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Exakta VX 1000


Ihagee Kamerawerk AG.


German Democratic Republic

Image of Exakta VX 1000

f2.8, 5 cm Zeiss Tessar, fully automatic iris diaphragm (FAD) to f22. Depth-of-field scale. Bayonet mount. Serial no. 8049266 .

Focal-plane, speeds 12s - 1/1000, B, T. Delayed action. Speeds are regulated by delaying the second blind, low speeds, 1/10 - 12s run through a gear train. X, F, FP Synchronisation.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film.

Helical to 1' 6".

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Split-image focusing screen with fine ground-glass ring, condenser. Removable roof pentaprism view-finder.
Auto-stop on film advance. Film advance tensions the shutter.
Film cutting knife.

Serial Number:
1174291 .


  • f3.5, 30 mm Meyer Lydith, pre-set iris diaphragm to f22. Focus to 1 metre. Introduced 1964. Serial no. 3843384.
  • f2.8, 135 mm Meyer Orestor, pre-set iris diaphragm to f32. Focus to 5 feet. Introduced 1969. Serial no. 4917275.
  • Waist-level view-finder, late version c. 1966, with magnifier.
  • Magnifying view-finder. Yellow boxes.
  • Extension tube set. Comprises: 5, 15, 30 mm tubes and front and rear adapters. Yellow box.
  • Focusing Slide and Bellows (Vielzweck). Late version. For extension between 35 and 200 mm. In two yellow boxes.
  • Transparency Copying Attachment. With two paper holders for single negatives and ground glass for aligning the unit. Yellow box.
  • Swing Angle Top. Cream Box.
  • Focusing screens - Split-image in ground glass field. Yellow box. Plain ground glass with condenser. Cream box.
  • Instruction book. "Accessories, Close-up Photography" - pamphlet.

The VX 1000 replaced the IIb model, the specification was very similar to the earlier model but an instant-return mirror was incorporated and the body shape was more angular. There are several minor variations of the VX 1000.

Bellows and Focusing Slide
These were catalogued and sold as two separate items. The front and rear standards move independently along the rail (called the Focusing Slide) and the rail moves with respect to its tripod or other fixing. The front standard carrying the lens is generally positioned at the front of the rail, the rear standard is then moved to obtain the correct image size (magnification), the image is then focused by operating the rack and pinion drive which moves the rail and bellows together. The rail carries two scales, one, marked in black, is for the standard lens, the other, marked in red, is for the 50 mm Tessar in sunk mount. Both scales show the bellows extension. The Focusing Slide was used with other apparatus. The bellows provide for extensions between 35 and 200 mm on a 290 mm long rail.

Early models of the Vielzweck bellows had a black crackle finish with levers to tighten the standards. Later versions had a blue hammer paint finish also using levers, late models have black plastic control knobs.

Transparency Copying Attachment
This can be used with slides in cardboard mounts and rolls of film, single pieces of film were held in paper holders that made it easy to move the film to the correct position. When the copier is first assembled it has to be aligned with the film gate of the camera, for this it was recommended that the back of the camera be removed and the transparency holder observed with the aid of a ground glass screen held against the film gate.

Swing Angle Top
This attaches the camera to the Focusing Slide or Tripod Plate (a shorter slide), the camera can be turned through 90 degrees.

Magnifying view-finder
This comprises a body to fix into the camera and a separate lens unit that bayonets (normal lens bayonet) onto the body. Used in close-up and macro photography. The two units - finder body and lens - were sold separately.

Code Names:
308.01 - Body of magnifying finder. 312 - Top lens for magnifying finder. 180 - Extension tube set (comprises: 181/183 - bayonet rings; 184 - 5 mm tube, 185 - 15 mm tube, 186 - 30 mm tube). 155.10 - Focusing Slide and bellows (Vielzweck), these could be bought separately as 155.01 U7 and 155.02. 155.03 - Swing Angle Top (when combined with the Focusing Slide this became the Swing Angle Attachment with a code of 155.08).

References & Notes:
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