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c. 1937

Image of Chromophot

Shutter speed: 1/4000 - 16 m. Aperture: f2.2 - f36. The table on the outside of the tube is for 18 DIN.

This is a comparison meter where the reference surface is provided by phosphorescent material. The field of view shows areas of light from the subject and the reference material, where the two match a number is shown, this is used to find the exposure settings printed on the outside tube of the meter.

The meter is based on a patent by Friedrich Reiss.

References & Notes:
BP 368105/1932. BJA 1938, p. 253.

Voigtländer Brilliant


Voigtländer & Sohn



Image of Voigtländer Brilliant

This meter is closely related to the Chromophot and uses a phosphorescent reference surface. The meter is placed on the viewing lens, the finder then shows a luminous area and a number of small circles, the circle just a little brighter than the background indicates a value which is used in a table to find the exposure setting. The meter was priced at 19/6 for cameras with an f4.5 or f6.3 lens, an adapter was available for f7.7 lenses.

References & Notes:
Ensign Cat. 1936, p. 192.

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Bell & Howell
SEI, Turl


Voigtländer Brilliant

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