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Photo Stereo Binocular


C.P. Goerz



Image of Photo Stereo Binocular

Two, f6.8, 75 mm Doppel Anastigmat III, wheel stops scaled 0, 12, 96. Serial no. 80262 88810 .

Guillotine, spring powered, self capping, variable speed.

Leather covered metal body.

Two images on separate 4.5 x 5 cm plates held in dark-slides.

To 14", scale to 1 m.

Direct-vision (post/lens) view-finder.
Three prongs situated between the lenses set the shutter - Both shutters are set to 'open' for use as a binocular. One shutter set to 'open' the other to 'instantaneous' for single exposures. Both shutters set to 'instantaneous' for stereo exposures. The lenses, mounted on a wheel, can be replaced by magnifiers when used as a binocular, giving 2.5x and 3.5x magnification.

Serial Number:
1714 .

This is a pair of field glasses that allow the panel holding the field lenses to be swung open and dark-slides inserted in their place and the replacement of the eye-pieces by photographic lenses. When used as a camera the disguise was lost as the 'eye-piece' was then towards the subject. A year or two after its introduction a cheaper lens - the Lynkinoscope - was offered, this reduced the price from £15 to £10. The optical arrangement when used as a field glass is a Galilean form common at the time.

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