held in dark-slides.

Sliding box movement and movement on lens.

Variable separation of the lenses. Short rail in base to move camera between exposures. The slides have two shutters allowing half of the plate to be exposed. One lens, a flange and the stops are stamped with an '0' for matching.


  • Set of Waterhouse stops, marked: 'serial number', 2, 3, 5, X, 6. In Dallmeyer pouch.
  • 3, wet-plate slides with wire corners. Focusing screen. Pine box with dovetail joints.

This is an unusual camera as it is a two-lens model but equipped for use on a rail similar to a single-lens stereo camera; this would have been to enhance the stereo effect. When used on a longer rail each half of the negative would have been exposed separately, for this, the dark-slides have two shutters each covering half the negative. The design of the camera is a sliding box without baseboard, common on stereo and small format camera at the time. There is space in the lid of the carrying case for a longer rail.

The lenses each consist of two achromatic groups. The front can be used alone giving a longer focus, it would then be placed at the rear of the tube and the lens hood screwed into the front. Patented in 1860.

Cameras signed by Burfield & Rouch are rare though several stereo viewers are known by them. Later as W. W. Rouch a number of field and detective cameras were produced.

A more sophisticated, folding, two-lens camera using a rail was shown at the Spira exhibition at George Eastman House.

An 1858 advertisement from Burfield & Rouch states they have "First class photographic apparatus and lenses. Cameras, folding and rigid, brass bound cameras for India, also New Stereoscopic Box Camera for working in the open air." Held in stock were lenses by Ross and Jamin. The Rouch Registered Portable Dark Chamber was also advertised.

Further Information:
Photographic News, 22 October 1858. Spira Exhibition Cat. 26/9/1980. Spira, History, p. 113.
Information on the Wet Collodion Process.

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