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Film speed: 15 - 42 DIN, 25 - 12800 ASA. Shutter speed: 1/60 - 30s or 1/30 - 60s.


The meter is intended for use in extreme low light conditions. It attaches to the camera's accessory shoe and connects, via a cable, to the camera's meter cell, the Booster increases the sensitivity of the CdS circuit in the camera and does not, itself, contain a CdS cell. It is compatible with Canon FT series and Pellix cameras, a switch on the top of the meter switches between models, it is used in stop-down mode.


Metrophot, Eos, Horvex

Prinsen, Electrodrem, Sixtus
Electro Bewi

Blendux, Ombrux, Cimbrux
Photoskop, Prix

Avo, Smethurst

Tempophot, Tempiphot
Excelsior, Photoscop, Rex

Weston 617, 627, 650, 819
Leicameter, 850


Ilford, Metrovick

Helicon, Ikophot

Avo, Chum
Picoskop, Universal, GEC

Sixtomat, Sixti, Sixon
Piccolo, Chrolon, Leica Meter
Mini Rex, Realt

Ultima, Ambassador
Petri, Polaroid, Vivitar

Weston Master

Canon Booster

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