The collection includes examples of most types of camera from the Daguerreotype to the start of electronics but concentrates on the heyday of British camera making - the period of hand-made brass and mahogany cameras from the likes of Hare and Meagher and the small workshops of Adams, Newman & Guardia and others.

The 'Notes & Information' section has information on field cameras - their design, features and construction, Sanderson cameras and Newman & Guardia cameras.

The 'Company Details' section has information on names, dates and addresses along with other scraps of information.

British Patents referred to in the main text are listed separately in the Patents section, this is indexed by number, date and patentee and includes a very short description of the patent.

There is no search box but there is an index listing by name and by manufacturer or retailer. Reference material is grouped into a separate page, this can be looked up by the abbreviated title used in the main text, by author or by category.

Recently added - A section on lenses, notes on shutter types and mechanisms. The Serial Number section has been extended and now contains interactive graphs on N & G cameras. Details of Newman & Guardia models;

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