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Reflex Telephoto attachment

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Image of Reflex Telephoto attachment

Lens Type:
Telephoto Attachment. Variable separation.

Scaled 6, 5, 4. Removable bayonet mount. For 5" x 4".

Serial Number:
70790 .

The Reflex Telephoto Attachment consists of a negative lens group in a sliding tube, this bayonets or screws to the front standard and the positive lens screws on the front of the tube. It was made in two forms for the Square Reflector or the Long Focus and in three sizes, quarter-plate, 5" x 4" and half-plate.

Telephoto Attachment

3" Dallmeyer negative group. Scaled 2 ½, 3, 3 ½. In N&G mount for a Universal camera.

Serial Number:
63576 (c. 1902) .

The Telephoto Attachment fits to the rear of the lens panel on cameras such as the Universal B. One model was made fitting both quarter-plate and 5" x 4".

References & Notes:
N&G Cat. 1908, p. 78.

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Newman & Guardia



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