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20 Set

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Sets of interchangeable parts that can be put together to make a variety of optical devices. Instruments that can be made with this set include: Pin-hole Camera, Lens Camera, Photo Printer, Darkroom Shadowgraph, Kaleidoscope, Enlarger, Epidioscope.

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Plus Set

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This turns the 20 Set into a 100 Set. Extra instruments are: Microscopes, Midget Camera, Magic Lantern, Telescopes.

Instruction Book

With leaflet.

'How to Make & Use Scientific Optical and Cinematograph Instruments'

The illumination is provided by a bulb and battery that must have made the projection devices disappointing. Other outfits were produced for scientific amusements. A 200 outfit, brought out after the 20 and 100, provided cinematic projection for both 9.5 and 16 mm films.

References & Notes:
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