Stereo Cards and Diapositives - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Stereo Cards and Diapositives

Stereo Cards Taken with a Single-lens Camera

Image of Hôtel de Cluny

Hôtel de Cluny
. Albumen print on buff card. A coach and horse are shown in one image.

Palace of Luxembourg
. Albumen print on yellow card. 6 ¾" x 3 ⅜". A gardener's wheelbarrow is shown in one image.

Hôtel de Ville
. Albumen print on yellow card. 6 ¾" x 3 ⅜". Several figures are shown in one image.

Stereo Cards


Jabez Hughes
, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Two cards of a church, Isle of Wight. Arched tops to images, yellow mounts.

Paper label on reverse - Phot. to the Queen. Regina House, Ryde.

The Ryde studio is described in The Photographic Studios of Europe.

Paul Emile Chappuis
, London. Statue - The Little Sailor. Albumen. Buff mount. 6 ⅞" x 3 5/16". Hand-written date: 29th March 1861.

Chappuis blind stamp with address of 69 Fleet St.

Image of

G.W. Wilson
. York Minster, West Front, No. 366. Albumen, yellow mount. 6 ⅞" x 3 ⅜". Dates to 1862.

Sold by C.L. Burdekin, York. Parliament St.

H. Petschler & Co.
, Manchester. Four views of Buxton. Albumen, yellow mount. 6 13/16" x 3 5/16". No. 87, 92, 93, 352.

Dates to 1858 - 1865 then as Manchester Photographic Co.

Image of

W. England
. Switzerland, yellow mount.

England's studio is described in The Photographic Studios of Europe.

F. Hudson
, Ventnor. Eight cards of the Isle of Wight. Arched tops to images, yellow mounts.
Frederick Hudson died in 1889 aged 67, he settled in the I.O.W. some 30 years earlier after being in America, for many photographs he used 20" x 16" wet-plates.

References & Notes:
BJP 8/3/1889, p. 154.

Image of

J. Symonds
, Ryde. Card showing Symonds' horse-drawn Photographic Carriage.

Address: 38 High St., Portsmouth. 15 Union St., Ryde.

Image of

F. Moor
, Ventnor. Twenty cards of the Isle of Wight - Moore's Series of Stereoscopic Views, yellow mounts.

Est. 1844.

, Clifton. Three views of Bristol and Clifton. Albumen, yellow mounts. 6 ¾" x 3 ¼".

W.M. Grundy
. One card showing cattle in a field, Late 1850s.

Image of

Jas. Russell & Sons
, Chichester. Two cards of Chichester. Yellow and pink mounts.

Image of

H. Loof
. Three cards of Tunbridge Wells c. 1860.

Henry William Loof (b. 1830) had a studio in Bath Square Tunbridge Wells, possibly the building shown at the left of the stereo view. Later he had a studio at 13 St James Street Brighton. The 1861 census shows he was living at The Parade Tunbridge Wells.

References & Notes:
Colbran's Hand-Book and Visitor's Guide for Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood 7th ed. 1860, advertisement. Heathcote, Faithful Likeness.

Image of

W. May
, Devonport. Stereo card of a ship, c. 1860.

McLean, Melhuish & Haes
, London. Stereo card of the Isle of Wight.

Address: 26 Haymarket.

Image of

C.R. Lobb
, Wadebridge. St. Michael's Mount, yellow mount.

Sold by: W. Cornish, Penzance.

Springate Ltd.
, Southsea. Late card showing elephants.

Address: Kings Rd.

Image of Conway Stereo-Pix Cards

Conway Stereo-Pix Cards
. Coronet Ltd, Birmingham. 4 x 4 cm bromide images printed on 44 x 110 mm card.
  • Views of Canterbury, 4 cards in unopened packet.
  • Views of Rome, 5 cards in unopened packet. Price 1/-.

London Stereoscopic Co.
, London. Fishing Boats.

Address: 54 Cheapside.

International Exhibition of 1862
. London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co., London. Twelve views. Albumen, arched tops to images, yellow mounts, 6 13/16" x 3 5/16". No. 15, 25, 28, 32, 35, 38, 40, 43, 50, 52, 53, 63.

Image of Wooden naval ships

Wooden naval ships
. Two cards showing wooden ships at Portsmouth. One card by J. Symonds, Ryde shows the Britannia.

GB. Photo
. 1858. Two cards: No. 35B Cemetery at Treguier; No. 59B Ruins of the Knights Templar Church at Lanleff. Buff mounts signed in ink.

Image of HMS Edgar in the Firth of Forth

HMS Edgar in the Firth of Forth
. G.W. Wilson. The printed label has 'HMS Edgar in the Firth of Forth (Instantaneous) No. 225 A'. Yellow mount.


Image of

Adolphe Braun
, Dornach. Eight cards.

Alfredo Noack
, Genova. Two cards orange mounts.

Victor Angerer
, Vienna. One card.

The studio is described in The Photographic Studios of Europe.

August Angerer
, Vienna. One card showing the tower of Pisa.

, Paris. Four cards, pale yellow mounts, blind stamp.

Retailer's label on one card: W. Spooner, Photographic Print Seller, 165 Strand, London.

, Paris. One card.

Giacomo Brogi
, Florence. Milan Cathedral, orange mount.

Henri Guerard
, Paris. Albumen, arched top. Yellow mount. 6 ⅞" x 3 ⅜".

Address: 156 Rue de Rivoli.

, Rouen. Two cards of Rouen Cathedral.

Address: 13 Rue Rollon.

D F Photo
, Marseille. Five cards, one of a harbour scene. Blue and yellow mounts.

Oscar Kramer
, Vienna. Fourteen cards, orange mounts with pink or yellow backs.

Van Lint
. Two cards, grey mounts.

USA & Canada

Realistic Travels
. Fourteen cards. Glossy prints, arched tops, grey concave mounts, 7" x 3 ½". No. 3, 8, 18, 21, 24, 25, 35, 41, 47, 58, 60, 87, 78, 91.

Image of 'Anglers Delight'

'Anglers Delight'
. H.C. White, Bennington. Glossy print, arched top, coloured, dark grey mount. 7" x 3 ½". No. 10018. Labelled - The Artisque Coleur Stereograph, patented April 14 1903.

Milan Cathedral
. Keystone View Co., St. Louis. Arched top, buff concave mount with rounded corners. 7" x 3 ½". No. 1985.

Image of Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament
. Universal Stereoscopic View Co. From 'Universal Gems of American and Foreign Scenery'. Glossy print, mauve/grey toned, cream mount with rounded corners. 7 1/16" x 3 ½". 952 Series.

In the foreground is a photographer with a large camera on a tripod.

Universal Photo Art Co.
, Philadelphia. Four cards, one of the 1900 Paris Exposition.

Universal View Co
. Two cards showing mountain scenery, grey mounts.

Griffith & Griffith
. Two posed cards.

Boer war
. Underwood & Underwood. Six cards from the Boer war series. Grey and buff mounts. 7" x 3 ½".

Underwood & Underwood
. Nine cards. Glossy prints, arched top, mechanically coloured, grey concave mounts with rounded corners. 7" x 3 ½".

Underwood & Underwood
. Eight cards, buff mounts.

Metropolitan Series
. Five cards, half-tone images.

Collotype Prints
. Two cards, Heidelberg and Atlantic City. Post-card format.

Alex. Henderson
, Montreal. One card, orange/pink mount.

George Curtis
. Niagara Falls. Three cards 14, 113, 284. Orange mounts.


Image of Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace
. Eleven views. Albumen, rounded corners to image, cream mounts, 6 13/16" x 3 5/16". No. 7, 17, 26, 29, 48, 62, 63, 64, 67, 96, 142.

Image of Sailing Ships

Sailing Ships
. Card showing two sailing ships at sea. Grey mount.

Image of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge
. Nine views. Albumen, yellow mounts. 6 ¾" x 3 ¼".

. Albumen, cream mount. 6 ⅞" x 3 ⅜".

Church Architecture
. Four cards by an amateur photographer. Matt grey tones, white mounts, 7" x 3 ½".

Image of Chess Players

Chess Players
. Albumen. Cream mount. 6 11/16" x 3 ⅜".

. Two cards. One showing a billiard game the other ex-service men.

Label of John Brislead, Greenwich, chemist.

Whitby and Yorkshire
. Thirteen cards some dated 1902.

Zoo Animals
. Thirteen cards taken by A.T. Mole and F. Low between 1907 and 1909. Mole used a Stereo Spido camera and Low a Lizars. Exhibition labels of United Stereoscopic Society on some cards.

Image of Animals

. Eleven amateur cards. Two taken by R. Burrows one of which is dated 1909 with a label of United Stereoscopic Society, taken with a Goerz camera.

Image of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
. H.K.S.L.

Retailer: Milliken & Lawley, London. 165 Strand.

. Four cards, pale yellow mounts.

. Ten cards printed on photographic paper without additional backing. Late. French.

'The Late Robert Stephenson Esq.'
. Grey mount.

. Eight views including two of Chichester and one of Portsmouth.

. Six cards. Arched tops, yellow mounts.

Image of Woodland

. Three cards.

Image of Bridges

. Three cards showing Clifton suspension bridge and the railway bridge at Saltash.

. Five cards showing an engine together with a modern letter from the Science Museum London. c. 1860 - 1865.

Fire Equipment
. Card showing early hand-pulled fire equipment.

Image of St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral
. Card showing St. Paul's from the south bank of the Thames prior to the construction of the Victoria Embankment.

Image of Brighton Chain Pier, from entrance

Brighton Chain Pier, from entrance

Sold by D.H. Greenin, 20 & 21 East St. Brighton.

Image of Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage

Image of Family Group

Family Group

Public Meeting

Image of Tissue Card

Tissue Card
. Interior of a building.

Tissue Card
. Wedding.

Isle of Wight
. Twenty-eight cards, yellow and grey mounts.

Niagara Falls from Prospect Point
. Albumen, arched top, cream mount with rounded corners. 6 13/16" x 3 ¼".

Niagara Falls
. Two cards.

Stereo Cards
. Fifty-one cards.

Image of Bruges

. Two cards printed on photographic paper without additional backing.

. Nine cards, one of the Tower of Pisa, two of the Coliseum.

. Seven cards, buff mounts.

Paris and environs
. Fourteen cards. Buff mounts.

'La Suisse Pittoresque' series
. Two cards. No. 24, 103.

Posed Cards

Hanging Poultry
. London Stereoscopic Co., London. Albumen. Green mount. 6 13/16" x 3 ¼".

Address: 54 Cheapside. 110 Regent St. (1862 - 1863).

Image of Still life

Still life
. Grey mount.

Sold by Robert Gogerty, 72 Fleet St., London.

Image of Basket Makers

Basket Makers
. Two cards, hand-coloured. 'The Brighton Fancy Basket Maker' and 'The Basket shop'.

'Smiles and Tears'
. A posed card. Albumen, arched top, hand-coloured, grey mount. 6 13/16" x 3 5/16".

Image of 'Quiet Moment'

'Quiet Moment'
. C.E. Goodman. Posed Card.

J. Elliott
. Four posed cards, coloured. 'The Sacking of the Yew's House', 'Naughty Dolly', 'Five Weeks After Wedding', "The Staircase at St. James's Palace".

One card has a retailer's label of: Smith, Beck & Beck, London, 6 Coleman St.

Image of

A. Silverster
. Two posed cards, coloured. 'Freemasonry', 'The Dream of the Wedding'.

Posed Card

Sold by: Marshall & Co. Southampton.

Image of Posed Cards

Posed Cards
. Thirteen coloured cards. Including: 'Evening at Home', 'Caught at last, pretty creature', 'The Child's Dream', 'Returning from the Derby', 'Blind Mans Buff', 'Hamlet', 'Did you ever, Punch's Stereoscopic Sketches, No. 3', 'The Fair Tormentor'.

Skeletons at a Table
. London Stereoscopic Co. Ltd, London.

Address: 54 Cheapside.

Posed Cards
. J. Elliott. Two posed cards including 'Very Pretty Indeed'.


Image of

Theodore Brown
, London. A standard lantern slide, 3 ¼" x 3 ¼", containing two stereo images each 2 ¼" x 1 ¼". Black and white image.

Address: 8 Villa Rd., Brixton, London.

Charles Soulier
. Ground glass back. Published by Smith, Beck & Beck, London.

Publisher's address: 6 Coleman St.

. Two, 45 x 107 mm diapositives. In box labelled 'Agfa Diapositives Platten Normal', dated 1952. Retailer's stamp on box: 'Pablo Ferrando, Sarandi 681'. Retailer's logo on plates.

. Three, 45 x 107 mm diapositives together with the negatives from which they were made.

. Eight, 45 x 107 mm diapositives together with the negatives. Includes a self-portrait taken with a Verascope camera. Contained in an Imperial Special Lantern Plates box.

. Two, 3 ¼" x 6 ¾" diapositives with ground glass backs.
  • Salle de Marbre Nouveau Palais, Potsdam.
  • Portrait meridional de la cathedrale de Palermo.
In Paget Prize Plate Co. Ltd, Lantern Slow, box.

. Seventeen lantern slides relating to stereoscopic projection and cameras.

. Four, 6 x 13 cm plates, one by F. Low d. 1910.

Image of Diapositives

. Eight French diapositives some coloured, ground glass backs.

Image of St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral
. Diapositive of St. Paul's Cathedral. Ground glass back.

. View showing a bridge. Ground glass back.

Geometric Stereo Cards

Image of

Seven cards:

  • Concentric coloured circles.
  • Figure with eight vanes.
  • Paper figures.
  • Concentric squares.
  • A tomb.
  • Wire figure with ten points.
  • Concentric squares and circles.
Non-photographic, drawn images on black mounts, 6 ½" x 3 ¼".

Mathematical Figures Through the Stereoscope

Image of

Underwood & Underwood
. No. 2 Thirteen-fold Spherical Catenary.


Image of Magic Post Card Anaglyph

Magic Post Card Anaglyph
. .
  • Series 34 no. 1. Rostherne Mere, Cheshire.
  • Series 21 no. 2. The Cascade Ramsgate.
  • Series 27 no. 2. Boating, River Dee.
  • Series 8 ? no. 4. Invalids' Walk Bournemouth.
Red and green image. The cards are headed 'Theodore Brown and E. Osman Brown's Magic Post Card'. Published by W. Mate & Sons Bournemouth. Postcard format, the lower part of the card carries red and green eyepieces which are to be cut from the card, the upper part of the card carries an anaglyph.

Image of Anaglyph

. Five anaglyph lantern slides of Holland and two sets of green/red filters. In Imperial Dry Plate Co. Special Lantern Plate box.

Anaglyphs produce a stereoscopic effect by printing the two images of a stereo pair in complementary colours, the two images are superimposed with their main subject points being coincident. The combined image is viewed through coloured filters. If the right-hand image is printed in red-orange and the left in green-blue then a green-blue filter is used in front of the right eye and a red-orange filter in front of the left eye.

Anaglyphs were often printed in periodicals or as postcards where the half-tone or similar printing process was used. Individual Anaglyphs could be produced by a gelatin bichromate process e.g. carbon.

Wall (Dictionary of Photography, 1912) credits the invention of the Anaglyph to Ducos du Hauron and D'Almeida. D'Almeida, working in the 1850s, used magic lanterns to demonstrate the stereoscopic effect of superimposed coloured images.

References & Notes:
Wall, Dictionary (1912), p. 33. Judge, Stereoscopic Photography, p. 213. Clerc, Photography. Theory and Practice, p. 518. Hasluck, Book of Photography, p. 630, describes the D'Almeida projection apparatus.





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