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Leica M2


E. Leitz G.M.B.H.


West Germany

Image of Leica M2

f2, 5 cm Summicron, iris diaphragm to f16. Bayonet mount. Removable lens-head. Serial no. 1606206 (1958).

Focal-plane, speeds 1 - 1/1000, B. Speeds are varied by delaying the second blind. Flash synchronisation.

Vulcanite covered metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film held in cassette.

Helical, scale to 3' 4" and 19" in close-up mode.

Coupled rangefinder, swing prism type, double image. Direct-vision (lens/lens) view-finder, frame outlines for 35, 50 and 90 mm lenses.
Auto-stop on film advance coupled to shutter. Film advance tensions shutter.
Exposure counter. Removable close-up eye-piece for use when lens is in close-up mode.

Early model with button re-wind setting and no delayed action.

Serial Number:
929487 (1958) .


  • f3.5, 3.5 cm Summaron, manual click-stop iris. Focus to 3' 4". Depth-of-field scale. E39 filter size. Screw mount with screw-bayonet adapter. With Lens cap, rear cap. Plastic case. Serial no. 1519946 (1957).
  • f3.5, 65 mm Elmar, iris diaphragm to f22 with click-stops. Lens head for use with Visoflex II via OTZFO focusing mount, focus to 13.2" with OTZFO. E41 filter size. Fits onto Bellows II via 16558 ring. Serial no. 2288367.
  • f4, 9 cm Elmar, manual iris to f32. Focus to 3 feet. Depth-of-field scale. E39 filter size. With Lens cap. Plastic case. Serial no. 1573156 (1958).
  • f4.5, 13.5 cm Hektor, iris to f32. Focus to 4' 6". Depth-of-field scale. E39 filter size. Rear cap. Serial no. 1647308 (1959).
  • Close-focus eye-piece for Summicron. In case.
  • Lens cap for Summicron.
  • Amateur Outfit case.
  • Leica meter MC. Metrawatt. Nürnberg. Iris scale: f1.5 - f16. Shutter scale: 120s - 1/1000. Film speed scale: 7 - 34 DIN, 6 - 1000 ASA. Case. MC meter booster cell.
  • Eldia contact printer. Red box.
  • "Leica Survey Catalogue & Price List" d. March 1960. London. "Leica M2 for photographic perfection" pamphlet d. May 1964. "Kurzanleitung", instruction book 11-36. d. 1958.
  • Visoflex
  • Visoflex II. 90 degree, 4x magnification, prism viewing head.
  • Vertical finder, 5x magnification.
  • Helical 'Universal Focusing Mount' (OTZFO) for 65 mm Elmar and 13.5 cm Hektor on Visoflex II. In box.
  • Helical focusing mount (OUAGO) for 9 cm Elmar on Visoflex II. Scaled Infinity to 3' 4".
  • Connector to fit 13.5 cm Hektor lens head to OTZFO. In box.
  • Connector to fit 20 cm and 13.5 cm lenses in short mounts to Visoflex II.
  • Connector to fit 5 cm and 35 mm lenses to Visoflex II. Gives 1:1 with 5 cm lenses and 1.4:1 with 35 mm lenses.
  • Extension tube for close-focus with the Universal Focusing Mount. (OTRPO).
  • 15 mm extension tube for 20 cm on Visoflex II.
  • 9 mm extension tube (OTQNO) for 9 cm lens and OUAGO.
  • "Visoflex II", pamphlet c. 1963. "Visoflex II Instructions".
  • Bellows
  • Bellows II. With main 16558 ring. Extension scale: 0 - 95 mm. Magnification scale for 9 cm lens: 0 - 1. Exposure factor scale: 1 - 4. Incorporates a focusing stage.
  • Adapter to fit lens head of 5 cm Summicron to Bellows II.
  • "Focusing Bellows II for Visoflex II and III", pamphlet.
  • Focoslide
  • Focoslide. Late model for 51 mm "N" thread.
  • Four, 26 mm "N" extension tubes.
  • 5x vertical magnifier for Focoslide. Version with shorter body, compact eye-piece optics and straight knurling.
  • Aperture setting ring for f2 Summicron, scaled f2 - f16, for use with Focoslide. Aperture setting ring for f2.8 Elmar, scaled f2.8 - f16.
  • Filter ring for E39 filters on Aperture setting ring.
  • "Focoslide-M for Lieca M" Instruction, c. 1958. "Focoslide", pamphlet c. 1958.
  • Copying stand
  • Copying stand - BOOWU-M. For A4, A5 and A6 sizes.
  • Bayonet mount to attach the lens head of the rigid Summicron to the BOOWU-M.

The M2 was introduced as a cheaper option to the M3. This is an early model M2, later a delayed action was fitted and the rewind button was replaced by a lever.

The outfit case carries the camera with standard lens attached; a long focus lens, either 9 cm or 13.5 cm; a 3.5 cm lens; close-up eye-piece; 3 filters and other small items.

The copying stand (BOOWU-M) comprises four extensible legs and three collars to which the legs and camera fit, the lens fits to the underside of the collar.

Code Names:
KNOOG - Camera. COONH - Close-focus eye-piece. METRA - Leica meter MC. EDOOF- Leica meter case. MBOOW-C - MC meter booster cell. 14820 - Amateur Outfit case. OCLOM - Visoflex II. OTXBO - 90 degree finder for Visoflex. OTVXO - Vertical finder. OTZFO - Focusing mount for 65 mm and 13.5 cm lenses on Visoflex II. OUAGO - Focusing mount for 9 cm lens on Visoflex II. OTSRO - Connects 13.5 cm lens head to OTZFO. OUBIO - Connector for 20 cm and 13.5 cm lenses in short mounts to Visoflex II. OUFRO - Connector for 5 cm and 35 mm lenses with Visoflex II. OTRPO - Extension tube for the OTZFO. MOOSP - Close-up tube for 20 cm on Visoflex II. OTQNO - Close-up tube for 9 cm lens and OUAGO. OOTGU - Focoslide. VWOOH - "N" extension tube. LVFOO - 5x magnifier for Focoslide. VTROO - Aperture setting ring for Summicron. VTOOX - Aperture setting ring for Elmar. 16614 - Filter ring for E39 filters. 16556 - Bellows II. 16558 - Main adapter ring. DMUOO - Adapter to fit lens head of 5 cm Summicron to Bellows II. UOORF/16508 - Tube to attach lens head of Summicron to BOOWU-M.

References & Notes:
Hasbroeck, Leica.


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