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Model 1

Franz Kochmann



Image of Reflex-Korelle Model 1

f2.9, 7.5 cm Victar, iris diaphragm to f16. Interchangeable screw mount lens. Serial no. 390565 .

Focal-plane, speeds 1/25 - 1/500, B.

Leather covered metal body.

12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 roll-film.

Helical to 3 feet.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen. Frame finder. Magnifier in hood.
Film advance indicated by counter after initially setting to 1 in red window.
Lever-wind film advance which also tensions the shutter.


The Reflex-Korelle was a fairly basic but functional camera.


  • Original - Shutter speeds of 1/10 - 1/1000. Film advance is by counter. 1935.
  • Model 1 - Shutter speeds of 1/25 - 1/500. Film advance is by counter. 1936.
  • Model 11 - As for the Model 1 but with speeds of 2 - 1/500 and delayed action. 1936.
  • Model 1a - As for a Model 1 but an auto-stop is fitted to the film advance. 1937.
  • Model 11a - As for a Model 11 but with an auto-stop to the film advance. 1937.
  • Model B - Similar to a Model 1 but the film advance does not set the shutter, the speed dial has to be turned to tension it. There is no frame finder. c. 1939.
  • Model 111 - Similar to a Model 11a but with different styling around the finder. The shutter speeds go to 1/1000. The lens has a bayonet fitting and a wider throat. c. 1939.
Some early models have nickel rather than chrome trim.

Lenses and Accessories:

A large number of lenses was produced for the Korelle. Some were distributed by the maker others by independent manufacturers. Accessories included extension tubes (16, 26 and 38 mm) and a folding focusing hood. A 1939 pamphlet on the Reflex Korelle lists the following lenses:

Standard Lenses
f3.5, Victarf3.5 Tessar
f2.9, Victarf2.8 Tesar
f3.5, Radionarf1.9 Promoplan
f2.9, Radionar
Long focus and Telephoto Lenses
f1.9, 100 mm Primoplanf3.5, 180 mm Primotar
f2.7, 105 mm Macro-Plasmatf5.5, 180 mm Tele-Xenar
f4.5, 105 mm Xenarf6.3, 180 mm Tele-Tessar
f4.5, 105 mm Tessarf4.5, 240 mm Tele-Xenar
f4.5, 135 mm Xenarf5.5, 300 mm Tele-Xenar
f4.5, 135 mm Tessarf5.5, 360 mm Tele-Xenar
f3.5, 135 mm Primotarf5.5, 400 mm Tele-Megor
f4.5, 120 mm Rodenstock Imagon
British supplied Lenses
f5.6, 6" Dallonf4.5, 9" Adon
f5.6, 6" Cooke

References & Notes:
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Further Information:
BJA 1953, p.221. Dallmeyer lens advert. The AP advertisement of 27/5/1936 is by R. A. Fleming who later became Photo-Optics. One advertisement from 27/5/1936 shows the original shutter speed range. The advertisement for 21/7/1937 says that the 1a and 11a models are nearly ready.

Wills, History, p.48. (Model B). Christie's Cat. 9/11/1989 lot 165. (Model 111).

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