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Leica IIIb


E. Leitz G.M.B.H.



Image of Leica IIIb

f1.5, 5 cm Xenon, iris diaphragm to f9. Depth-of-field scale. Screw mount. Serial no. 289069* (1936).

Focal-plane, speeds 1 - 1/1000, Z. Speeds are varied by delaying the second blind.

Vulcanite covered metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm cine film held in standard cassettes, film is re-wound into cassette.

Helical, scale to 3.5 feet.

Coupled rangefinder, swing prism type, double image. Direct-vision (lens/lens) view-finder.
Auto-stop on film advance coupled to shutter. Film advance tensions shutter. Exposure counter.

Serial Number:
284310 (1938) .


  • Rapid winder base.
  • Lens cap. Lens hood. Cassette.
  • Bayonet mount filters: Yellow No. 1, in red box. Graduated yellow, in red box. Graduated green, in red box.
  • Weston Leicameter. Model 650. Film speeds: 8 - 35 Scheiner. Apertures: f1.5 - f36. Shutter speeds: 64s - 1/1000. With instructions dated 1938. In box.
  • Ever-ready case for Xenon lens and rapid winder. Red box for camera. The base carries the camera serial number and the Leica code word (LIGOO).
  • "Leica Accessories", pamphlet d. Nov 1938. Leitz General Cat. 4th edition. d. Sep 1938. "Directions 1, 2, 3", instruction books, issued in London d. June 1937. "The Pioneer and Leader", pamphlet, London issued. "The Camera that Revolutionised Photography", pamphlet, London issued. "Handle the Leica", booklet, E. Leitz London d. August 1938. "Leica The Camera of Modern Times", booklet, d. April 1937, with London price list. "The Interchangeable Leica Lenses", booklet. "Xenon The Super Speed Lens", pamphlet, London d. 1938. "Lens Tables" d. Nov 1937.

In the IIIb the position of the rangefinder and view-finder eye-pieces are closer together, as a result the top housing has been increased in height by 1 mm. Eyesight adjustment is now by a lever surrounding the re-wind knob. The accessory shoe was improved by having spring-loaded retainers.

Code Names:
LIGOO - camera. XEMOO - lens. EMOOX - ERC. SCNOO - Rapid winder base. XIOOM - Lens hood. XOOBZ - Yellow filter. XOODA - Graduated yellow filter. XOOHC - Graduated green filter. WESTO - meter. 7402c - "Leica Accessories". 7704 7705 7706 - Directions. 7784 - "Handle the Leica". 7343c - "Leica The Camera of Modern Times". 7427b - "Lens Table".

References & Notes:
Leica shutter. BP 479453/1938. Leica Cat. NY, 1939. Leica Cat. 4th ed, 1938. Hasbroeck, Leica.





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