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Tele Negative Attachment

C.P. Goerz



Image of Tele Negative Attachment

Model VIIb, 75 mm

Lens Type:
Telephoto attachment. Variable separation.

For 3 - 8x magnification. Rack and pinion adjustment.

Serial Number:
186905 .

This was made in two versions for either hand or bellows cameras. The tube and elements could be purchased separately. Advertisements in the 1905 BJA list the VIIb as taking a primary lens with a different flange diameter to the example shown here. The 3" negative lens is also not listed as for use with the VIIb tube. A 3" negative suited a prime lens of 6", 7" or 8 ¼" focal length covering a 4" x 5" plate at low magnification and 12" x 16" at high magnification.

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Tele Objective

Carl Zeiss



45 mm

Lens Type:
Telephoto attachment. Fixed separation.

Helical focusing scaled to 6'. For quarter-plate.

Serial Number:
55260 .

The Zeiss Tele Objective consists of negative attachments, positive lenses and tubes which can be combined in various ways. The positive lens can be either a conventional prime lens such as a Tessar or Protar, or a specialist group called the Tele-Positve. Some tubes had iris diaphragms and shutters fitted. This example is a Tele-Negative attachment in a tube with removable focusing mount. The likely positive lens would have been a Tele-Positive of 135 mm focal length.

References & Notes:
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c. 1908

Voigtländer & Sohn



97 mm

Lens Type:
Telephoto attachment. Fixed separation.

For 15 cm primary lens. 2.5x Magnification. For 10 x 15 cm.

Serial Number:
103244 .


This is a conventional telephoto attachment consisting of a negative lens for mounting behind a normal objective. The attachment is for use with hand cameras such as the Voigtländer Alpin. It fits inside the bellows and screws to the rear of the lens panel. It was made in two sizes for quarter-plate (12 or 13.5 cm objectives) and 5 ½" x 3 ½" (15 cm objectives).

References & Notes:
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