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Goerz Anschütz

Improved model


C.P. Goerz



Image of Goerz Anschütz

f6.8, 180 mm Doppel Anastigmat, series III/2. Iris diaphragm to f64. Serial no. 91578 .

Focal-plane, spring powered, speeds 5s - 1/1200. Speeds down to 1/10 are regulated by varying the slit width and tension. For speeds between 1/2 and 5s a bulb release activates a pneumatic time delay. For B and T settings a separate slit in the blinds is used. The slit width is changed by a slider on the blinds.

Leather covered wood body, unpleated leather bellows.

6 ½" x 4 ¾" plates held in double dark-slides.

Helical to 2 m, scale to 3 metre.

Wire frame finder.

Rise and cross front.

Serial Number:
6071 .

The blinds have 'Ottomar Anschütz Lissa (Posson)' printed on them.

Hooded focusing screen. 3 double dark-slides (1 - 6). Lens cap. Case.

The Goerz Anschütz was a folding strut camera built around the Anschütz focal-plane shutter. The original camera was a rigid bodied model. In 1896 Goerz introduced a folding model with unpleated bellows. This had speeds of 1/25 - 1/1000. The slit width was varied by a slide on the shutter blinds. The slide was attached to a cord that ran between the blinds, moving the slide along one of the blind edges set the width of the slit. The finder was an open frame with cross wires. In 1904 the range of speeds was increased to 5s - 1/1200. The slow speeds were activated by a bulb release operating a pneumatic time delay. In 1906 the camera was improved by making the shutter self-capping and by varying the slit width from the outside of the camera. The top speed was later reduced to 1/1000. The finder changed to a lens with rear post and then an optical lens/lens type. At around this ime the lens panel (the rising front part) was changed to metal.

The Anschütz was made in a number of sizes from quarter-plate to whole-plate and stereo as well as the continental sizes of 9 x 12 cm, 10 x 15 cm and 13 x 18 cm. A tropical model finished in green Russia leather was available. A teak tropical model was also made for a short time. The price of the example shown here was £8.5.0.

The camera name was changed from Anschütz to Ango by the early 1920s, sales ceased following the Zeiss merger.

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Further Information:
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