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Series III No. 6. f7.7, 6"

Lens Type:
Anastigmat. 3 elements.

Iris diaphragm to f45. Brass mount. For 5" x 4".

Serial Number:
107504 .

Series III No. 1a Uno. f7.7, 6 "

Lens Type:
Anastigmat. 3 elements.

Iris diaphragm to f45. Brass mount. For 5 " x 3 ".


Image of

Trio, Series II No. 2

Serial Number:
12930 .

Lens cap, metal rear cover.

Trio, Series II No. 2

Serial Number:
41005 .

Lens cap, metal rear cover.

The series II and III anastigmats were designed by H.L. Aldis and were the first lenses produced by Aldis Brothers.

The series II with an aperture of f6 was produced in lengths of 5 - 8 ". Later (1919) extended to 2".

The series III, c. 1903, had an aperture of f7.7 and lengths of 6 - 11", later 4 - 8".

The model numbers were 0 - 4 for series II and 5 - 9 for series III with some later additions having a suffix.

The Uno series was introduced around 1909 and distributed by Butcher, they were series III types with different focal lengths and a numbering system of 00 - 3.

The front group of the lens could be replaced by a different group to increase the focal length. Two versions were made: Duo giving 2x magnification introduced around 1905 and Trio giving 1.5x magnification introduced around 1908. The apertures became: Series II plus Duo, f12; Series II plus Trio, f9; Series III plus Duo, f16.5; Series III plus Trio, f11.

Some of the later series II lenses had apertures of f6.3 or f6.5 these may have been a modified form. The lenses gave good results and due to their low price proved popular.

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