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West Germany

Image of Contaflex Super BC

f2.8, 5 cm Tessar, automatic iris diaphragm to f22. Depth-of-field scale. Fixed lens with removable, bayonet mount, front cell for wide-angle or telephoto attachments. Serial no. 4510570 .

Synchro-Compur X, speeds 1 - 1/500, B. Delayed action. X, M Flash synchronisation. Guide number values.

Metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm film in cassette. Two Contax cassettes can be used or one standard cassette with re-wind.

Helical to 2.5 feet.

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Roof pentaprism finder, split-image rangefinder and microprism focusing screen with Fresnel condenser.
Auto-stop on film advance.
Film advance tensions the shutter. Film advance and shutter inter-linked for double and blank exposure prevention. Exposure counter.
CdS through-the-lens metering, coupled to shutter and aperture giving semi-automatic operation. Aperture is automatically set after setting the shutter speed. Film speed setting: DIN 9 - 30, ASA 5 - 800. View-finder displays shutter speed and needle moving over aperture scale.
Interchangeable film magazine.

Serial Number:
94691 .


  • f3.2, 35 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 16". With lens cap. In plastic keeper. Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3609151.
  • f4, 85 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 6 feet. With lens cap. In plastic keeper. Introduced 1957. Serial no. 2367012.
  • f4, 115 mm Pro-Tessar attachment. Focus to 10 feet. With lens cap. In plastic keeper. Introduced 1962. Serial no. 3809276.
  • S27 size filters for 50 mm lens: UV, in case; Yellow 2x, in case; Orange 5x, in case; Green 2x, in case; Red 8x, in case; Ikolor B 2x, in case; Ikolor C 2x, in case; Contapol 3x polarizer, in cardboard container.
  • S60 size filters for 85 mm lens: UV; Yellow, in case, box; Green 2x, in case; Red 8x, in box; Ikolor C. 80C (Carl Zeiss USA), in case.
  • S67 size filters for 115 mm lens: UV; Yellow G2, in leather pouch; Ikolor C, in leather pouch.
  • Lens cap. Rubber lens hood, for 5 cm lens.
  • S60 metal lens hood. S67 metal lens hood.
  • Proxar set. Consisting of: 1 m, 0.5 m, 0.3 m, 0.2 m lenses. Push-on A28.5 size for 5 cm lens. In plastic case with Depth-of-field scales.
  • Proxar doublet 0.1 m. Push-on A28.5 size for 5 cm lens. In plastic case.
  • Close-up lens F=2m for 115 mm lens. Focus to 56". In leather pouch.
  • Adapter ring to fit S60 filters onto S49 lens (35 mm).
  • Microscope adapter.
  • Three interchangeable film magazines.
  • 8 x 30B monocular (equivalent to f16, 400 mm lens). Focus to 1 metre scaled to 5 metre. In case. Serial no. 908110.
  • Right-angle finder.
  • "Zeiss-Ikon/Voigtländer Reflex Cameras From the Golden Program", pamphlet covering Contaflex, Bessamatic and Ultramatic cameras.
  • "Zeiss-Ikon Contaflex the Perfect Reflex Camera", pamphlet covering models up to the Super B.
  • Zeiss-Ikon Catalogue for 1962-1963. Covering models up to Super B.
  • Instruction book. Ever-ready case.

The Contaflex, first introduced in 1953, proved to be a very popular range of cameras. They evolved from the simple design of the model I to the elaborate Super BC model with interchangeable film magazine and lens elements. The BC was available in black or chrome finish.

Early versions of the 35 mm and 85 mm lenses had an aperture of f4, later (1962) this was increased to f3.2. The Pro-Tessar lenses have an inner screw filter thread and an outer thread contained within the knurling.

The instruction book lists the following accessories:

  • Ever-ready case.
  • S27 size filters: G, GR, O, R, UV, Ikolor-B, Skylight.
  • S27 size lens hood.
  • Proxars: 1 m, 0.5 m, 0.3 m, 0.2 m and Proxar doublet.
  • Contapol, polarizing filter.
  • Eye-piece correction lens.
  • Right-angle finder.
  • Cassette.
  • 35 mm, 85 mm, 115 mm lens attachments.
  • 1:1 lens attachment.
  • Monocular 8 x 30B.
  • S60 size filters: G, GR, O, R, UV, Ikolor-F, Skylight.
  • S60 size lens hood.
  • S67 size filters: G, UV, Skylight.
  • S67 size lens hood.
  • Adapter ring S67 - S60.
  • Interchangeable film magazine.
  • Leather case for 1 Pro-Tessar and 1 filter.
  • Leather case for 2 Pro-Tessar lenses and 2 filters and lens hoods.

Further Information:
Contaflex Way. Blue-Book, various dates.

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