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Series II No. 2. f6, 6.4"

Lens Type:
Anastigmat. Dividable.

Front group f13, 33 cm. Rear group f9, 23 cm. Iris diaphragm to f45. Black painted brass mount.

Serial Number:
82003 .

Lens cap.

Series II No. 3. f6, 7.6"

Iris diaphragm to f45. Brass mount.

Serial Number:
59565 (c. 1899) .

The series II consisted of two groups, one with two elements the other with three, at first the two-element group was at the front with the three element group at the rear, around 1899 the two groups were reversed. The two-element group used on its own was 1.5x the focal length of the combined, the other 2x.

Series I No. 4. f4, 12"

Iris diaphragm to f23. Brass mount. For whole-plate.

Serial Number:
57495 .


A series of lenses designed by H.L. Aldis.

  • Series I. A portrait lens of f4 aperture. Produced in lengths from 6 - 12".
  • Series II Introduced in 1897 in focal lengths from 3 - 18" at f6. 85 angle of view. The lens is separable, the two groups having a focal length around 1.5x and 2x the combined.
  • Series III. Issued in 1899. A Universal lens of f7.5. This was a cheaper and more portable option than the series II. Not separable, lengths 3 - 15 ".
  • Series IV. A later design with a different layout, also sold as the Carfac. c. 1909. Lengths 3 - 12 " at f6.3.
  • Series IA Introduced in the early 1900s as a general purpose lens of f4.5. Lengths 5 - 8". Only sold for a few years.
The series III was dropped in the early 1900s probably at the time the Ia was introduced. By the end of the decade only the II and IV were being sold. The patent shows different lens arrangements.

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