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Sanderson Serial Numbers

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The data covers the Sanderson Hand & Stand and field camera models which shared the same serial number series. Some numbers include a dot separating the thousand part of the number.

Camera production increased in 1902 with the introduction of the new Hand & Stand models and again briefly in 1909. Production was very limited from the First World War period onwards.


No.LensDateSource (C = Christie, P = Phillips, S = Sotheby)
119Field, no rear struts, curved front struts
180421TTH 1895Sanderson
225Field, Model A, rear struts
241SAS 7/2013, lot 1488Field, Model A, rear struts
369Field, Model A, rear struts
5981899C 11/12/02, 97H&S 1st model, type 1
84661566Dallmeyer1900FalchenbergH&S 1st model, type 1
920 1900Sanderson Popular
1205H&S 1st model, type 2
128663087Dallmeyer1901FalchenbergH&S 1st model, type 2
1458H&S 1st model, type 3
1489H&S 1st model, type 3
18451901C 16/7/02, 280H&S 1st model, type 3 with finger recess in body
2610H&S 1st model, type 3
33201902FalchenbergH&S Regular
356664628Dallmeyer1902Sanderson Tourist
37561902FalchenbergH&S Tourist
39601902FalchenbergH&S Tourist
41531902Roll-Film Sanderson
4533Roll-film, with cross front
48551902FalchenbergH&S De-Luxe
5364H&S Regular, 1902 spec.
5.4421902Sanderson Popular
5455121271Goerz1903Roll-Film Sanderson
61731903FalchenbergH&S Junior. Square lens panel
65651903FalchenbergH&S Regular
6937 1903Sanderson Regular
71331904H&S Regular, 1904 spec. finger recess
811913450Beck1904Junior Sanderson
84381904Sanderson Junior
87901904FalchenbergH&S Junior. Late lens panel
939168674ZeissSanderson Tropical De Luxe
95651904Sanderson Popular
98351904Sanderson Popular
10.16312781TTH 1905Sanderson A pattern
10.247 1905Sanderson A pattern
12.636262874GoerzFalchenbergH&S Tropical
13.225252870Goerz 1906Junior Sanderson
14024Lothrop col.H&S Junior, finger recess
15220114322ZeissSanderson Tropical De Luxe
15333 1908Tropical Sanderson
154406660Ross-GoerzTropical Sanderson
15799Tropical Sanderson
17242H&S Junior, no finger recess, type 2 front std. clamp, early front std. bolts.
174121909Roll-film Sanderson
1850532325TTH 1909Sanderson De Luxe
18622256503GoerzSanderson Tropical De Luxe
194081910FalchenbergH&S Junior
1968815362Ross-Zeiss1910Tropical Sanderson
1996811581Aldis1910FalchenbergH&S Tropical
200801910Tropical Sanderson
20635H&S De Luxe
20740218004Zeiss 1911Tropical Sanderson
249761597681914FalchenbergH&S Regular
26162143585Aldis1928Sanderson Regular

N&G Early Sibyl

N&G Later Sibyl

Universal, Square Reflector

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N&G Nydia N&G Trellis




Houghton (Ensign, H-B)

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Newman Sinclair Reflex


Periflex Corfield 66

Wrayflex Witness

Lenses -
Ross Dallmeyer

TTH Wray Beck Aldis

Ross-Zeiss Ross-Goerz

Carl Zeiss Goerz Meyer

Voigtländer Grubb