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Shutter Type:
Rotary, rubber-band powered and regulated.

Focusing or T setting.

Around half-plate size.

This was sold under the names of Instantaneous and Instantograph. It proved very popular and is often found fitted to Instantograph cameras. Early examples, before around 1890, have a segment shaped cut-out. This example has an elaborately shaped cut-out designed to give extra exposure to the foreground. Advertisements claim that speeds up to a 1/100 could be obtained. The shutter was replaced in the late 1890s by the 'See-Saw' model.

In the diagram on the right the shutter is shown at the mid point of its travel just as the cut-out in the shutter disc passes the lens. The shutter is powered by a rubber band (shown in blue) stretched between the end of the arm M, around the central boss and on to the stud F. The arm M can be set in different positions which changes the tension in the rubber band. The arm is kept in position by a series of notches on the underside of M, pressing the stud L lifts a spring detent that allows M to be moved. When fully wound the projection piece O will be at the bottom of the diagram held by the release trigger H. When H is pressed the shutter disc rotates, at the end of the exposure the piece O is held against P. A notch in the shutter disc can be engaged by H to hold the shutter open for focusing. On some examples P can be disengaged.

References & Notes:
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An early model with segmental cut-out is shown here Instantograph.

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