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Lancaster Ladies' Camera


J. Lancaster & Son



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f10, c. 5 ½", single achromat, iris diaphragm scaled f10, f20, f30.

Lancaster See-Saw, two-blade guillotine, pneumatic release (bulb), self-capping.

Leather covered mahogany body, black canvas bellows.

3 ¼" x 4 ¼" plates held in double dark-slides.


Tripod socket.

Rising front.

Brass pneumatic bulb. Tripod top.

When folded the camera was designed to resemble a ladies' reticule, a long braided wrist-strap and gilt embossing enhanced the disguise. To use the camera the back folds down allowing the rear standard of the camera to be drawn out and clamped in position. The front hinges down and folds back to lie underneath the back panel, the two panels are then held in place by the tripod screw. In this way the camera is held rigid without the need for struts. The camera was advertised as being light, portable and easy to assemble, it was sold complete with lens, shutter, one double dark-slide and stand.

This model was advertised as the '1894' and replaced an earlier camera with the same name, the earlier camera was a conventional tailboard model without any disguise. The basic shape of the camera was used on another model called the Folding or Pocket Instantograph, on that camera the front folded down and the front standard carrying the lens was drawn out, there was not any attempt at disguise.

The camera was advertised for several years but few could have been sold judging by the number now extant. Sizes of quarter, half and whole plate were advertised.

References & Notes:
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