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Ross-Zeiss Unar


Ross Ltd



Image of Ross-Zeiss Unar

f5, 155 mm

Lens Type:

Iris diaphragm to f64. Produced under licence by Ross, For 3 " x 4 ".

Serial Number:
8746 , Ross-Zeiss no.

Designed by Paul Rudolph. The Unar was gradually replaced by the Tessar. Produced in apertures of f4.5, f5 and f6.3.

References & Notes:
BP 24089/1899. BJA 1901, p. 46. BJA 1902, p. 47. YBP 1901, p. 551. Kingslake, p. 86. DRP 134408.

Ross-Zeiss Tessar

Ross Ltd



f4.5, 210 mm (8 ")

Iris diaphragm to f32. Partly sunk mount.

Serial Number:
15105 .

f4.5, 6"

Iris diaphragm to f32. Sunk mount.

Serial Number:
81701 (1917) , this number is in the Ross sequence. The lens is also marked 15687 which appears to be a Ross-Zeiss number but is too early unless it refers to an uncompleted batch from around 1910.

Engraved Ross London (Mill Hill).

The Ross-Zeiss Ic Tessar (f3.5) was issued in Jan. 1907.

References & Notes:
BJA 1908.



Carl Zeiss



Image of Tessar

Series 1c. f4.5, 15 cm

Lens Type:

Iris diaphragm to f32. Sunk mount.

Serial Number:
118169 (c. 1909) .

Series 1c. f4.5, 18 cm

Iris diaphragm to f50, continental scale.

Serial Number:
319748 .

Series 1c. f4.5, 21 cm

Iris diaphragm to f45.

Serial Number:
2041908 (c. 1937) .

The Tessar was a four element design by Paul Rudolph. It had excellent correction and was simple in design. Originally available at f6.3, this was increased to f4.5 and f3.5 with the introduction of the series 1c in 1907. An f2.7 series was introduced around 1925. The design was modified slightly around 1930 resulting in the f2.8 model.

References & Notes:
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