Miscellaneous - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Stereoscopic Society stamp

Image of Stereoscopic Society stamp

This is a blind stamp for the Stereoscopic Society, the society was a postal photographic club. Established 1893.

A Million and One Nights (Signed Limited Edition)


Image of A Million and One Nights (Signed Limited Edition)

Ramsaye, Terry. Simon & Schuster, New York. 1926. First edition. Signed edition limited to 327 copies (this is number 49). Signed by Ramsaye and Thomas A. Edison. Quarto. Two volumes, lxx, 400; 401-868. In half pigskin and Japanese paper covered boards.
Some of the introductory pages are uncut.

An early history of the motion picture. Interest in the history of the cinema both its artistic output and the equipment used started at an early date; Ramsaye's book is not necessarily the most accurate depiction of the history of cinema.

Early copies of the limited edition were part leather bound later blue cloth binding was used.

Lafayette Studios Appointment card

Lafayette Studios



Image of Lafayette Studios Appointment card

Address: 160 New Bond St.

Polyfoto Order Form

polyfoto Ltd.


Image of Polyfoto Order Form

Order form for Polyfotos dated 1940s.

Watkins post card

Image of Watkins post card

A post card addressed to Alfred Watkins, Vineyard Croft, Hereford. World War I period.

The post card is signed M, possibly Marion the wife of Alfred Watkins.

Kodak Print Album

For 3 ¼" x 2 ¼" prints.

Walking Photograph Ticket




Image of Walking Photograph Ticket

'You have just been filmed by our candid cameraman', ticket to redeem photographs.

Address: 2 Mina Rd.

Photographer's Coupons

A. Seaman & Sons



Image of Photographer's Coupons

Four complimentary coupons together with an explanatory note issued by A. Seaman & Sons of Sheffield. The coupons are dated 1926.

The coupons allow the recipient to a sitting, twelve postcards and one enlargement for the price of 5/- rather than the usual price of 7/6.

Photographer's Trade Token


Thomas Johnson



Image of Photographer's Trade Token

15/16" diameter, metal with gilt finish milled edge.

Obverse has a profile head of bearded man and inscription 'T. Johnson Photographer'. Reverse has the arms of Leicester and the inscription '36 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester'.

References & Notes:
Permutt, Collecting Photographic Antiques, dates the token to 1863.

Lumière tin

Lumière & Cie



Image of Lumière tin

55 mm diameter with Lumière emblem.

Cadett Playing Cards

Cadett & Neal Ltd



Image of Cadett Playing Cards

A set of playing cards advertising Cadett plates. Produced before 1908 when the company was at Ashstead. Produced by De la Rue, the Ace of Spades shows the out-of-date tax of threepence.

I.O.W. Photographic Society

Image of I.O.W. Photographic Society

Isle of Wight Photographic Society plaque awarded to W. Lyon Bright. 1908. Bronze on oak panel 4 ½" x 4 ¼".

Chiswick Camera Club

Image of Chiswick Camera Club

12th Annual Exhibition catalogue, 1908.

Thornton Pickard Postal Box

Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co. Ltd



Image of Thornton Pickard Postal Box

Printed instructions to return the box to Thornton-Pickard if not delivered. Edward VII two pence stamp, d. 1903.

Air War

Image of Air War

'Air War: How To Wage It', Noel Pemberton-Billing, 1916, published by Gale & Polden, London.

George Eastman

Image of George Eastman

First Day Cover honouring Eastman. George Eastman 34 cent stamp, post mark of Rochester 12/July/1954, sent to an address in Rochester.

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