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Krügener's Patent Book Camera


Dr. R Krügener

Frankfurt a.m.


Marion & Co.



Image of Krügener's Patent Book Camera

f11, 65 mm achromatic rapid rectilinear, fixed aperture.

Guillotine, self-capping, spring powered. Single speed plus B setting.

Leather covered wood body.

24, 4 x 4 cm plates held in changing mechanism.


The shutter is cocked by pulling a cord on top of the camera and released by a cord on the bottom. The changing mechanism consists of feed and receiving compartments. A plunger moves a plate from the feed to the taking position which in turn pushes the previously exposed plate into the receiving compartment. An amber window allows the plate number, on the back of the plate holders, to be seen.

Serial Number:
1419 .

11 plate holders.

The most popular of the book cameras, designed by Dr. R. Krügener and manufactured by Haake & Albers of Frankfurt a.m. It was sold by a number of agents throughout the world, Marion was the UK agent. A good lens was provided but the changing mechanism must have caused problems.

Also sold as:

  • Photo-Livre - Mackenstein, Paris.
  • Photo-Carnet - Seb. Gecele, Brussels and A. Schaeffner, Paris.
  • Krügener's Patent Book Camera - Marion & Co., London.
  • Krügener's Patent Book Camera - E & H T Anthony, New York.
  • Krügener's Taschenbuch Camera - Haake & Albers, Frankfurt a.m.

Two sizes were sold by Marion: 4 x 4 cm (1 ⅝" x 1 ⅝"), and 3 ¼" x 3 ¼". The larger had a Steinheil lens. The leather panel on the front of the camera varies according to the agent and on some models the spine is leather covered. The price in 1892 was £2.5.0.

References & Notes:
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