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Wet Collodion Negatives


Image of Wet Collodion Negatives

Thirteen, 12" x 10" negatives mostly group portraits, from the studio of Hills & Saunders. Subjects are army offices, one captioned Sandhurst, several are dated.

Wet Collodion Negatives


Two, 'two-up' negatives. Both images are of a woman.

These are approximately half-plate negatives from the studio of Hills and Saunders. They are on roughly cut glass between 6 " x 4 " and 6 " x 4 ". The images on the two plates show a difference in position with no change in subject, the two images on each single plate are the same. There are borders on three sides from the plate holder. On the fourth side are parts of the image from two other negatives. Possibly this was originally a 'four-up' negative and cut in half. The purpose could be to give a double rate of printing.

Wet Collodion Negatives

A 'Two-up' with wire marks and borders on each edge.

This is from the studio of Hills and Saunders. It has borders from the plate holder on all four sides and wire marks.

Wet Collodion Negatives

Three 'Two-up' negatives from larger negatives.

These are from the studio of Hills and Saunders. The negatives show three borders from the plate holder. Either they were cut from a whole-plate or were exposed in a whole-plate slide. Two of the negatives have been coated over only half of the plate. One negative has part of the background blocked out.

Wet Collodion Negatives

Six portrait or full-length studies from the studio of Hills and Saunders.





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